GOD; “Only EVIL PEOPLE Won’t Hear This Message” | God’s Message Today

States now is the time for the world to


judged now the ruler of this world will

be thrown

down while Satan may seem like the most

powerful being in this

world his ultimate Authority is

limited he RS under the jurisdiction of

the great God who decides who rins and

when their rule comes to an

end you are tuned in to the Lord House’s

Channel and today I want to emphasize

that Satan’s rain will soon come to an

end and you should not serve the

devil but the Sovereign God

the evil people can’t withstand the

Purity and Holiness of God and his

people Jesus Christ possesses all

authority in heaven and on Earth in Mark



read He commands even the unclean

spirits and they obey


it’s not a seasonal or sporic

authority it’s the undeniable truth that

the Lord Jesus Christ RS Supreme and

both heaven and our

earth when Jesus speaks with absolute

Authority even the devil

complies Peter reminds

us it is better to suffer for doing good

if that should be Gods will than for


evil Saturn is a Relentless tempter in

your life he will tempt you before you

retire for the

night his primary goal is to lead you

into sin more than anything else he

desires to keep you trapped in a cycle


sin turn your life into living

hell he was behind Peter’s three denials

and is constantly tempting you to act

against God and His


will therefore dear child of God I

implore you not to become a servant of


devil he is always eager to make you his

disciple but you most EX exercise

caution in choosing whom you

serve keep in mind that when God

determines to shine his light into your

heart no devil can part his

purpose choose to serve God not the

devil may God’s blessings be upon all of

you type Amen in the comments and be

blessed today


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