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god’s message my child!

Have you ever felt lost, facing overwhelming difficulties that seemed to have no end?

Moments when the future looked bleak and hope faded?

It is precisely in these challenging times that we most need guidance and to cling to

what God says, his message is a comfort and a beacon to light our way.

Know that there is an inexhaustible source of wisdom, love and purpose capable of transforming

your journey?

God’s Messages to you today are powerful Words, full of heavenly encouragement, waiting to

rekindle your faith and renew your strength.

God says These are no ordinary messages, but profound

and eternal truths, coming from the Creator Himself.

Fatherly advice designed to guide you through all of life’s ups and downs, helping you to

emerge stronger and more resilient from every trial.

god speaks to you today My dear child, the time has come for you to make a vital choice.

I recognize and understand the complex difficulties you have faced.

However, now is the time for you to accept the gifts I am offering you.

Every unexpected turn in your path has taught you valuable lessons.

Your courage and resilience shone through even in the darkest moments, when unexpected

adversities arose.

Know that these challenges were not the result of your actions, but the maneuvers of adversaries

trying to shake your spirit.

Now turn your eyes to the future with hope, because the Earth is pulsating with new beginnings

and the blossoming of new life is pulsating in your soul.

Say This year promises an abundant return for me.

The seeds you thought were lost have been reborn.

They will return to you in the form of magnificent and genuine blessings, nourishing your spirit

without causing sorrow.

These gifts will come free of conflict or difficulty.

Know that I have positioned you exactly where you can flourish.

Remember, I am your guide and your livelihood is guaranteed when you act with kindness towards


Trust me, but be cautious about placing your absolute trust in human beings.

Follow my teachings, abandon skepticism and despair, and rise up with a firm and unshakeable


Through faith, I am able to orchestrate wonders and miracles of vast magnitude.

Have faith, and everything will become possible, manifesting itself as you see through the

lens of belief.

Understand, however, that this is not mere chance or magic.

I am referring to my eternal promise, which always manifests at the perfect moment, according

to my plan.

You long for significant changes in your life and that of your family.

Don’t let a closed door cause you anguish.

Write A more magnificent door will open soon.

Communicate with me, affirm your beliefs, and accept this sacred encouragement.

A closed door is no reason to despair; an even grander portal is about to open, introducing

something better into your spiritual field.

Remember, there is a spiritual struggle involving your life and faith.

Various adversaries challenge your progress, attacking you both externally and internally.

With wisdom and humility, you will flourish in all aspects of your life.

I am always by your side on this journey.

Reach out to me.

You are ready to ascend to a higher spiritual plane, where destinies are revealed and lives

are transformed.

An abundance of goodness awaits you today, while the solid foundations for your future

and that of the next generations are laid.

Everyone will follow a path enriched with a unique talent, a defined purpose, and a

thirst for knowledge and preparation.

Dream beyond your current vision, allowing your imagination and belief to soar, for what

I have prepared for you is grander than you can conceive.

These divine teachings are a beacon illuminating your spiritual path.

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As you continue to walk the journey I have set out for you, know that every step is guided

by my love and purpose.

On this path, even the difficult moments are opportunities for growth and learning.

The adversities you face reflect valuable lessons, and each challenge is a chance to

grow stronger and closer to me.

Declare Under God’s guidance, every difficulty becomes a lesson in strength and faith.

Don’t let yourself be shaken by the winds of doubt or the waves of worry.

Your faith is the anchor that holds you steady, and my word is the light that illuminates

your path.

I encourage you to keep your sight focused on me, trusting that I am by your side in

every storm, offering peace in the midst of chaos.

You deserve much more than a life of constant restrictions and struggles.

The time has come to claim your birthright to prosperity, vibrant health and an inexhaustible

source of material and spiritual wealth.

By activating your dormant DNA, you will attune your frequency to the universal forces that

will attract miracles and blessings in an endless stream.

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As you face the days of uncertainty, remember that you are not alone.

I’m just a prayer away, eager to listen to your concerns and offer my wisdom.

Share your struggles with me and let me carry the load, relieving you of the burdens that

weigh on your shoulders.

Affirm I surrender my worries to God and find relief in his presence.

In times of hesitation, when the future seems uncertain, hold fast to the certainty of my

infinite love and the plan I have for your life.

Your doubts may try to obscure your vision, but my truth is always clear and my direction


You have been chosen by me and every detail of your life is carefully woven with threads

of grace and purpose.

As you go on, remember that each experience shapes your soul for eternity.

I am forging in you not just a transitory character, but a spiritual fortitude capable

of withstanding the challenges of time.

My wish is for you to flourish not only in this life, but also in the one to come.

Affirm My path is strengthened by God’s eternal love.

Wake up each day with renewed vigor and hope, knowing that the best is yet to come.

