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my beloved child as you draw nearer to

the essence of who I am the realization

of your human Frailty becomes more

pronounced it’s as though with each step

closer the light of my love illuminates

the blemishes within your soul this

light my child is not to chastise but to

lovingly reveal the necessity of my

grace in your life the awareness of your

sins should not ensnare you in a web of

shame but rather liberate you as you

understand the magnitude ude of My

Sacrifice consider the stars that

twinkle so gently against the canvas of

night their beauty can only be truly

appreciated in the absence of artificial

light similarly it is against the

backdrop of your imperfections that the

beauty of my grace shines brightest the

understanding of your flaws should not

be a source of Despair but a cause for

rejoicing for it is in your weakness

that my strength is perfected you are

wonderfully loved more than your heart

could ever fathom my love an unending

sea does not shrink from your sins but

washes them away with gentle insistent

Tides some walk in ignorance child their

hearts veiled to the depth of their need

for my love they live in a world that

Whispers The seductive lie of morale

relativity where the concept of sin is

considered outwear or even offensive but

the truth remains unchanged since the

foundation of the world apart from me me

there is no true north no moral compass

that leads to life without me they are a

drift and their hearts remain shuttered

to the grace that could renew their

souls do not be discouraged dear one for

you are the bearer of the greatest

treasure a light that can pierce the

deepest Darkness your life transformed

by my love is a testament to the hope

that dwells within you in you my love

finds expression through you it reaches

out to those who have yet to find their

way back to me the evil one may cast

Shadows of doubt and seow seeds of

deception but remember that I am the

light of the world when you abide in me

you become a beacon of this light a city

set on a hill that cannot be hidden in

your words and deeds let my light shine

forth in your compassion and kindness

let it break through the darkness as my

follower you possess the light of Life

an inexhaustible flame fueled by my

eternal love take heart for my love is

not a well that can run dry my

forgiveness is not a finite resource

that diminishes with use in your journey

through this life you will stumble you

will fall but each time my hand is there

waiting to lift you up rejoice in this

endless Grace This Love that transcends


understanding the psalmist knew of this

love and sang of unfailing kindness the

apostle spoke of a love greater than any

man can know one that lays down his life

for his friends and so I urge you love

me with all your heart soul and mind

this is not a love that is measured by

emotion alone but is a steadfast

unshakable love a love that stands firm

in the face of Trials and rejoices in

the truth when you love me in such a way

you reflect my love to the world each

act of kindness each word of Truth each

moment of compassion is a Melody that

harmonizes with the song of creation a

song of redemption a lullabi of Grace

let this love that you have received

overflow let it touch Every Soul you

meet so they too might come to know the

joy of Salvation the Peace of

forgiveness and the hope of eternal life

do not be troubled by the darkness in

this world nor be dismayed by those who

have yet to see you are my Ambassador my

child The Vessel through which my love

flows continue to walk in the light and

know that with every step my love is

with you my grace is sufficient and my

strength is made perfect in your

weakness I Am With You Always even to

the end of the age now go forth in the

Assurance of my love for you are

cherished you are redeemed and you are

mine forever more hear me for I am your

father and in my words find the warmth

of My Embrace I I have spoken life into

your being breathed hope into your days

and through my resurrection you have

been reborn come close to me and Let My

Words wrap around you like a gentle

breeze on a warm summer’s day I am your

father your creator the Alpha and Omega

speaking directly into the depths of

your soul as you walk with me feel the

touch of my light a beacon that guides

your steps and illuminates the path

ahead my light does more than merely

show the way it infuses you with a

warmth that can melt away the chill of

your transgressions and

fears understand this my child while

your journey is adorned with the beauty

of my creation it is also scattered with

pitfalls and traps you will encounter

moments of weakness and Shadow when you

do remember that my blood has the power

to cleanse to renew and to make whole

again each time you recognize yourself

confess it to me open your heart and let

the honesty of your words be the key

that unlocks my forgiveness and Grace

but know this not a single moment do you

walk in condemnation for your place by

my side was secured the moment you

believed in me your standing with me my

dear one is not a precarious ledge upon

which you Teeter depending on your speed

or skill in confession no it is a wide

open space a place of Freedom grounded

upon on the rock of my righteousness

given to you as an eternal gift this

righteousness is not earned by the

multitude of your confessions nor by the

eloquence of your prayers but is given

freely birthed from the unyielding Grace

of my love as you are mine dressed in

the Splendor of a robe woven from my

righteousness step boldly into the light

of my presence when you do you’ll find

that the good in your life shines with a

Brilliance that can only come from me

and the burdens you carry become lighter

easier to bear because you are not

shouldering them alone in this Divine

Fellowship every Joy is Multiplied and

every sorrow is divided for you share

them all with me in the glow of my love

light let your heart learn to love

others more deeply when you look at your

fellow Believers through my eyes you see

not just their faces but their hearts

their hopes and their struggles you can

embrace them with a love that mirrors

the love I have for you a love that is

patient kind and seeks no wrong as you

dwell in my presence you’ll find that

your steps become Sher for sin cannot

hide where my light shines brightest

each misstep is made clear not to shame

you but to gently guide you back to the

path I have set for you rejoice in my

name my precious child from the breaking

of the dawn to the setting of the Sun

son Relish in the constant companionship

of my spirit and exalt in the Assurance

of my righteousness that cloaks you

there is no need to fear the darkness or

the Silence of the night for you are

never alone my love is the eternal flame

that burns away the night and my song

Over You is the lullabi that soothes

your fears do not be burdened by the

thoat that you must maintain a perfect

record of your wrongs confessing each

one with the urgency of a dead settling

accounts rather live in the freedom of

my grace knowing that each confessed sin

is cast as far as the East is from the

West remembered no more against you this

is the heart of my message the gospel of

peace you are saved by grace through

faith and this is not from yourselves it

is my gift to you not a result of works

so that no one can boast your life

joined with me my dear one is a tapestry

of Grace

every thread colored with the Hue of my

love as you step out into the world know

that your life is a light to others a

reflection of my glory and goodness when

others see you let them not just see the

Deeds you do but the love with which you

do them the love that flows from my

heart to yours walk in peace Walk In Joy

walk in love and above all walk in the

light for in my light you you see light

and in my presence you find the fullness

of joy so come into the bright warmth of

my love today and let us walk together

my beloved child for in every step there

is Grace in every breath there is life

and in every moment spent with me there

is an eternal Embrace that Whispers you

are mine and I am yours forever share

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