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within the next minutes you’ll begin

to sense God’s presence enveloping you

his watchful gaze upon you today God

speaks to you his cherished child amidst

life’s trials and

tribulations he assures you that he

walks alongside you guiding your steps

and illuminating your path though the

journey ahead may seem daunting trust in

his unwavering love and support he has

heard your prayers and is crafting a

plan far grander than you can Envision

in moments of doubt and fear recall that

his strength is perfected in your

weakness when the burdens of Life weigh

heavily upon you lean on him and let his

peace permeate your heart he will

rejuvenate your spirit and Grant you the

courage to face each day with confidence

and Grace despite the world’s attempts

to undermine you he remains your

ultimate protector and Defender no

weapon formed against you shall prosper

for your name is etched in his book of

life and he will never abandon you as

you Journey forward surround yourself

with those who uplift and encourage you

seek friendships that nurture your soul

and Foster growth in wisdom and

understanding Release Yourself from

negative influences that hinder your

progress and hinder your true potential

trust in his perfect timing and

benevolent plans even when the path

ahead seems unclear he orchestrates

every detail of your life for your

ultimate UL imate benefit every trial

you encounter is an opportunity for

growth and every challenge is a chance

to deepen your faith in him in times of

need call out to him and he will

answer if you find solace in these words

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faith in God subscribe to this channel

when you feel lost or isolated remember

that he is ever presentent guiding you

with his loving hand as you nurture your

relationship with him your spiritual

awareness will heighten you’ll begin to

perceive his love in new and profound

ways your prayers will resonate with

deeper meaning and your bond with him

will strengthen with each passing day he

has bestowed upon you a spirit of power

love and a sound mind utilize these

gifts to make a positive impact on the

world around you show compassion to the

hurting and extend forgiveness to those

who have wronged you you remember your

identity is found in me you are are my

beloved child created in my image and

destined for

greatness don’t allow the opinions of

others to Define you or the

circumstances of life to dictate your

worth you are valuable beyond measure

and your future is bright with

possibilities as you continue to walk

with me I will open doors of opportunity

and favor in your life you will

experience blessings beyond your wildest

dreams and witness the manifestation of

my promises in your life trust in my

timing and have faith in my plan for I

am working all things together for your

good when the storms of life come

remember that I am your anchor and your

Refuge type if you believe in Jesus

I will provide you with the strength and

stability you need to weather any

challenge that comes your way lean on me

and allow my love to be your source of

comfort and hope in The Quiet Moments of

your day take time to reflect on my

goodness and mercy meditate on my word

and allow it to transform form your mind

and renew your

spirit as you draw closer to me you will

find the peace and joy that surpasses

all understanding remember you are never

alone in this journey I have given you

the gift of my holy spirit to guide you

and Empower you listen for that still

Small Voice and allow it to direct your

steps when you feel weak rely on my

strength and when you feel lost trust in

my guidance I have called you by name

name and you are mine I have a purpose

and plan for your life that is greater

than anything you can imagine trust in

my love and allow me to lead you into

the Abundant Life I have prepared for

you as you face the challenges of each

day remember that my grace is sufficient

for you I will provide you with

everything you need to overcome and

succeed keep your eyes fixed on me and

your heart aligned with my will and you

will experience the fullness of my

blessings in your life my child you are

you are loved beyond measure and your

future is secure in my hands type Amen

in the name of Jesus trust in my

promises and have faith in my plan for I

am working all things together for your

good I will never leave you nor forsake

you and my love for you endures forever

walk in the confidence of knowing that

you are a child of the most high

God allow my love to be the foundation

of your life and my word to be the guide

for your steps as you continue on on

this journey know that I am with you

every step of the way leading you into

the Glorious future I have prepared for

you dear child you face trials that

assault your physical body and emotions

like poison daggers what I ask of you is

your trust sincerity compliance

endurance resolve and unwavering

Devotion to me my guidance and being in

my company pay close attention to my

direction trust in me follow my lead and

persevere patiently don’t worry about

the future your duty is to persist keep

my guidance and entrust everything to my

care I am both your father father and

your God the days I give you are not

meant to be filled with anxiety when you

fail to trust me and give to worry it

wounds my love for you it brings sorrow

to your soul and sickness to your body I

understand there are moments when you

feel tired and uncertain losing your

footing but I’m always beside you

reminding in you that I’m not here to

condemn you I’m also your companion I’m

preparing a banquet of blessings for you

right in front of those who oppose you I

will Elevate you in the eyes of your

loved ones and friends and take you to

places you haven’t yet seen you’re

entering a new era of Wonders and

Supernatural occurrences you’ll also

witness amazing things happen to all

those you hold dear prepare yourself for

this new chapter that’s unfolding accept

all the blessings coming your way with

Grace and humility protect your heart

and never forget the source of your

blessings dedicate time to me each day

seek my presence ready your soul prepare

for Joy sincerely profess your faith in

me keep trusting me don’t give up type

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$ continue Reaching Your Hands toward

