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my child the battles you’ve endured have

been Fierce I’ve heard your cries for

release from the intensity of spiritual

warfare yearning for a simpler life yet

you submitted to obedience knowing that

following my will required vulnerability

and discomfort your obedience gladdens

my heart for it will lead you to enjoy

the fruits I’ve

prepared there were moments when you

questioned why your path seemed harder

While others progressed effortlessly but

do not judge by outward appearances for

each of my children has a specific

calling what I’ve called you to carry

holds significance in the spiritual

Realms the weight of this Spiritual

Authority and Destiny within you sets

you apart for Holy purposes you’re not

just one among many but a precious child

marked by my anointing and Grace my

spirit lives and breathes within you

guiding your every step the recent

attack against you was strategic aiming

to eliminate you but witnessing your

resil the enemy recognized you as an

even greater threat your response to

every battle signals to both darkness

and the Heavenly Realms that promotion

is imminent while trials May distort

your vision I use them to strengthen

your character and equip you for greater

responsibility just as job’s

faithfulness through loss prepared him

for blessing your character is being

stretched to prepare you for

more with each new level the Enemy

unleashes new schemes but I Forge within

you greater capacity to discern and

withstand them if only you could see

from my perspective you’d understand the

commitment and devotion that sets you

apart as my beloved no one can take your

place in my designed plan the next

season I’m preparing is Invitation Only

and not just anyone can access what I’ll

reveal to you you are protected and

guided no longer tossed about by the

workings of man or Devils their season

of manipulation in your life has ended

you are safely held positioned securely

under my Sheltering Wing do not despair

over the adversity you faced for it is

temporary take heart for the rains will

give way to Sunshine and the night of

weeping will fade with the joy of a New

Dawn Dawn myself will turn your mourning

into dancing the suffering you have

endured is but a fleeting precursor to

blessings that will overflow your cup

none of it has been without purpose

consider job whom I allowed the enemy to

test even his wife urged him to forsake

me yet he refused anchored in the hope

that a double portion awaited his

faithfulness similarly your season of

testing has qualified you for increase

it has been neither comfortable nor easy

but patient endurance will reap a

harvest of righteousness fear not my

child for you are kept safe The Witches

warlocks and workers of magic who vowed

your demise have failed their season of

activity in your life is through and and

you have overcome by the word of your

testimony you are back under the shelter

of my wings protected and provided for

what the enemy planned for evil I am

transforming to your good using for your

refinement my precious child there are

riches waiting for you you to uncover

powerful blessings I have ordained

specifically for you the enemy is uneasy

because he senses they are just Within

Reach he would distract you provoke you

to seek out what I am doing in others

lives rather than focus on what I want

to show you do not be led astray keep

your spiritual eyes fixed on me for what

I will show you holds keys to unlock

strength and authority to devastate the

adversary’s kingdom yes my child his

dread is Justified for you are a threat

to his rule of Darkness the gifts and

anointing you carry will utterly

decimate his strongholds the entire

Kingdom of evil feels the reverberations

of your advancing footsteps press on

without hesitation keep fighting the

good fight of faith never entertaining

thoughts of quitting the enemy would

love for you to surrender to make his

attempt successful determine instead to

resist him push back forcefully against

every lie and Temptation give him no

ground as you choose to trust and obey

my original directive refusing

distraction or

discouragement Divine strategies will

displace the enemy’s influence in

regions I set before you what honor and

pleasure is mine to reward my faithful

one as you follow close by my side I

will lead you into seasons of rest and

joy filled fruitfulness your adversary

cannot touch he will watch in helpless

Fury as you flourish under the

protection of my wings my child I want

you to grasp this Revelation in its

fullness the intensity of opposition is

actually an indicator of the magnitude

of breakthrough awaiting you each battle

signals your impending promotion into

greater Authority and deeper intimacy

with me you are a threat because of the

mantle you carry this is why hell’s

forces are on high alert but do not lose

heart or grow


Resurrection Life is energizing your

mortal flesh the Limitless power of the

holy spirit is cutting you

loose Awakening strength and resolve

within you you will discern the enemy’s

tactics and outmaneuver him at every

turn he will not Prevail over you mighty

warrior my trusted Champion are

victories together have dealt immense

damage to the kingdom of darkness

