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believe in


God you are not watching this by

accident you are here because you need

something you need to be reminded that

you are not

alone you need a reminder of the power


God you have been through so much facing

struggle after struggle

obstacle after

obstacle it feels like you’re in the

middle of a NeverEnding Journey with no

end in

sight but I promise you the journey is

leading you somewhere

beautiful somewhere you will finally

find peace and

happiness I know it’s hard to keep going

when things seem so dark and Bleak but

don’t give up don’t lose faith never

forget how far you have come everything

you have endured all the times you

pushed on even when you felt you

couldn’t all those mornings you got out

of bed no matter how hard it was and all

the times you wanted to give up but

found strength for the day

through God you are a

Survivor suror you are a

fighter and you will make it through


too God will hold you up when you feel

like you can’t go

on he is the light in the Darkness the

hand that steadies your path lean on him

and let him guide you to the life you

were meant to live a life of happiness

peace and love no matter what happens

know that you are loved God is merciful

always ready to forgive never feel

ashamed to take your problems to him for

he is on your side not against you even

in the storm God is there with you aware

of your troubles and listening to your

prayer sometimes it may seem silent but

rest assured he is holding you close the

Lord’s return draws nearer and believing

and Trust trusting in Him will bring

Salvation staying strong in your faith

might not be easy and you might face

ridicule from others but don’t give give

up the fleeting offerings of the enemy

pale in comparison to the Eternal

promise of Heaven life might appear

unfair at times but it will get better

for you and his kingdom awaits your

presence God will grant you the strength

and energy to persevere even when faced

with attempts to bring you

down the almighty will turn the

impossible into the possible for

you he orchestrates the presence of

people in your life for a

reason they are there to assist support

and love

you don’t hesitate to seek help when

needed trusting that God places

individuals in the right place at the

right time for the right

reasons God sees everything and knows

your needs before you voice

them trust all your work wores and cares


him because his love for you surpasses

anything in this world type Amen in the

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