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hello and welcome in the legacy of Edwin

Louie Cole a man who championed

Christlike manhood and wholehearted

Devotion to God we find a Timeless

message of Consecration and spiritual

growth today amidst a world plagued by

bondage and confusion the correlation

between experiencing God’s blessings and

living a consecrated life stands as a

beacon of Truth yet a dangerous lie has

infiltrated the church blurring the

lines between righteousness and worldly

Indulgence as we delve into this message

let us open our hearts to the prompting

of the Holy Spirit recognizing that true

blessings flow from our life surrender

to God’s will let us confront the

barriers to God’s abundant grace

beginning with a poison of bitterness

and a destructive force of unforgiveness

may this journey lead us to a deeper

understanding of God’s holiness and our

call to live in accordance with his word

embracing humility obedience and

boldness in our pursuit of his purpose

as we we pray and declare God’s promises

over our lives and families May His

blessings overflow transforming us and

generations to come for his glory the

late Edwin Lor was a mighty man of God

who championed the message of Christlike

manhood he taught men everywhere to

pursue lives that honored God by

following him wholeheartedly today many

live in bondage and fail to see God’s

hand working in their lives it’s no

coincidence that experiencing God’s

blessings on Earth is cor ated with

living consecrated lives as God is Holy

and requires his children to be holy a

dangerous lie has infiltrated the church

leading people to believe they can live

however they want and still be blessed

consequently many men around the world

today are frustrated and at their wits

end we all need Jesus in our lives to

show us the way to become who he created

us to be living a life that honors God

differs from what the world demonstrates

following Jesus wholeheartedly May cost

you much but it also comes with great

rewards as we delve into this message I

pray that the Holy Spirit speaks to you

and opens your eyes to God’s truth God

desires to abundantly bless you but

there are areas he wants you to address

let’s die in holding on to bitterness is

like ingesting poison and expecting

someone else to perish it destroys the

embittered person while I empathize with

the pain and betrayal caused by others

bitterness has never never been a

solution unforgiveness destroys

relationships and limits God’s work

through his people I’ve witnessed people

suffer sickness due to their refusal to

forgive past offenses marriages break

down because of unforgiveness even when

the offended party tries to reconcile

many who pursue divorce later regret it

realizing they didn’t do enough to

salvage their marriage despite feeling

justified in withholding forgiveness the

bitter person inflicts more damage on

themselves unforgiveness hinders the

flow of God’s grace and blessings

moreover Unforgiven sins become an

embodiment of one’s life perpetuating

negative Cycles within families however

despite past experiences we must not

allow bitterness to take root in our

hearts forgiveness is a process but

seeking God’s help enables freedom from

bondage living a consecrated life is

crucial because God is Holy and desires

his children to be holy too Christians

must must be different from the world

showcasing their allegiance to Jesus

Christ pursuing Holiness comes with

challenges including persecution for

righteousness sake we must Safeguard

ourselves against triggers that lead us

astray practicing daily repentance the

devil prowls like a lion seeking to

devour so vigilance is Paramount living

contrary to God’s word withholds His

blessings despite his unconditional love

obedience to his Commandments opens the

floodgates of Heaven’s Abundant

Blessings complaining as evidenced in

the Israelites Wilderness Journey drains

vitality and erods responsibility

instead of focusing on complaints

learning to appreciate what we have is

crucial taking responsibility empowers

us to effect change and seize control of

our circumstances Pride as warned by

Edwin Louie Cole precedes destruction

leading to a humbling fall humility not

weakness enables God’s blessings and WI

ation some marriages fail due to one

spouse feeling Superior exacerbated by

negative influences marriages crumble

when Glitz outweighs commitment causing

generational problems worldly Pursuits

often lead to ruin fting God’s intended

blessings pursuing Jesus Christ though

challenging yields Eternal rewards

boldness in faith transforms lives and

averts Calamity as seen in Queen

Esther’s courage overcoming fears has

generational impact encouraging boldness

in facing challenges let us pray

heavenly father I humbly seek your

blessings and forgiveness cleanse me and

my family from sin breaking generational

curses tear down evil altars and

establish righteous ones in our lives

may your abundance flow fulfilling our

needs and enabling us to fulfill your

purpose strengthen our commitment to

serve you and raise our families in your

ways may my spouse be honored and our

children bring you glory Empower us to

pass on Godly values to Future

Generations Lord let your Kingdom Come

On Earth as it is in heaven record our

prayers in heaven Transforming Our Lives

For Your Glory in Jesus name amen if you

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God’s messages and prayers and must