Your journey is not an accumulation of random days, but a series of divinely ordered steps

that lead you to true purpose and fulfillment.

It gives me immense pleasure to see your commitment to moving forward, your heart willing to learn

and your spirit ready to respond to my call.

Walk with faith, love and the certainty of my eternal closeness, for in my presence there

is fullness of life.

Together, we will turn every stumbling block into stepping stones to greater glory.

When restlessness tries to take hold of your heart, remember me.

I am always by your side, even when your emotions suggest otherwise, making you feel alone.

Know that you are never alone.

If a desire to cry arises, allow those tears to turn into tears of joy, for you are enveloped

in my love and affection and guided by my Spirit.

Rest assured that as you pray and seek my help, I move heaven in your life.

I love you deeply and the miracle you desire is already on its way.

Affirm In the midst of the storm, Your presence is my shelter.

When you pray and keep your faith without wavering, you will be able to visualize by

faith what you have asked of me.

Your sincere love and loyalty are precious to me; everything will happen in my perfect


I dress you in my blessings and, when you are blessed, I hope you will share them with

others, being a source of light and goodness for those around you.

A magnificent opportunity is unfolding before you – even if you can’t yet fully grasp the

greatness of this blessing, clear your mind, tune your heart to my word and find wisdom

and guidance.

Declare Your word is the light on my path.

I’m with you, don’t give up.

Keep moving forward with unwavering faith and without fear.

I’ve rescued you before and I promise to do it again.

But I want to see your dedication, loyalty and persistence in faith.

Let your commitment to my word strengthen your strength and hope.

Dedicate moments just for the two of us, in silence, and remember that prayer is not just

a request, but a display of your faith and perseverance.

Continue in prayer, and I will fill you and your family with my presence, enveloping you

with my love.

Give thanks by saying My heart is strengthened in the constancy of prayer.

I have appreciated the courage and faith you have shown so far.

My affection for you is immense, as I am moved by the journey you have undertaken.

I recognize the strength of your faith and your desire to progress.

When the time is right, I will reveal wonders that will not only enrich your life, but also

that of your loved ones.

Hang in there, because the fullness of time will bring with it the realization of great

promises and elevation to new heights.

As you embark on this journey of faith, allow these eternal truths to be your guide.

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to continually walk with God.

Give thanks for the doors that have closed and the delays that have guided you along

this narrow path, filled with addiction and spiritual growth.

These trials, though often challenging, were designed to be for your ultimate benefit.

I am molding in you wisdom and a strength of character that could not have sprouted

in other circumstances.

You are developing like a sturdy oak of righteousness, with deep roots and bark that is resistant

to future storms.

Declare I will stand firm under God’s protection, growing in strength and wisdom.

Your journey towards an existence filled with infinite miracles begins today.

Discover how to activate your genetic code and release energies of prosperity, vitality

and unlimited wealth.

This hidden treasure within you is the key to becoming a human magnet for everything

your heart desires most.

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Your heart may sometimes stray from my purposes, but in perfect time you will fulfill all the

promises I have made to you.

Rest in my love, for soon you will be on mountain peaks, admiring how I guide you through every

valley you face.

The mosaic of your life, when seen from a heavenly perspective, will reveal the greatness

of my majesty.

Keep following, even when you can’t discern my intervention.

Pour out your heart before me; I care deeply, and I am attentive to every tear you shed,

treasuring each one and recording your journey.

My heart sympathizes with every injustice you have suffered, and I grieve with you.

However, I assure you that better days are on the way, where justice and joy will reign.

You have endured this challenging period with courage and dignity, strengthening your spiritual

muscles and deepening your roots of faith and perseverance like metal is purified by


Every day, you are becoming stronger and more resilient.

Affirm I embrace God’s ways, trusting in His work.

Stay under the protection of my wing and be prepared for every opportunity that sends

your way.

Stay attuned to my timing and direction, so that you recognize every divine appointment.

I am guiding your steps so that you meet the right people at the right times in order to

fulfill your mission.

You will look back and recognize this season as the essential foundation for even greater

impact and influence.

In the same way that a complex tapestry begins with seemingly disordered threads, the true

design of your life will eventually reveal itself clearly and meaningfully to you.

Refocus your priorities, reflect my heart and meditate on my principles.

Discard distractions that usurp your time and energy but bring little return.

Instead, invest in the eternal, not the temporary, and allow me to do the necessary pruning so

that you continue to flourish in my purpose for your life.

Declare I will persist and trust God, even in adversity.

As you give yourself over to this intense process of improvement, you are developing

the ability to listen to my voice and trust yourself more.

I remind you that I create beauty from brokenness.

You are my beloved masterpiece, still in the making, and when you are finished, you will

be splendid.

But for now, you need to persevere, let the Potter mold the clay.

The road may be long and strenuous, but don’t give up now, you are close to the breakthrough

you prayed for and which once seemed unattainable.

