God REVEALED Who’s TRYING To HELP You (This Will BLOW YOUR Mind!)πŸ™

are you struggling today feeling

overwhelmed and like nobody’s got your

back well let me tell you you are not

alone God has sent me here today to tell

somebody that no matter what battles

you’re facing no matter how lonely or

afraid you feel someone has your back

the creator of the universe is fighting

for you maneuvering things behind the

scenes and putting people in your path

to help you out right when you need it

so get ready because the message I am

about to share is going to remind you

that even in your darkest hours God’s

got his hands on your life steering you

towards Victory this is a word for the

weary for those who need to be reminded

that they’ve got the King of Kings

fighting all their battles so open your

heart because help is truly own way all

right brothers and sisters I feel led to

share an important message with you

today I want you to listen up because

God is trying to tell somebody and hear

something he’s trying to knock some

sense into you and remind you that even

in the toughest of times even when the

whole world seems to be coming down all

around you someone’s trying to help you

I know I know

it sure doesn’t feel that way sometimes

does it when the doctor’s report comes

back bad when you lose your job when

your marriage is falling apart it feels

like everything in your life is

conspiring against you the devil wants

you to believe that God’s abandoned you

that you’re all alone in this fight but

I’m here to tell you today that nothing

could be further from the truth God they

ain’t never never left your sigh even

when you can’t see him even when you

can’t feel his presence he’s there he’s

got his hands on you maneuvering things

behind the scenes for your good and he’s

got a whole Army of angels moving and

shacking lining people up to come

through and be a blessing to you right

when you need it most so next time it

feels like the Bottom’s about to fall

out next time doubt Creeps in and tells

you it’s every man for himself I want

you to remember someone’s got your back

the god of the universe is fighting for

you he’s put in the right people in your

path to help you out open doors and push

you to the Future he’s got planned for

you so hold your head up hi Christian

ain’t nobody or nothing got a power over

you cuz you got the King of Kings

fighting all your battles for yah now

who’s trying to help you that’s right

someone is trying to help you somebody

shot a man if you have faith in God pray

with me now Heavenly Father we come

before you today with thankful Hearts we

just want to lift your name up high God

and give you all the praise honor and

glory Lord you are a good good father

and we praise you for always being there

for us even when we don’t see you

working we praise you for having a plan

and a purpose for each and every one of

us and God for those who are struggling

right now those who are going through

trials and tribulations and feel like

the weight of the world is on their

shoulders I pray you would send a fresh

reminder of Your Love love remind them

that somebody’s always on their side

King of the universe is fighting there

battles for them so Lord I pray you’d

put the right people in their paths send

angels to open doors and make a way

where there seems to be no way lift them

up when they’re feeling down fill them

with strength peace joy and hope help

them remember that Victory already

belongs to them them because you got

their back God we declare no weapon

formed against your children will

prosper and every tongue that rises up

in judgment will be shown to be wrong

you are a good father who protects your

own and sees them through to the end and

we have faith that you’ll take all the

difficulties they’re facing now and work

them all out for their good thank you

Jesus for always being there for us

always helping us we love you and praise

you today and every day in your precious

name amen before we go I’d just like to

invite you to leave a comment or a

message below letting us know how this

word has encouraged you maybe you’re

going through a tough time right now and

need a reminder that someone’s trying to

help you or maybe God’s done something

amazing in in your life that you’d like

to share as a testimony to encourage


8 thoughts on “God REVEALED Who’s TRYING To HELP You (This Will BLOW YOUR Mind!)πŸ™”

  1. I really appreciate to join this group pls dear I really need your prayers things is difficult for me ! Thank you for giving me this opportunity and keep spreading the word of God

  2. This sermon was as if you knew exactly what I’m passing through. I felt as if the whole world had rejected me. No help from friends or relatives. Others will go out and favoured but when it comes to my turn the door closes. Was a graduate but no job or money to start up a small scale business. I lost my parents and a son in one year. My childhood till now is all about struggles. But with this, I have hope that I have a God that knew all my problems. I just have to wait for His time to come. Amen.

  3. I thank God right now for letting this massage come through I need it that because I was just talking to my daughter of a little argument. That we had yesterday. And it so amazing. That God it big and I know he it’s here with me thank you lord so much


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