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relatives a dangerous lie has

infiltrated the church that has made

people think they can live however they

want and still be blessed it’s no wonder

most men around the world today are

frustrated and at the end of themselves

we all need Jesus In Our Lives who will

show us the way to become who he created

us to be living a life that honors God

is different from what the world

demonstrates it should be following

Jesus wholeheartedly will cost you much

but will also come with great rewards as

we go through this message I pray that

the Holy Spirit speaks to you and opens

your eyes to God’s truth God wants to

bless you abundantly and to do that

there are areas he wants you to deal

with let’s get into it holding on to

bitterness is like taking poison and

expecting someone else to drop dead yet

it destroys the bitter person while I

can relate to the pain and betrayal of

people who have wronged me bitterness

has never been a solution unforgiveness

destroys relationships and limits the

things God wants to accomplish through

his people I’ve seen people suffer

sickness because they refuse to forgive

those who offended them in the past

marriages break down because of

unforgiveness even when the offended

party tries to make things right with

their spouse many of the people who

pursue divorce later regreted in life

realizing they didn’t do enough to save

their marriage while you may feel

Justified to not forgive you do more

damage to yourself than you may realize

unforgiveness prevents the flow of God’s

grace in your life and stops the

fullness of his Blessing as well what’s

worse is that the sins you refuse to

forgive become an embodiment of your

life it made me understand why family

Cycles tend to be repeated and it’s

because of unforgiveness towards father

or mother figures I’ve heard people vow

that they’ll never be like their fathers

and end up becoming what they hated in

their fathers however despite what you

might have gone through as a child don’t

allow the root of bitterness to grow

inside your heart The Book of John

says if you forgive the sins of any they

are forgiven them if you retain the sins

of any they are retained when you

forgive you make a conscious decision to

not perpetuate the negative cycle in

your relationships and family bloodline

forgiveness is a process I’ll admit but

when you reach out to God to help you

forgive he will help you so that you can

be free from bondage King David said in

Psalm if I regard iniquity in

my heart the Lord will not hear but

certainly God has heard me he has

attended to the voice of my prayer God

requires that we live consecrated lives

because he is Holy and wants us to be

holy too we can’t be effective

Christians in the world if we behave

like everyone else does by indulging in

sin we have to be different and show the

world that we follow Jesus Christ how

else would non-believers know the

difference between followers of Jesus

and those who are not pursuing a holy

lifestyle comes with its challenges

including persecution for wanting to do

what’s right it’s good to safeguard

yourself against triggers that will lead

you down the wrong path if you struggle

with Purity it probably wouldn’t be a

good idea to hang out at a nightclub for

example daily repentance is important in

a believer’s life because we fall short

every day and need God’s forgiveness the

devil moves around like a roaring lion

seeking whom he can devour so we must be

vigilant God doesn’t go against his word

and when you live a lifestyle contrary

to his word he withholds His blessings

while his love for you is unconditional

His blessings are conditional it’s not a

question of Salvation when we surrender

Our Lives to Jesus our eternity is

secured in him and will one day go to

heaven it’s the blessings here on Earth

that we miss out on when we walk in

unrighteousness before him we

demonstrate our love for God by obeying

his Commandments and not compromising on

them for anything walking in obedience

to his word gives him the legal right to

pour out His abundant blessing over you

when Moses led the Israelites through

the Wilderness he faced many challenges

and complaining was one of the big ones

imagine what he went through trying to

lead people who constantly complained

about everything and stressed Moses out

I’m sure you can relate to how draining

it can be to be around people who are

constantly negative you just don’t want

them around to you complaining saps the

life out of you and takes away your

power to take responsib ility God got

fed up with some of the people’s

complaining and swallowed them up

through the Earth in our daily lives we

have many opportunities to complain

about all the troubles we face in life

learning to appreciate what you have is

more important than going out to find

unicorns that don’t exist in reality no

one likes being around negative people

so it’s best to learn to be positive in

all situations the negative words we

speak when complaining blind us from

potential solutions to our problems s

even if we’re smart only when you decide

to take responsibility will you see

things you can do to change your

situation for the better taking

responsibility for both your own life

and the lives of those who depend on you

puts you on the right path whenever I

complain about things or speak

negatively about others I get convicted

by the Holy Spirit I often have to

repent for speaking ill of others and

not taking responsibility for my actions

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and relatives while some complaints are