You must keep believing, even when progress seems to stagnate, and energies wane and doubts


In trials, you are becoming more like me compassionate, courageous and patient.

My own child endured the cross of Calvary before receiving his Crown of Glory.

In the same way, I refined and prepared Joseph in prison before raising him to the palace.

Difficulties are temporary, but the divine character you acquire is eternal.

This is what I want for you stand firm even when the road seems long and challenging,

keep walking, even if you don’t yet see what I have planned.

Write God is the only salvation!

The voices that shame and accuse do not come from me.

My Spirit brings gentle conviction that leads to hope and freedom.

Free yourself from the unrealistic expectations that keep you trapped in incessant cycles

of failure, guilt and effort.

Sit with me in grace.

It’s unwise to compare your path with others, as each journey is unique, designed to shape

your personal growth.

Patience is key; learn the lessons I offer.

In this refuge, where you find comfort in my love, every moment of every day is precious.

Cherish every moment, because, through my love, every step you take is strengthened

by gratitude in your soul, and this song we share together will always be about the love

that reigns in each new day.

Persevere, because even if some dreams seem reserved for a future season, and their realization

doesn’t seem immediate, don’t fret.

I keep all things safe, what I start, I finish.

I will not stop doing good in you, I will continue to equip you to face every challenge

and strengthen you for a life of significant impact.

if you trust comment god is my fortress!

These are more than just words, they are seeds of heavenly wisdom planted in your heart.

Enjoy watering these seeds, share them so that they grow in other lives and sign up

for an abundant harvest of divine guidance.

While you may not realize it yet, I am carefully refining your inner self, and the moment of

clear revelation is fast approaching.

The old will be discarded to make way for the new I have promised.

Stay faithful, because I am very proud of your journey, even if you only see obstacles

and feel helpless.

I recognize your heart for me, your resilient patience in adversity and your readiness to

serve – these qualities are precious in my eyes.

Prepare for a life of true abundance and flourish in every aspect.

By activating your dormant DNA, you will unlock the inner power to attract wealth, vibrant

health and boundless prosperity.

This revelatory teaching will show you how to tune in and open the floodgates so that

an endless flow of blessings floods your life.

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The path to your new abundant reality is waiting at the link in the comments.

I see beyond your challenges, providing the grace you need to overcome them.

Let go of falsehoods and welcome my healing truth.

Let me speak to you now with words of love and encouragement.

You may feel alone, but my constant presence surrounds you.

You feel disqualified, but know that the gifts and power of my Spirit are in you.

You may feel worthless, but you were so precious to me that I paid the ultimate price for your


If hopelessness plagues you, remember that I am in control of your future, and it is


If you feel helpless, remember that I am a God of infinite possibilities.

Proclaim I am deeply loved by a God of infinite possibilities.

Dear child, don’t let yourself be shaken, my perfect love casts out fear.

Reassure yourself and recognize my sovereignty.

I am managing everything wonderfully, both within and around you.

When the weariness of daily struggles weighs you down, come and rest in my serene presence,

a place where there is total joy and spiritual renewal.

Be invigorated by my spring of Living Water, kindly offered to you, and leave strengthened

to face what lies ahead.

Victory is assured when you stay with me.

Don’t worry about the days ahead; focus on the present challenges.

Listen to my subtle voice, hold on tight to my hand with the innocence of a child.

That’s all you need now.

Say I will trust in the journey that God has set out for me!

We continue on this journey together, each step reaffirms that you are never alone.

Trust in my constant leadership, knowing that I am preparing you not only for now, but also

for all that is to come.

Affirm God is with me, even in moments of doubt and despair.

Faith is a powerful force that can provide comfort and clarity in difficult times.

By trusting in God’s plan and His promise of guidance, we can find the strength to face

our challenges head on.

Through faith, we can access an infinite source of wisdom, love and purpose that can transform

our lives and help us overcome any obstacle.

Trust and surrender are essential components of a strong faith.

By trusting in God’s plan and surrendering our will to His, we can find peace and acceptance

even in the most challenging circumstances.

This doesn’t mean that we become passive or give up on our dreams, but rather that we

align ourselves with a higher power and allow it to guide us towards our true purpose.

Affirm I surrender my life to God, knowing that He guides every step of the way.

Prayer and meditation are powerful tools that can help us strengthen our connection with

God and deepen our faith.

By taking the time to communicate with God and listen to His guidance, we can gain a

greater understanding of His plan for our lives and find the strength to face our challenges

with courage and resilience.

Through prayer and meditation, we can tap into the wisdom and divine power that resides

within us, enabling us to overcome any obstacle and achieve our dreams.

In short, faith is the lighthouse that guides us through the storms of life, illuminating

our path with hope, love and the eternal promise of divine accompaniment.

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