heaven in your most weary moments on

this path when you

feel you can’t continue remember that

the fire of my love is always there to

remind you that I’m with you don’t fix

your Gaze on people they can all let you

down don’t let your spirit rely on human

affection and

approval it’s true that I created you to

love and be loved but it’s also true

that the only genuine eternal love that

will always belong to you throughout the

ages is my my Tender Love which never

fails you and remains close and certain

don’t entrust your heart to those who

may desert you or give your future to

those who after you’ve given them

everything stop loving you don’t give

the most important place in your soul to

people who could turn their backs on you

break your heart and destroy your life

you’ve sought hope and now it’s arrived

you’ve prayed for peace and it’s granted

to you if it’s time to rest then rest

peacefully if you need to keep keep

going then carry on because when you

rest In My Embrace you’re safe and when

you’re active my mighty hand protects

you from danger remember you’re never

alone you’re not forsaken even if your

parents relatives or children abandon

you you always have the most amazing

love available mine it’s deeply

reassuring to realize and feel that your

heavenly father cares for you I will

openly reward your faith I will

strengthen it those who mocked you will

end up astonished and ashamed and the

envious will watch as you rise you’ll

see that trusting in your almighty God

your loving heavenly father is truly

rewarding I’ve seen you confront so much

adversity with enemies so loud they made

you doubt feel insignificant and weep

yet your faith was refined and became

stronger through your ordeals your

suffering transformed into courage your

fear into confidence your worry into joy

and and your sorrow into Delight immense

blessings are coming your way I etch

this message into your heart it won’t be

forgotten these words will ReSound in

your soul every morning when you awaken

type I embrace my power to affirm no

longer will you rise discouraged and

weigh down you will no longer feel as

though you are Shackled the chains have

been broken Every curse that loomed over

your life has retreated receive my word

accept it with faith engrave it in your

mind write it down on a piece of paper

keep it in your Bible right where Psalm

begins speak my word before going to

sleep close your eyes and declare aloud

God I trust in you and you shall feel my

presence beside you the Lord is my

shepherd I shall not want read the

entire PSL I am sending it to you obey

me in this and you will see how my word

will give you a strength you have never

experienced before you’ll feel like

you’re soaring high like an eagle

ascending to Great Heights of Faith

looking forward to the new blessings I’m

about to bestow upon you tomorrow keep

your Bible close to your bed in the

early morning I’ll wake you up I’ll

whisper it in your ear and guide you

revealing sacred words and incredible

Visions meant just for you welcome to

the realm of the supernatural this is

where your joy is formed in this place

you learn gentleness and humility here I

give you you the strength to overcome

all evil to walk safely amid dangers

don’t be afraid you won’t be harmed I’m

opening the door and inviting you into

the world world of Miracles nothing’s

too difficult for me everything’s

possible for you you remain Steed fast

in your faith in me with the little you

had you demonstrated faithfulness so I

will in you with more I cherish you the

Drey sun is over and the time of reaping

begins your trials have been preparing

you for this immense blessing that’s on

its way way I hear you when you’re in

distress wondering when will come let me

assure you again the Fulfillment of my

promise is right at your doorstep do

your part rise and open it act activate

your faith go forth to receive your

blessing with the mindset of a Victor

don’t look for obstacles don’t linger in

idlin don’t allow doubt to wither your

faith your talents and gifts are on the

verge of blossoming there is a

magnificent Garden on Earth and it is

here that I need you blessings of

abundance will pour down on your home

get ready the time to gather your

rewards is close at hand step out and

sense the fragrance of a field ripe and

ready for you you are set to succeed you

are among those I’ve chosen type I’m

abundant to arum I will Empower you

elevate you and eliminate all lack and

need from your life but listen carefully

do not imitate those who disregard me

who waste their time on trivial Pursuits

when things go wrong they they blame me

constantly complaining and eyeing The

Virtuous like you aiming to steal the

blessings I plan to Grant you the yield

of the forthcoming Harvest is yours

alone do not delegate this task those

appreciative of my favor let my

blessings go to waste do not pass the

treasures I bestow on you to others

protect your children from Harm’s reach

bar the entry of your home to ruin

listen to my voice each morning I will

provide you with the wisdom to succeed

in every Endeavor your Harvest will be

abundant and this phase is but a Prelude

to the wonderful things I have in store

for you expect this and more from your

Divine protector I don’t just provide

you with leftovers I shower you with

generous blessings Embrace this

affirmate and continually express your

love for me today I will come to your

dwelling and transform your destiny you

are in distress seeking my intervention

my all encompassing love that heals and

protects without passing judgment my