Justified I’d caution against absolving

yourself of any responsibility for your

situation the thing is no one will

rescue you so it’s good to take

responsibility and ask God for direction

taking responsibility gives you the

power to do something about what you’re

not happy about when you do you take

control of your situation Edwin Lou cold

was quoted as saying pride is the

strength of sin and it’s the reason why

Satan was cast away I’ve had problems

with pride admittedly and what followed

thereafter was a big fall which was a

humbling experience the shame you have

to deal with when you hit rock bottom is

not a pleasant experience at all when we

humble ourselves and repent of our

sinful ways God remembers us humility is

the opposite of Pride and the devil

often lies to people that are admitting

when your wrong is weakness humility is

a great sign of strength and not

weakness and sets you on a path towards

God’s blessings Pride often comes when

you see yourself as better than other

people or think you know it all the Book

of Proverbs says Pride goes before

destruction and a hotty spirit before a

fall if Satan was cast out of Heaven

because of Pride what do you think would

happen to us don’t be deceived by his

lies because once you’ve Hid Rock pot

him he’ll be the first to laugh at you

God resists the proud but gives grace to

the humble it’s often better to humble

yourself before the Lord that he may

Lift You Up In Due season don’t wait for

him to Humble you himself as the

consequences will be tougher a marriage

I know was destroyed because one spouse

was more learned than the other and felt

they were better with the negative

influence of friends on top of that she

became unrecognizable to her spouse and

eventually left him it’s sad how things

turned out for that marriage but God is

Not mocked and everyone reaps what they

sow he has been vindicating the

abandoned spouse and his life looks

brighter than ever some people want to

serve God but also have one foot in the

world making them unstable in their ways

I’ve seen how the pursuit of worldly

pleasures has wrecked marriages

relationships promising careers and

wellness in terms of marriage what some

value more is the glitch and Glam of

marriage versus the lifetime time

commitment they invest more in the

wedding than they do in developing the

foundation for a lifelong marriage it’s

sad to see when marriages break down

because it’s an institution that’s close

to God’s heart it’s harder for the kids

involved leading to generational

problems that perpetuate unless they are

addressed I’ve also seen how young

people with promising careers and lives

ahead of them made a mess of their lives

some died from involvement with the

wrong people or ended up in jail and

missed out on Amazing opportunities God

Grieves when such things happen The Book

of Matthew says now he who

received seed among the Thorns is he who

hears the word and the cares of this

world and the deceitfulness of riches

choke the word and he becomes

unfruitful as much as God may want to

bless us he’s Limited in what he can do

when we pursue worldly pleasures it’s

good to learn from the example of other

people so you can avoid similar mistakes

in your life at one time I chased after

money as my primary goal but ended up

wasting a good chunk of my youth

Whenever you set out to chase Pleasures

it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll never

be satisfied even if you get them many

times worldly success is illusive and

may be God’s way to get your attention

so that you seek his will instead he is

more interested in your character than

he is in your comfort when you decide to

follow Jesus Christ and his purpose for

your life you may also struggle with

fear and doubt God’s ways are not our

ways and neither are his thoughts so yes

you may question his ways you must keep

in mind that he uses the foolish things

of this world to shame the wise he does

this so that his name may be glorified

on the earth and draw more people to his

attention Timothy says for God has

not given us a spirit of fear but of

power and of love and of a sound mind

fear is the devil’s tool to try and stop

you from doing what God has called you

to do understand that fear is a state of

mind and not a true reflection of what

really is God has blessed and equipped

us with everything we need to fulfill

our Earthly mandate so be encouraged

face your fears with boldness and you’ll

realize that most of your fears were

irrational whenever you feel fear do it

anyway and you’ll get your breakthrough

the devil is afraid of people who are

bold in their faith because they do

damage to his plans he will try to

attack you and get you off course but

you must remain steadfast to the calling

on your life you be amazed at how many

lives will be transformed because of

your boldness Queen Esther’s boldness

saved the entire nation of Israel from

Annihilation at the hand of Hammond

imagine what might have happened if she

shied away from the call upon her life

we can’t know for sure because God could

have raised up someone else but also

many people could have died facing your

fears has generational ramifications so

I encourage you to be bold and overcome

those fears let’s pray heavenly father I

come before you today to seek your

blessings over my life I Repent of my

Wicked Ways and ask that you cleanse me

of all unrighteousness Lord you know my

heart and how sinful I am yet you are

merciful towards me you’ve saved my life

countless times from the hand of the

enemy and I could have been dead today

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forgive me for where I’ve fallen short

