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my beloved child in the quiet Whispers of the Dawn and the gentle caresses of

the Twilight I have cherished you my heart’s deepest longing is for your flourishing

and prosperity in every Venture you Undertake from the very instant I

fashioned you in the secret place each beat of my heart each breath of the universe

has been in rhythm with your existence I observed your first fragile

moments of Life watched with tender care as you blossomed now i gaze upon you a

magnificent creation a reflection of my own love and grace I have journeyed

alongside you a silent Guardian in every stride you’ve taken a witness to the

joys that dance in your eyes and the Sorrows that have dampened your spirit in your weakest hours it was I who

cradled you in my arms in your times of Despair it was my voice that whispered

Solace into your heart I rejoiced in the heavens at your achievements held you

close in your suffering from your initial breath in this world my desires for you have been vast and boundless

desires for you to soar to embrace the fullness of life and to find profound

joy in every fac set of your existence for what I yearn for you my

child surpasses the furthest reaches of your imagination today I bring these words to

you as a testament to my ceaseless pursuit of your ultimate good it is my

fervent hope that you become a luminous Beacon to those around you embodying and

spreading the warmth of compassion the gentleness of kindness and the boundless

depths of love my cherished one may your journey be rich with chances to learn to cherish

and to mature in this Voyage may you uncover your truest self summoning from within

the fortitude to surmount challenges and the insight to steer through life’s

tempests these aspirations I hold for you so that your life may be a beacon to

others guiding them towards kindness and nurturing love within their hearts in

your suit I know you will encounter trials and tribulations times will come when the

weight you bear feels immense and the tempests you face daunting yet I assure you every effort

exerted every tear shed and all your sacrifices are not without purpose each hardship will mold and

fortify you transforming you into a being of Greater strength confidence and

wisdom place your trust in me my beloved child grasp firmly onto these words my

dear do not shy away from the path I have set before you be Valiant fear not

the Spectre of failure for within it lies the seed of learning the courage to

rise a new and the resolve to proceed with greater wisdom and

determination know that as you Traverse this world I am ever with you through

every phase be it Joy or sorrow doubt or clarity I am there infolding you in my

ceaseless love and unwavering support therefore my beloved Son my

beloved daughter rest in the Assurance of my steadfast presence even as Fierce

winds rage and seas Roy I am beside you instilling bravery in your heart and

bestowing peace amidst the chaos press on my beloved child stride

towards the destiny I have crafted for you to that sacred place where your deepest dream Dre and aspirations shall

find fulfillment let not the brambles on your path discourage you proceed with a

resolve as steadfast as the oak with a Zeal as fiery as the Dawn remember the

mountains you confront will stand as a testament to your bravery and serve as a beacon to those who falter in

faith this day I endow you with the might Vigor and authority to surmount

every trial hurdle or hindrance I impart to you the wisdom to

discern your journey with Clarity and the judiciousness to make choices that are right and true May each barrier be a

forge for growth and learning let your spirit Ascend above every peak in every

trial discovering a chance to soar to new Summits looking back may you

perceive the trials you’ve overcome as milestones in your personal evolution on this day I imbue you with the Assurance

to March onward reminding you of the array of skills gifts and talents

nestled within you for I have prepared you with all you need so that through faith you might

achieve anything you envision should you find your fortitude faltering recall

these words as a solve to your soul you are my son my daughter endowed with

Limitless potential and a heart replete with love your journey is unparalleled

and within you dwells the strength to transcend adversity emerging even

stronger do not yield for in the midst of life’s trials you shall find my grace

and endless favor do not halt press on with the knowledge that your purpose is

singular and profound your very being is an invaluable Gem and I am constantly

there to support you remember in every gentle Whisper Of The Wind in each

warming Ray of sunlight that kisses your skin and With Every Beat of your heart I