already in these few short months why

would you entertain thought thoughts of

relinquishing the ground take and press

forward child advance refus to back down

I know weariness Creeps in like fog at

times until the path before you

blurs but child you must believe my

promise that the enemy is terrified of

the assault you carry against him he

fears you because he knows what I have

deposited deep with within what I have

hidden in the secret place of

preparation he knows your obedience has

made you dangerous a serious threat to

his destructive operations but the

battle belongs to me not you you need

only partner with my purposes take each

step as I eliminate it before you trust

in my power to dismantle his fortresses

his smoke screens cannot blind me I see

right through into Eternal reality the

place is hidden from Mortal sight where

I have established Thrones for you to

rule upon

I know every dream and desire I have

nurtured in your your heart none of it

escapes my notice I promise you will

reap Joy from every seed of Sorrow

swollen into rocky soil stay near to me

my child and I will teach you

strategies none of your adversaries can

resist or counter I will handle each one

who opposes what I am building in and

through you no weapon formed against you

will succeed now lift your head beloved

lift your gaze to me take a deep breath

and lean confidently Into My

Embrace listen for my voice singing

tenderly over you I am cheering your

strength and celebrating your

advancements already secured in the

Heavenly Realms my precious one I hear

your innermost longings have faith that

the desires of your heart are coming to

pass even now you are loved Beyond

Comprehension blessings are raining down

on you even as we speak Embrace The Joy

arising within releasing any remnants of

Despair know this truth I am not

finished at work in your story with each

step you take I am shaping the landscape

around you guiding your path behind the

scenes I orchestrate mundane moments and

miraculous happenings alike to prepare

the way for your flourishing future

consider this a sign that no matter

where you find yourself I am ever

present and listening to your every

prayer my affection for you Knows No

Limits I am here ready to provide

protect direct and remove obstacles from

your way any forces arising to steal

what I am giving will be thwarted in the

days stretching out ahead do not lose

heart or give into fear about what is to

come I stand beside you as a mighty

warrior your healer Confidant and guide

I have promised blessings beyond measure

and I always keep my word what you need

will be placed into your hand in due

time then your heart will overflow with

Thanksgiving for all I have done do not

allow impatience to Cloud your vision

immerse yourself in my living word and

you will see my will coming to pass

despite hardships along the way I am

intricately weaving everything together

for your good you are entering a new

season of increase and freedom your

persistent faith in the face of conflict

has prepared the way for even greater

Miracles just over the horiz Horizon a

tide of blessings is rising all around

you I implore you receive this influx

fully into your being then out of the

Overflow share freely with others pay

attention and take this to Heart along

your journey many Souls will cross your

path greet them with dignity and respect

regardless of appearances share kindness

and offer a listening ear to all who

open their hearts to you four you know

not where your paths may cross again and

down the road those who fear feel unseen

by many may remember your smile for

years to come simple acts of goodness

today can unlock doors of provision

tomorrow do not disregard anyone you

meet or count them as soon important the

powerful influential and downcast alike

reveal glimpses of my image thou tarnish

shed by life’s wounds if you have

opportunity to easy their pain do not

withhold compassion for in blessing

others you yourself are blessed pay

attention for Angels often appear when

least expected ready to guide you into

Greater Joy through selfless service I

want you to walk confidently in who I

have called you to be rooted in my

living word I have crafted you for

victory and significance from the

beginning all Heaven cheers you on

thousands of Mighty Warriors surround

you at this very moment protecting and

empowering you for all that lies ahead

what more do you need to convince you of

your identity and worth as my beloved I

I chose you and set you apart even

before time itself began unfurling even

now I am waiting for you to boldly step

into the purpose I have prepared my

return is imminent so settle it in your

spirit that your life is no accident

regardless of the approval you have or

have not received from others until now

you remain the apple of my eye the one

whom I love most in all the cosmos I

want you to feel my delight and pride in

you as my dearly loved one I desire for

you to courageously Embrace this truth

deep within to encounter my pleasure

that chases away shame from there

blessings will arise from a place of

security and wholeness not striving or

lack rise now every morning as you open

your eyes I will show you the way come

sit with me first before the demands of

the day close in allow me to realign

