God Says➤ I Don’t Want You To Lose Everything My Child | God message jesus |

don’t worry my child you are mine and I

am yours and we will always be linked in

a dance of divine love and unwavering

loyalty the heavens themselves say it

and everything in the world sings along

with the beat of my heart the beat of a

love that has no limits or ends right

now this very second we are here because

God wants us to be together allow my

love to wrap around you like a warm

blanket on a cold night in me you will

find the safety your soul seeks you see

I made you with infinite care knowing

every single one of your days before

they happened I created the things that

made you laugh cry have quirks and be

passionate you are wonderfully

complicated in every way and I love you

so much you are my masterpiece you were

made to look like me and show how much I

love you but I know you my love I know

how easy it is for your heart to get

caught up in your own wants and plans

with all your might you try to catch

what you think will satisfy your deepest

desires you follow the Winds of what may

seem right still you often feel tired

your hands are empty and your spirit is

thirsty I can see you working hard

pushing and pulling trying to make your

life look like the perfect picture you

have in your head take a moment to

breathe and let my spirit lead you to

peace you need to be ready to let go of

the life you have planned in order to

receive the life I have planned for you

don’t forget that my thoughts are not

the same as yours and your ways are not

the same as mine I think and act in ways

that are higher than yours just like the

sky is higher than the earth you may hit

obstacles and doors that won’t open on

your way but trust in my Divine wisdom

every time someone says no there is a

bigger yes that comes after it it’s a

chance to grow learn

and embrace the real meaning of life the

life I have for you the hard times and

setbacks are not meant to hurt you they

are meant to strengthen your faith and

make you more resilient let’s talk walk

and think together tell me what’s on

your mind what you want what you’re

afraid of and what you doubt I’m not a

far away God watching from the heavens

that you can’t reach I am here closer

than your next breath and I am deeply

involved in the story of your life as it

unfolds you will find your true purpose

your calling and the happiest ending in

me look at how the lies grow they don’t

work or spin but I tell you not even

Solomon in all his glory was dressed

like one of these I will clothe the

grass of the field in this way even

though it lives today and dies tomorrow

will I not also clothe you you blind

people don’t worry about what shall we

eat what shall we drink or what shall we

wear instead seek first my kingdom and

my righteousness

and all these other things will be added

to you you will have trouble in this

world but don’t worry I have won over

the world I can’t promise you an easy

Journey but I can promise you that I

will always be with you there will be no

one else with you on your walk I will

hold you guide you and Lead You Through

The Valleys and over the mountains I am

your Good Shepherd when you feel lost I

will call you by name and Lead You Back

to Green Pastures and Still Waters

when things get too much for you I’m

here to hold you up and keep you safe

when you’re happy I’m happy with you and

dancing and singing over you I will

always be with you my loyalty will be

your shield and wall if you want to

follow my schedule then drop your plans

at my feet let me change your life your

mind and your heart surrendering is

beautiful not when you lose when you win

you win when you walk in my will rest in

my sovereignty and stay in my love yes

this is the way to peace the right way

and happiness for there is plenty of

happiness in my presence and Pleasures

will always be at my right hand you can

ask for anything as long as you stay in

me and my words stay in you it will be

done I know you have suffered and shed

tears in silence due to your current

situation but today I am surrounding you

with my love and wiping away your tears

drink from my living water and your body

will be filled with health your spirit

renewed and your soul will no longer

thirst the enemy may rise against you

daily seeking to bring you down but

today you will stand tall sustained by

my grace the challenging days you’ve

experienced are coming to an end I love

you and my love will cast out all fear

look to me my child for nothing is

impossible for me just as I calm storms

parted the sea and empowered Miracles

today I calm the storms within you and

give you the strength to walk on the

waves of doubt you will not sink for I

extend my hand and my Mercy upholds you

I am sending my angels to watch over you

to strengthen you as you swim against

the current a Heavenly army goes before

you assisting you in your battles I have

decreed great blessings for you and your

fears and enemies will not Prevail for

my power surpasses all rejoice in my

presence and never forget my child that

with me you are more than a conqueror I

want you to know that I heard your

prayer last night as you cried out in

your thoughts seeking courage strength

peace and security to face life’s

challenges look at you now you have

awakened to a new day strengthened and

ready your spirit is no longer weak or

discouraged you possess the courage to

face any giant that dares to challenge

you where there was once fear there is

now Faith where there was timidity there

is now boldness yesterday your legs may

have trembled with thoughts of the

adversities that could befall you but

today you stand firm and prepared to

conquer you must rise and move forward

for I have ignited in your spirit a

fervent desire for Success believe in my

power for I have not only guided your

steps here but also provided you with

the strength to confront a thousand

Giants though the obstacles on your path

may be daunting remember that nothing

surpasses my power I have brought you to

this point and I have never left your

side in all your struggles battles and

Wars I will stand with you by my power

and love you are more than a conqueror

every giant that rises against you is

destined for defeat I have bestowed upon

you the determination and strength you

need to overcome any challenge that

comes your way your goal is to conquer

every obstacle that arises and you will

live in abundance and perfect peace in

this moment shift your focus away from

worries and fix your eyes upon

me this is all part of a process feed

your faith with my word and fill your

mind with my promises and your fears

will dissipate with my presence in your

heart you can confront anyone and emerge

victorious in every trial rise and move

forward fight in the power of my Holy

Spirit and when you face battles no one

will prevail against you you are not

weak you are strong you possess my love

and faith remember this all things are

possible for those who believe I love

you so do not lose hope for I am here to

uphold you and provide you with the

strength to endure I am giving you every

ounce of strength you need to continue

so you will not be crushed by the

tribulations that come your way you will

feel the ability to rise move forward

face challenges and persevere in your

faith I know you have experienced

Triumph and victory before so the

situation you face today will not

conquer you you will not taste defeat or

shame listen to my words and be filled

with courage for your fervent faith will

witness Supernatural Miracles my word

has the power to heal your body provide

for your family and meet all your needs

your table will be filled with abundance

and joy will overflow in your home true

Prosperity will Grace your family accept

my blessings with a humble heart and in

gratitude remember those who are

struggling use your abundance to bless

and help others seek to Aid those less

fortunate and and watch as I open the

windows of Heaven filling your home with

peace and joy my true blessings manifest

in the Harmony and stability that come

to your family in the health and wisdom

that usher in seasons of happiness and

New Life believe in me and acknowledge

that a better future is possible for

those who love me soon you will witness

the realization of many dreams you

thought were

unattainable I your omnipotent and

Supernatural God am always with you I

will care for you protect you and

sustain you not only today but for all

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