God Says➤ Many People Will Skip This, But I Know You Won’t | God message jesus |

my beloved child I am not my own I

belong to God carry this declaration

with you as the day unfolds in every

choice every challenge every moment of

Stillness when the world beckons you

with its glittering promises let this

profound truth be the compass that

guides you back to the path of peace to

belong to me is to satisfy the deepest

longings of your soul in me you find the

spiritual Anchorage and OT Sanctuary

your heart craves the knowledge that you

are mine that you are cherished and

adored transforms the very fabric of

your being it bestows upon you a Divine

Purpose and a Heavenly

identity Embrace this truth my beloved

you are infinitely valued the cross

stands as an eternal Testament to your

worth in my eyes when feelings of

insignificance cloud your vision look to

the Cross when doubts a fail you look to

the cross in every Triumph every trial

every tear and every smile look to the

cross the immovable anchor of your

soul living as one who is purchased by

my blood brings with it a glorious

Freedom the chains of selfish ambition

the Fetters of Pride the shackles of

fear they have no hold on you your life

is now a canvas for my love a testament

to my grace in your action s let my love

be reflected in your words let my grace

be spoken as you navigate the EB and

flow of life’s demands keep this

Covenant close to your heart I belong to

Jesus let this assurance shape your

decisions guide your steps and Infuse

your interactions with every Sunrise may

it be a reminder that your life is not

your own that you live move and have

your being within the Embrace of the one

who gave it all for you in the realm of

Eternity this truth resounds you are my

beloved my joy my treasure and as

Corinthians declares you are to

honor me with your body your mind and

your spirit which are mine a dwelling

place for my spirit let this

understanding fill you with a sense of

purpose and a calling that reaches

beyond the temporal into the Eternal so

rise up dear one with the dawn of each

day and remember your sacred identity

you are a reflection of my love a bearer

of my image and a vessel of my spirit

walk in the assurance that I am with you

that I guide you and that I am

continually working all things for your

good in The Quiet Moments When the world

Fades away and you are left alone with

your thoughts remember Matthew

come to me with your weariness

your burdens and I will give you rest

rest in My Love in My Sacrifice in my

victory over sin and death for it is

your Victory too as you continue through

the moments of your days those seemingly

insignificant ones and the ones heavy

with importance I long for you to invite

me into each of them for I am ever

present ever watching and my desire is

to Journey alongside you in every breath

every step consider the lies of the

field and the birds of the air they

neither toil nor spin yet they are cared


how much more am I attending to you my

precious creation Who Am made in my

image your life is a tapestry and I hold

the threads weaving a pattern beyond

your comprehension but one that you can

trust is good when you wake in the

morning and your feet touch the soft

Earth remember it is I who formed the

ground who created the foundation upon

which you stand let your first thoughts

be of me and let your heart be filled

with gratitude as the sun rises painting

the sky with Hues of Hope let it remind

you of my faithfulness with each Sunrise

I am sending you a silent message my

mercies are new every morning and my

steadfast love will never cease I grant

you the power to control the turbulent

emotions within your mind the news you

receive May alarm you and wear you down

making you feel as though you’ve lost

your strength but believe in me once

more for I am here and nothing is a miss

your life continues and this too shall


your future is sealed with Divine

anointing your blessings will not be

extinguished by any adversary seeking to

discourage you with

adversity I can transform all opposition

into blessings turn scarcity into

abundance and heal every ailment within

your family and your entire household I

possess the power and my eternal desire

is for you to receive all the Wonders I

have promised I am not a man I am God

and I do not lie my purpose has remained

unchanged since the dawn of time to save

you grant you eternal life and guide you

on the path of righteousness I am the

way the truth your life Your solution so

I lovingly implore you to cling to my

promises to turn your gaze away from the

deceptions of this world I am delighted

to see that you trust me that you no

longer heed the provocations and threats

aimed at unsettling your peace filling

your mind with anger confusion false

Notions and conflicting emotions they

seek to lead you astray to ens snare you

in the web of guilt and to divert you

from the truth my love and my presence

you understand their intentions and I

know that you love me you will not allow

anyone to rench you away from the place

where you now reside surrounded by

affection and unparalleled love in your

life you have endured much loneliness

and a dir of tenderness but now now I

embrace you providing Solace with Divine

strength and encouragement for I cherish

you deeply I witnessed your fears your

profound worries and I heard the cries

of your heart you sought to escape from

the problem begging for my mighty hand

to intervene urgently I understand you

completely this matter is of utmost

importance to you and much depends on

its resolution you believed that I was

angry and unwilling to assist you allow

me to make this clear

you will always need me even when things

are going well even when Prosperity

surrounds you never forget this never

lower your guard for the adversary seeks

to distract you to undermine your faith

to disrupt your plan and to wound your

soul I will Aid you in this matter that

weighs heavily on your heart today it

pains me to see you sad and troubled it

is not my desire for you to be tormented

and I do not wish for you to feel this

way in instead of dwelling on the same

worries repeatedly surrender every

thought to me if thoughts of defeat

creep in believe that it is impossible

you will not be defeated for you have

faith in the almighty God if

discouragement attempts to take hold of

your heart do not yield to it for it

would be a grave mistake those who have

faith in my power and await my blessings

cannot be discouraged if the will to

life slips from your grasp utilize your

faith you believe in and serve a

powerful and Sovereign God who will

ignite the Flames of divine love within

your heart filling you with a marvelous

desire to persever hold fast to the

promises I am extending to you grasp

these words that I’m speaking to you

your adversaries May belittle you

proclaiming that you are unworthy even

of life itself but you must no longer

listen to their voices I desire for you

to live and soon you will taste feel and

receive my blessings a new your

circumstances will change your life will

improve and the matters that concern you

so deeply will be resolved in due time

if you have listened to me up to this

point know that it is not a mere

coincidence declare your belief in me

your commitment to persevere Despite All

Odds and your unwavering love for me

your future will transform your current

situation will improve I will intervene

supernaturally in your life and soon you

will witness the clear resolution of

your present difficulty

with your own eyes Proclaim your faith

and dedication now and tell me I believe

just as I tell you I love you

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