God Says➤ I Know You’re Busy, So Give Me Only 2 Minutes

my beloved child today I speak directly

to your spirit urging you to open your

ears and give me your full attention I

desire your freedom your healing your

daily presence in my word and prayer

entrust your life and your family to me

and have unwavering faith in the

wonderful plans I have for you do not

believe those who speak of misery

bitterness and defeat as your

destiny I tell you that you are mine and

I will always be with you I have seen

your repentant heart and your sincere

intentions to strengthen yourself and

grow you will not return to the Past you

will distance yourself from those who

criticize and attack you seeking the

company of good-hearted people who

uplift you know me in a new and real way

understand that my love for you is

greater than you’ve been told and know

that I am not angry with you I desire

change for your own well-being I will

grant you the strength to control your

character and steady your emotions in

the face of adversity I will transform

you into a new creation your joyful

countenance will shine and fear will

have no place in your gaze your steps

will be firm and your words will be

filled with kindness I will fill you

with unwavering faith and every morning

when you awaken you will remember my

promises you will hear my voice guiding

you along blessed and righteous paths

clearing the way and keep keeping your

enemies at Bay you will sleep in peace

knowing that I watch over you even when

a thousand fall at your side or ,

at your right hand in return I ask for

your unwavering Faith your heart and

your loyalty I do not want to take you

away from your dreams or your

aspirations I simply ask that you put me

first entrusting your paths to me you

will see blessings flow into everything

you do because I have already blessed

you abundantly and I will continue to

bless you even more listen to my words

feel the indestructible Eternal

unwavering faithful and true love I have

for you merging with your thoughts

bringing you great

peace speak these words with your own

lips my God I love you I give you my

life and my loyalty and I will love you

with all my strength for

eternity better days are on the horizon

beautiful days await you

prepare yourself for the blessings that

are coming do not fill your thoughts

with complaints but with hope do not

heed the judgments of Darkness let the

light of my promise illuminate your

being the time of pain will soon be

behind you you’ve spent enough time in

anxious waiting and now the moment of

your breakthrough is approaching the

dawn of your response is Drawing Near

and soon you will witness The Liberation

that comes from enduring in silence

without complaint and patience PA ly

awaiting my grace I hear your plea and I

extend my Mercy to you do not worry for

I shall bestow upon you far more than

you ask for I will grant you the most

marvelous blessings for your life beyond

your wildest

imagination as the days swiftly pass and

the months fly by remember that the joy

you will soon experience was born from

Pain watered by tears and nurtured by

desperation but it has transformed into

new seasons of love and blessing do not

forget this for pride May tempt you into

thinking you’ve earned these Abundant

Blessings Through Your Own Strength stay

in prayer and be vigilant for the enemy

seeks to undermine your faith and


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