of your glory and sinned against you and

my brothers and sisters I stand in the

Gap to repent for the sins of my

forefathers that continue to affect us

today your word tells us that the

iniquities of our fathers affect us up

to the third and fourth Generations like

your Faithful Servants in the Bible I

stand here today and ask for your

forgiveness for the iniquity of my

forefathers I pray that the evil altars

that were erected are torn down today in

jesus’ name I choose today to set up a

righteous altar dedicated to you and

declare that the buck stops with me no

longer will the sins of my fathers be

perpetuated from here onwards my family

and my children are free from the

iniquities of my forefathers and the

blood of Jesus covers them no weapon

fashioned against them shall prosper in

the name of Jesus I call upon you and

ask that you send your angels to destroy

the evil altars set up by my forefathers

May the idols that sit on those altars

also be destroyed and never raise their

heads again may you send your fire from

heaven to consume any form of evil

activity so that we’re set free in

jesus’ name I thank you Jesus for

hearing our prayer and setting us free

from bondage I dedicate my family and

future generations to your hands today

praying that they will be established

under your guidance

May our enemies become your enemies so

that the world may know that you are a

faithful God who fights for his children

may you prepare a table for us in the

midst of our enemies and vindicate your

servants O Lord righteous judge where

there has been Injustice against our

family I pray for your righteous verdict

from the courts of Heaven your word

tells us that vengeance is yours and

that you will repay our adversaries for

their evil against us father in the name

of Jesus hear the cross eyes of our

hearts today may your kingdom come here

on Earth just as it is in heaven now

that we have addressed the accusations

the devil made against us we ask you to

bless us abundantly oh God open up the

floodgates of heaven and release your

abundance of wealth because you set us

free from poverty Philippians says

my God shall supply all your need

according to his riches that are found

in Jesus Christ I receive this promise

for my life and my family and declare

that your abundance is flowing into our

lives we desire your blessing so that we

may have more than enough to meet our

needs and meet the needs of others you

came to give us life and to give it in

abundance and we say let you will be

done in our lives we refuse to live

below what you intended for us no longer

will a lack of finances stop us from

fulfilling our Earthly mandates the

Earth is Yours and the fullness thereof

and so is our father we ask you to bless

us with all that we need

my children shall never lack any good

thing in jesus’ name and now Lord I

declare that no weapon fashioned against

me or my household shall ever Prosper I

declare today that me and my household

Shall Serve you all the Days of Our

Lives I commit to being the spiritual

leader in my home and raising my family

according to your word as you have given

me this responsibility I shall love my

wife as you love the church to glorify

your name my wife is blessed and I

decree and declare that her life will

bring you glory in jesus’ name she shall

be like the Proverbs Woman Who honors

you and takes care of her family she

will be rooted in righteousness live a

life of virtue and be an example to

younger women her name shall be known in

the nation as a woman of virtue her

husband will be proud to call her his

wife our children shall be blessed and

bring you glory on the earth they shall

be obedient to their parents as you

instruct in your word O Lord they shall

be Quivers that will be sent out to do

Great and Mighty exploits on the earth

to glorify your name whatever they put

their hand to shall prosper because you

shall be their God no weapon fashioned

against them shall ever Prosper my

children’s Offspring shall be Mighty

upon the Earth and will know that our

family serves a mighty God they shall

carry these same values embody them in

their lives and walk in the fear of the

Lord they shall pass them on to their

children who will perpetuate them in the

future Generations they shall be Mighty

on the earth and point other people to

your son Jesus Christ our family will be

blessed for thousands of generations and

bring glory to you oh God we shall never

be moved as your word promises and so we

believe and receive that promise

heavenly father today marks a new day

for our family and the generations to

come I seal this prayer and Declarations

of the blood of Jesus and ask that they

be recorded in heaven Our Lives shall

never be the same again and we shall see

your goodness in the land of the living

May Our Lives continue to bring you

glory as your blessings flow into our

lives in Jesus name Amen Let us remember

the powerful message of Edwin Louie Cole

a beacon of Christlike manhood his

teachings remind us that living a

consecrated life following God

wholeheartedly is the path to

experiencing his Abundant Blessings may

we heed the call to humility forgiveness

and boldness in our faith Trust trusting

in God’s faithfulness to guide us

through life’s challenges as we walk in

obedience to his word may His blessings

overflow in our lives impacting

generations to come a if you believe in

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thanks for watching

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