your inner Vision before interacting

with the outer world I will fill you to

overflowing with wisdom as we commune

together understand that the course of

your life until now has led you to

realize your need for me in new ways

when criticism and comparison threaten

to crush your spirit remember this You

Are Not Alone call out to me and I will

flood your soul with strength when

adversity leaves you disillusioned tune

your ear to the voice of my spirit

living within your body itself became a

temple a dwelling place for my presence

the moment you gave your life to me

regardless of how far you wander I will

never abandon or forsake you I remain

constant in my affection toward you Open

the Eyes of your heart to receive this

truth allow me to disclose Creative

Expressions of my love that leave no

room for doubt soon the longing of your

soul will be fulfilled to overflowing as

you ask the seasons now shifting

indicate a new era Dawning I am healing

wounds of past betrayal and loss even as

I speak these words words over you my

beloved I will enable you to release

pent up sadness regret and bitterness as

I wash your heart clean in my Mercy I am

Reawakening you to comprehend in full

the treasure you

are in my my eyes as this settles deep

within no one will ever be able to shake

your god-given identity or diminish your

calling again all I ask is for you to

open your eyes to see and receive the

blessings I bestow each moment offer

thanks for breath in your lungs for

those I have surrounding you in family

and friendship for provision on your

table train your vision to recognize the

small kindnesses too for even even the

most ordinary contain traces of my

extravagant Grace soon you will

understand you have been gifted the

astounding power to choose Joy come what

may no one but you determines the

posture of your heart as each day

unfolds never relinquish this Authority

or discount its magnitude before heing

lies freedom and life in full meure your

help and wholeness flow directly from my

hand soon these blessings you have named

specifical in prayer will be tangibly

manifest around you and within you

healing renewal and restoration are

already on their way streams of holy

laughter will Bubble Up from deep within

as you commune with me Revelations

reserved for you alone will explode like

fireworks across the canvas of your

imagination lighting your path ahead

dreams once distant will begin

incrementally materializing before your

your eyes weed out further into the vast

uncharted waters of my spirit open your

heart and mind to receive fresh Mana at

my feet daily here you will discover the

life you were created for as you soak in

the truths I have breathed through every

page my spirit will unveil Mysteries and

impart wisdom for all you

face today pay no mind to those claiming

special Insight who pedal manipulation

veiled his Destiny when uncertainty

Creeps in all around remember I have

promised you peace and

protection simply talk with me holy

spirit will rise up on the inside to

remind you that no weapon formed against

you can prosper for I encircle you as an

impenetrable shield repeat this promise

aloud if you need tangible reinforcement

of its reality I am safe in the palm of

my hand I will never leave or abandon

you speak these words in faith and fear

will flee my beloved child you may be

facing troubles that weary your soul

life in this world can be difficult even

for my most faithful followers I see you

now burdened and struggling under the

weight of anxieties and fears your

mistakes haunt you your words wound

those closest to your heart destructive

habits have crept into your days come to

me now not in judgment but Open Arms I

cleanse and restore you inside of and

out the past is the past Let It Fade and

see only the path ahead I prepare for

you I do not condemn my children when

they stray as long as they seek my

forgiveness with sincere Hearts rise now

not Laden with regret but uplifted by my

grace you shall emerge a champion from

this trial stronger and more faithful

than before we all stumble at times on

this Earthly Journey what matters is

that you take my hand allow me to lift

you back up and carry on my love for you

blazes brighter than any fire wider than

any ocean I wish to pour it out over

your life in a mighty flood let it wash

away all traces of heartache and despair

let it nourish your soul and draw you

closer to me the burdens troubling your

spirit now rest in my hands I shall

resolve them only have faith and meet

with me daily each morning when you wake

you will feel my flaming Spirit within

filling you with purpose and motivation

I Delight in re rewarding my faithful

children with blessings when you receive

what you have prayed so long for Tears

of Joy will flow freely down your cheeks

do not be ashamed to express such sacred

feelings before me allow yourself to

fully experience this overwhelming

delight and relief your petitions shall

soon be answered I will grant you that

which truly satisfies your soul and

keeps you near my side nothing will tear

you from my protective Embrace cease

your struggling which only exhaust your


further rest in me instead surrender all

worries and anxiety at my feet now

release this burden for it is not yours