am ceaselessly close ever prepared to guide nurture and bestow my blessings on

every aspect of your life it is my Earnest intention to fill your life with

joy Bliss and blessings my cherished child today I

come to you speaking directly to your heart with words filled with love it’s

my deep longing that my voice reaches across time touching the very core of

your being I implore you please do not Overlook my words hear my voice and

embrace the message of Faith and Hope I offer you this message carries with it the power to heal to bring peace and to

restore your soul today understand that I have always been with you walking

beside you through your Joys and Sorrows your successes and challenges

I have observed every step you’ve taken aware of the burdens you carry each

day I have never been indifferent to the happenings in your life despite the

challenges you face my wish for you has always been the best even during times

when you turned away from me know that my will for you is always good and perfect therefore I now ask for your

permission to enter more deeply into your life do not resist my presence but

allow me to step into the innermost chambers of your heart my desire is to transform you into

a soul filled with contentment Bliss and blessings let me be your Refuge a place

where you find Comfort when the world overwhelms you regardless of how long you’ve been away or the times you’ve

doubted my existence my love for you has never wavered I’m here waiting patiently

gently knocking at your heart’s door I implore you to open it and let me into your life you know that my greatest

desire is to be your constant companion guiding you through the darkest times and being your source of joy and

happiness to be an endless Wellspring of love peace and happiness I long to heal

your heart and mend the wounds of your soul but it’s essential that you open your heart to

me stop chasing the fleeting happiness of this world stop overlooking my

presence And Delay no longer in coming to me allow me the chance to enter your heart

so that you can experience the fullness of my love and grace in my presence your

life will be transformed your deepest wounds healed and you’ll find the peace you need

amidst the storms of life my dear child you need not bear the weight of your

worries Alone come closer to me in times of overwhelm and entrust your burdens to

me when faced with challenging choices seek my guidance I am eternally present

to hear you from the first light of dawn to the evening’s close and even in the

quiet of the night no matter the magnitude of your missteps I’m always ready to listen to your prayers my

forgiveness eternally available to you remember you are deeply loved and cherished let not guilt or remorse Lead

You astray or create a barrier between us never forget my Mercy knows no bounds

and my grace is always ready to embrace you in my love you will find peace

comfort and Redemption therefore my child my precious daughter I urge you to pause

and reflect at this moment do not be afraid to open your heart to me what lies ahead is for your

betterment not your harm I understand life’s complexities and the daun

challenges you face but always remember I am steadfastly by your side I will

never let you drown or let go of your hand in times of trial and

tribulation I will guide you on the path to Joy celebration and

abundance just give me a chance in your life allow me to be a part of every aspect of your

existence my child do not turn away from me do not ignore my words words my

daughter refrain from seeking fulfillment in fleeting things for I promise you it will only lead to more

sorrow and despair now open your heart to me and let me transform your life let my grace

reach and fill you with peace and joy in me you will discover a true and enduring

love that surpasses all understanding and will never abandon you please open your heart now let me in

let me be your constant companion your safe haven and your strength in times of

weakness do not hesitate to take this step and do not let your fears keep you

Tethered to past errors remember it doesn’t matter to me how far you’ve wandered or how often You’ faltered I am

here for you extending my hand of Love waiting for you to join me on this

journey of Faith Love and Hope take my hand beloved child walk with me my

daughter I assure you it will be the most rewarding decision you make you will

bask in the Abundant Blessings of my love and grace come close my child my

beloved daughter do not lose heart everything will be well turn not your

gaze to the Past hear my voice tenderly speaking to your heart telling you of my

profound Love From This Day Forward I shall reside within you to love you

forgive you and lead you to Prosperity I want you to understand that

since your very beginning I have gifted you with unique talents and abilities a

distinctive character and a Heart full of generosity these gifts are meant for you

to offer your best and Shine Your Light into the world in moments when you feel a drift

struggling to trust in my plans for you know that the challenges you face

however daunting are not beyond your capability I assure you I will never

abandon you I am always at your side eager to guide you whenever you seek my

counsel my child my daughter my constant Endeavor is to seek what is best for you

