God Message: I AM YOUR CREATOR | God Message For You Today

God says in the huge space where

galaxies twirl like dreams and stars

Sparkle as brightly as a billion Suns

I’m the one who made everything I’m

sending you a feeling of My Endless Love

I’m like the conductor of a big and

beautiful Orchestra called life and I’m

reaching out to you my special Creation

with a message that’s all about love and

wisdom Genesis

so God created Mankind in his own

image in the image of God he created

them male and female he created them God

says my child understand that you are

not a random occurrence but a deliberate

manifestation of divine Artistry Your

Existence in its intricacies and

uniqueness reflects the very image of

your creator you are a testament to the

boundless creativity and love that I

have poured into the cosmic canvas


for I know the plans I have for you

declares the Lord plans for welfare and

not for evil to give you a future and a

hope each step you take is Guided by a

divine plan a plan crafted with love and

purpose embrace the journey laid before

you for in it you will discover the

unfolding chapters of your destiny trust

that the path though at times obscured

leads to a future filled with hope and

fulfillment Ephesians chap for we

are God’s handiwork created in Christ

Jesus to do good works which God

prepared in advance for us to do God

says recognize the inherent goodness

within yourself my child for you are a

masterpiece sculpted with intention your

purpose is woven into the fabric of your

being and as you walk in the light of my

love you fulfill the good works prepared

for you since the dawn of time as you

tread the pathways of life

I implore you to recognize the sacred

nature of your existence and that of

your fellow beings each soul is a note

in the celestial Melody and together you

create a harmonious resonance that

reverberates through the cosmos I

beseech you dear child to embrace

kindness as the guiding principle of

your interactions for in kindness you

reflect the very essence of my divine

nature Galatians

but the fruit of the spirit is love joy

peace forbearance kindness goodness

faithfulness gentleness and self-control

let these virtues be the fruits that

Blossom from the branches of your soul

in practicing kindness you cultivate a

spirit that mirrors the Divine

attributes and contributes to the

harmony of the cosmic Symphony you wield

The Power of Choice a gift bestowed upon

you to navigate the intricate tapestry

of Life choose righteousness and

goodness let fairness be your compass

and love be the guiding star of your

journey in the Kaleidoscope of existence

you have the ability to shape your

destiny through the choices you make let

your choices be a testament to the love

and wisdom that flows from the cosmic

Wellspring of my being Proverbs –

trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding

in all your ways submit to him and he

will make your path straight trust dear

child is the Cornerstone of your journey

as you make choices lean on the wisdom

that surpasses human understanding and

you will find your path illuminated by

the Divine Light straight and true do

not let the ephemeral differences that

Mark your Earthly existence become

barriers that divide you embrace the

diversity that adorns the human tapestry

for it is in unity and understanding

that you truly embody the Divine Purpose

I who created the boundless galaxies and

the Myriad forms of life urge you to see

the beauty in each Soul acknowledging

the interconnectedness that binds you

all Galatians

there is neither Jew nor Gentile

neither slave nor free nor is there male

and female for you are all one in Christ

Jesus in the unity of oness there lies

the true realization of your Your Divine

Nature let these words guide you to look

Beyond The Superficial differences and

recognize the shared Essence that unites

all of humanity fear not the unknown for

I am with you always an everpresent

Beacon of love and guidance as you

navigate the Labyrinth of life let Faith

be your compass guiding you through the

twists and turns with unwavering

certainty your journey may be fraught

with challenges but remember my love is

the armor that Shield heals you and my

wisdom is the light that illuminates

your path Isaiah

so do not fear for I am with you

do not be dismayed for I am your God I

will strengthen you and help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

in times of uncertainty let these words

be a balm to your soul fear not for I am

your constant companion offering

strength help and the unwavering support

of my righteous hand take heed of the

precious home you inhabit the Earth in

its delicate balance lies the sustenance

of life and I beseech you to be stewards

of this sacred abote cherish the rivers

the mountains and the Seas for they are

the veins and siners of Gaia the living

embodiment of my creative Grace in

nurturing the Earth you honor not only

your home but also the Divine

Masterpiece of creation Genesis

the Lord the Lord God took the man

and put him in the Garden of Eden to

work it and take care of it as

caretakers of the earth understand that

the responsibility to preserve its

beauty and abundance lies with you in

stewardship you honor the Divine trust

bestowed upon Humanity to be the

custodians of this Exquisite gift as you

live your lives exemplify the virtues of

kindness and forgiveness when you extend

a hand in compassion and when for

forgiveness flows from your heart you

embody the very essence of my love in

these acts you become conduits of divine

grace radiating the light that dispels

the Shadows Of Darkness Matthew –

for if you forgive other people when

they sin against you your heavenly

father will also forgive you but if you

do not forgive others their sins your

father will not forgive your sins let

forgiveness be the balm that he heals

wounds and restores Harmony in

forgiveness you mirror the divine grace

that extends to all who seek it know

this dear child I watch over you with

the Gaze of eternal love guiding you

through the cosmic dance of existence

your journey is a narrative written in

the pages of time and with each moment

you etch the story of your soul trust in

my love have faith in the unfolding of

the divine plan and live your lives with

the knowledge that that you are forever

embraced in the warmth of my eternal

love Psalm

– where can I go from your

spirit where can I flee from your

presence if I go up to the heavens you

are there if I make my bed in the depths

you are there if I rise on the wings of

the Dawn if I settle on the far side of

the sea even there your hand will guide

me your right hand will hold me fast my

child understand understand that there

is no place beyond the reach of my love

in every corner of existence you are

enveloped in the Embrace of divine

guidance and love type Amen in the

comments and get blessed today

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