to Bear your passion has not been in

vain you will neither neither fail nor

be put to shame under my watchful eye

whatever you have asked of me shall be

given in my proper time guard yourself

against those who sow seeds of doubt and

discouragement avoid those who tell you

that you are unworthy in my eyes you

know in your soul that you are precious

to me none can diminish your value which

I have established my presence in your

life will only continue to strengthen

you will feel it more potently with each

passing day I will deliver you through

every conflict your wounds I will heal

your pain I will assuage I will wipe

every tear from your eyes and restore

the smile to your face songs of praise

and love shall flow freely from your

lips in gratitude for all I have done

even when others question my existence

and doubt my power you will stand firmly

rooted in me no one can uproot you from

the rich soil where I have planted you

cease now from carrying past sins upon

your back my forgiveness awaits no

mistakes or

transgressions define you unless you

allow it walk in Freedom and joy lift

your voice and arms to the heavens in

celebration of the life I have given you

for every need I am your sole remedy

your family and future rest securely in

my hands have no fear that I will ever

abandon you with me by your side know no

force on this Earth can hinder you even

when silence and shadows surround I

remain you need not recite endless

prayers for me to understand your

heart’s language simply cry help me and

I will come swiftly when anguish makes

you want to give up I will take you

tenderly in my arms I will comfort you

with Whispers of my undying love my

throne is open to you unload your

burdens there I welcome your voice and

Delight in your company in me find your

Shelter From the storms of fear and

anxiety You Are Not Alone Now I impart

my strength to you for the journey ahead

cling to the purpose I have kindled

within your soul nurture relationships

that matter most attend diligently to

responsibilities before you shun

unnecessary disputes and dwell not on

malice or

Vengeance walk fearfully Under the

Sun I have created lift your voice in

praise and give thanks for all my gifts

for in me alone you live and move and

have your being everything you require

for a meaningful life overflows from my

abundance come to me when doubts assail

you I will speak truth to your mind and

dispel the Shadows I see the way ahead

clearly even when you cannot trust in my

vision stay near to me and you will

reach the destined destiny I have

prepared what others say means nothing

your life and your family are in my

hands I guide your steps along the paths

you need Walk In Due season keep me

first in your heart always honor me in

word and deed let my voice fill your

home I know life pulls you hurriedly in

many directions but do not neglect our

relationship set aside regular times to

meet with me my wisdom awaits those who

actively seek it my blessings Chase Down

The Grateful of heart only I speak

promises with the power to fulfill them

do not grasp at false assurances that

only lead to futility if it is true love

patience and understanding you require

come to me I will satisfy the deepest

needs of your soul have you forgotten

who I am I am the way the truth the life

I am I am your Shepherd and Redeemer

your healer provider savior I Am Lord of

all but most importantly I am your

father I am love and you are my precious

as child I want only your best a life of

purpose and Freedom from Want or fear A

sound mind and body stability and

comfort for you and your family I take

joy in seeing my children Thrive you are

valued beyond measure in my my eyes

never forget this regardless of Earthly

circumstances that seek to convince you

otherwise Recall now the beautiful

dreams that once ignited such passion

and anticipation within you though aging

touches your outer shell in inevitable

ways your inner fire need not dim I will

revive broken hopes and reorder

misplaced priorities through faith I

will restore Wellness to Afflicted

bodies I will impart fresh perspective

and motivation to whether Souls you will

ReDiscover the Vigor of Youth inspiring

the Next Generation through your renewal

with me one is never too old to pursue

their purpose if you have listened this

far take my words to Heart determine now

to shake off shackles of past failures

age or perceived limitations none can

stop my called and equipped servant with

me my beloved no obstacle prevails for

long victory in the trials you face even

today is assured I lift you up above

swirling storms of anxiety and fear

together we walk the path I illuminate

our progress may not be swift or direct

but reach the destinations I have

prepared we shall and we will arrive

stronger for having walked each winding

mile hand in hand my peace I leave with

you my joy I impart receive now I

embrace and know eternally that you are

cherished you are chosen you are called

to a special purpose you are loved

beyond measure for you are mine the

Shadows surround you Whispering lies

that seek to shake your spirit but cast

off these poisonous words do not listen

to their corrosion you are more than

what the darkness says inside your soul

a light still shines soft and small but