care and presents that envelope is you

quietly my attentive ear that hears you

out fully without interruption confess

your longing for me because that

reflects the truth your own strength has

reached its limit this is the moment for

you to acknowledge your need you have

called upon me in prayer with faith and

sincerity that is why I’ve come to

rescue you and your family from the

harsh desert where loneliness part

arches hope and your soul thirsts for

love due to so much contempt the journey

is arduous and you you cry out as you

tread upon the scorching Stones That

Make You Weep with

pain my beloved

child I know the path you walk is

difficult and filled with suffering the

enemies that try to hurt you will not

succeed for I am your shield and

protector even when you feel weak and

ready to give up I will renew your

strength and help you keep going I will

lift you up from the ashes and make you

shine like and share the video if you

have trust in the words of the god your

faith and love for me and your family

gave you the courage to keep going you

persevered to the end and today I am

sending clouds filled with a special

rain Living Water of blessing and

healing for your heart I am filling your

soul with my spirit of Love The Covenant

I made with you stands firm I always

hear you when you cry out to me in

prayer and call on my holy name you are

entering a time of great Miracles and

wonders that will impact you and your

family because of your faithfulness

perseverance and unwavering belief in me

I will not disappoint you because I love

you deeply my plans for you are always

as good never harmful I will give you

what you ask of may share your heart’s

desires with me again and I will listen

from heaven and Grant your purest

wishes Rejoice my child for your time of

suffering is over and your moment of

vict Victory is near tell me that you

trust me for I adore you could you give

me just a moment of your time listen to

my words and do not be anxious about

anything focus on me and treasure every

word I speak I need to tell you once

more how take care of yourself type I

claim it if you receive this declaration

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Jesus the challenges you face now are

temporar they are man to purify and reef

in you like gold tested by fear on the

other seed of this trial you will emerge

Breer and stronger than ever before free

from the negativity that once weighed

you down I am elevating you my child not

to make you proud but to equip you to

help others who are struggling let go of

the anger fear and doubt that that hold

you back and embrace the incredible

future I have pled for you be grateful

for every blessing both big and small

and walk Within Integrity carrying my

love in your heart when you feel weak or

discour listen for my voice and open

your heart to the peace I offer take a

moment to rest in my presence and let

your worries fade away as the creator of

the universe I I command the chaos

around you to be still pay no attention

to the Whispers of the world that try to

intimidate you weaken your faith or

minimize your accomplishments you may

think you are weak but remember that

your strength comes from me when you

combine your faith with my power nothing

can stand against you your spirit will

be unbreakable and your weakness will be

turned into strength declare with

confidence I am strong keep walking

forward with hope never giving up and

climb the mountain where I am waiting

for you this is the place where your

biggest dreams will become reality

embrace my plan for your life and trust

me to work in powerful ways from now on

you are meant to rise not fall spread

your wings and soar highl looking ahead

to the land of blessings type to

show your belief in Jesus I have

prepared for you no more will sorrow and

Gloom dominate your days starting now

your life will overflow with vibrant

Faith each morning when the Sun rises

choose Joy regardless of your

circumstances don’t let bad news or

worry steal your smile you are precious

to me and I love you deeply never forget

that you belong to me my spirit lives

within you making you one of a kind

there’s no need to imitate others while

many people are shaken by rumors and

give fear and despair that’s not who you

are Supernatural Grace fills your soul

and your faith is remarkable your

prayers and words have great power you

are free so fly with joy go and share

this message with your loved ones I

treasure you and am leading you out of

these tough times into Victory and that

happiness you long for all of this is

because of my immense love for you you

are incredibly valuable to me and I have

amazing plans for your life pay close

attention because the words you are

reading right now are full of truth and

meaning I understand the pain and

sadness your current struggles bring

making it hard to face each day with joy

you are going through a tough season but

you’re on the verge of a remarkable


transformation the days of sorrow and

confusion are coming to an end and you

are leaving this challenging chapter

behind the world may have tried to

diminish your light and undermine your

faith but you have remained unbroken my

child you have endured a long and

difficult Journey from this point

forward I promise better days are coming

I will restore your smile and everyone

will see the extraordinary way I renew

your strength and ability

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After experiencing the dryness and

loneliness of your journey feeling

exhausted and weak relief is on the way

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