my dear

child my constant love can bring

Comfort especially during tough times

it’s a light that shines even in the


moments this is the

reason I never want you to skip my words

for this is how you will never lose the

chance of receiving my

love my love and comfort go hand in hand

and in my love you will find the safety

of your soul

needs let my words of comfort and

Promises stay in your heart providing a


foundation when things don’t go as

planned the hope of my glory is rooted

in the truth of who who I am your hope

isn’t mere wishful thinking it’s a sure

expectation based on my

words hold on to this hope as it grounds

your soul and the

certainty that I will always remain the

same be

thankful even when

circumstances make you question what is

happening your gratitude isn’t tied to

circumstances it comes from a deep trust

that I’m orchestrating everything to

work out as it

should you are on an incredible journey

with me the one who created and saved

you I offer you a safe heaven of peace

and stability in the midst of a broken

World believe in my goodness lean on my

strength and let the beauty of my love

guide you every step of the

way let your life reflect the Perfection

of seeking me the Alpha and the Omega

the beginning and the

end trust in my words and let Eternal

Beauty manifest is itself Beyond Your


Dreams you are securely held in the palm

of my hands and nothing can diminish my

love for

you if anxiety Creeps in seek my face

and enjoy my caling

presence know that I’m always with you

whether you’re awake or

asleep guarding your your

life find Joy even when facing

challenges while you may desire a

simpler more independent life recognize

your dependence on others as a gift from

me embrace it with joy and gratitude for

expressing thanks and love for me is the

key to lifting your spirits when you are

feeling down

come into my presence with Thanksgiving

and praise Focus your attention on me

for I am all around you aware of your

thoughts and

prayers despite

distractions make me the central


remember I’m always in your life loving


protecting those so trust

me I will take care of you at me be the

unchanging force in your life providing

stability and direction in an Ever


world my child if you believe in my

plans and Powers affirm it by saying yes

God be blessed in my name amen

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