undimmed cup your hands around this

flickering glow nurture its warmth with

words of Hope and Truth this light can

never be extinguished for its source

comes from Beyond this world I see you

beloved one even when you feel most

alone when failure looms and Friends

turn silent I am watching over you no

pit is too deep that I cannot reach you

no storm too dark that I cannot Ste it I

know every hurt every rejection every

tear that falls down your cheeks and I

long to gather you close to wrap you in

Comfort to quiet the Tremors of your

heart do you not know have you forgotten

child you are mine I chose you long

before this world was formed with

Everlasting Love I called your name you

are engraved on the palms of my hands

cherished precious honored no one can

steal you from my care no power or

principality can tear you from My

Embrace you are loved with an affection

too vast to comprehend by one whose

constancy never never fails so banish

the voices that cry worthless forsaken

they speak lies seated by the enemy find

truth and strength in my words alone I

will never leave you I cannot fail you

you are safe with me the evils of this

world Claw at your joy provoke fresh

wounds stir latent fears but don’t be

overwhelmed by the Uproar and Chaos even

storms rage within my sovereign hand I

permit nothing without purpose use all

for ultimate good difficulty will come

yet I remain your

sure Refuge suffering will wound yet I

bind up broken hearts the night seems so

long yet my Dawn will surely break


Hope In This Promise of above all I will

stay by your side through every trial

comforting guiding healing my grace will

Empower you to weather every Gale you

need only trust me without wavering take

my hand and let me Lead You Through The

Tempest the journey before you appears

too hard the road too long not so with

me is your strength each step is

possible my power will Infuse your

weakness my peace will carry you when

anxiety Swirls and when weariness drops

you to your knees I will lift and

shelter you in my Everlasting Arms child

your trials today are producing in you

resilience character maturity for all

your tomorrow’s trust my working in your

inner soul the Deep lessons shaping your

life often require Earth’s fiercest

fires but just as metal is purified by

Flames I use adversity to refine you

into my image strong and beautiful bold

and free do not fear hardship no threat

looms that we cannot subdue together set


gaze Beyond this momentary light

Affliction already victory is yours if

you believe in my promise whatever

confronts you however dark the take

heart in this nothing separates you from

my presence I am the shepherd who comes

after you when you wander one stray step

too far I am the father running to

welcome you home no matter how you

failed I am your rock sh Foundation

through life’s Tremors Great and

Small I know the plans and purposes I

have for you plans filled with promise

and peace not trouble and harm I will

lead you out of this pit of despair and

into Springs of joy the enemy means his

wickedness for evil but I will use It

ultimately for your gain your growth

your good what he intends as weapon to

destroy you I will transform into tools

to equip you behind your most bruising

battles await my richest blessings hold

fast to this truth with stubborn hope I

see the desires of your heart every

dream yet unfulfilled trust that I am

able to accomplish more than you imagine

my reach spans eternity nothing lies

Beyond on the scope of my authority and

power is anything too marvelous for me

scripture says no no purpose of mine can

be hindered I hold as Dimensions within

my hands past present future all move

toward my glorious ends so lift your

eyes from immediate surroundings from

the casting shadows and Gathering storm

dare to believe what my word declares I

never Slumber or sleep my reign shall

never end my purpose for you remain sure

as the heavens fixed in place by my

voice this season of weeping will fade

these trials will give way to strength

produce fruits of righteousness sweeter

for the difficulty endured day Spring’s

radiant Dawn will emerge triumphant

trailing Clouds Of Glory Full of

dazzling light until then take heart my

child even now hope glimmers on the

horizon I give power to the faint I

renew the exhausted those who wait upon

me will Mount up wings as Eagles run and

not grow weary walk and never faint the

joy of your salvation stands

outside time cannot be diminished or

defeated by Earthly Sorrows our

beginning and ending is joy unspeakable

weep for a night but joy comes with the

more beloved through loud whirlwinds and


tears you remain forever held secure in

my hands rest here find your Sanctuary

within my presence child

despite swirling chaos without and

within be still and know I am God cease

striving to control timelines and

demands beyond your grasp relax into my

capable hands here find your rest your

Refuge your rescue in quietness and

trust is where true Freedom lies listen

for my voice above the tumult watch for

my light piercing the darkness it never

Fades my love for you will not fail not

falter not grow dim I am yours and you

are mine for eternity my precious

beloved child amen


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