to enrich your life and ensure the growth of your path that’s why today I

reveal a special blessing I have prepared for you a blessing you have long awaited and deeply desired in your

heart a blessing that may fulfill your deepest prayers this is a token of my

everlasting love for you first you must place your trust in me believe in my

plans for I am working tirelessly for your benefit to provide you with all

that you need do not give in to fear doubt or worry as they will only steer you away

from the path I have laid out for you keep your heart and mind receptive to my

guidance for I am about to shower my blessings on your endeavors this is just the start of

your success in your business work or Venture be patient and trust that

everything will unfold at the perfect time embrace my teachings and follow my

directives listen to my voice echoing in your heart dedicate time each day for

prayer for delving into my word and for seeking my presence in your life and ask

for wisdom guidance and discernment and I will grant them to you emper you to

walk with integrity and righteousness most importantly open your

heart to my promises let my presence dissipate your fears and

doubts allow me to fill your soul with joy and contentment trust in me adhere to my

will act with faith and gratitude and you will be on the Blessed path

to receive the abundance I have planned for you my precious child my dear daughter the blessing i bestow upon you

is a gift meant to Aid you in achieving your life’s purpose when it comes into your hands do not keep it to yourself

instead share it generously with those in need be kind in giving to those who

have less offer it with a noble and generous spirit so you may shine as an embodiment of my love and blessings in

this world get ready for soon you will see the results of your hard work the

fruition of the Tiny Seed you planted the reward for your

steadfastness this will be a time when your worries dissipate the beginning of a period filled with success and

continuous accomplishments your debts will be cleared trust in my promise for

everything I tell you today will come to [Music] pass I urge you not to dwell on

anxieties or to be consumed with thoughts of the future even a faith as

small as a mustard seed can move mountains and with such Faith anything

you aspire to can be achieved rest assured that all I have spoken to you will come true your blessing is imminent

ready to shower upon you like the first rains of the Season just continue to

believe you will witness the results of your hard work both in your life and in

in the lives of those around you you will receive Grace and blessings that will fill you with joy and

satisfaction live each day as it comes and do not give up for your significant

blessing is near accept it in faith remain strong and brave remember my

beloved the best is still to come keep an open and receptive heart trust that

everything will happen at the right time I bless you with my love and peace rest

assured that I will always be with you guiding and supporting you

always I will take care of you I will always be your pillar of support simply

trust in me wholeheartedly and place all your concerns in my hands in me lack and

scarcity will not trouble you for I will fulfill your dreams and desires I will

enhance your financial State and strengthen your family bonds please believe in what I say to

you today today for I am not one to make empty promises of happiness I am your father who has loved

you since the beginning of time I want you to open your heart to my love to

welcome the grace and favor I bestow upon your journey now is the moment to trust with your entire mind heart and

soul release those emotions that cause pain and Lead You astray stop clinging

to anxieties that obstruct your life and cause internal turmo o you have given so

much only to be repaid with hurt yet in me your suffering ends I love you deeply

even though it might seem hard to grasp you are the treasure purchased by my precious blood I need you to realize

that my aspiration is to guide you to the destiny I have planned for you a journey

filled with favor and blessings where all will be well anticipate confidently

my response to your prayers for the gates of my heavenly kingdom are ever open to you approach me freely with

confidence and Trust for I do not fail those who put their faith in me when the

enemy tries to snatch away your faith and Assurance stand firm do not listen

to its deceitful words or entertain its false charges do not be scared or dismayed

instead be strong and courageous for I will lavish you with abundance and mercy

know that my grace and might Are Forever on your side I will accompany you

turning your challenges into blessings your sorrow into joy and your tears into

Smiles I cherish you my child I will continuously care for you my daughter

remember even at this moment you are in my thoughts please entrust everything to

me I will ensure your journey is filled with well-being prosperity

and immense Joy you have called to me in prayer and I have

listened that’s why today I will visit your home and transform your fate I am

aware of your struggles and your need for my Aid prepare yourself for I am coming to

you as I am your Mighty God the performer of Wonders and today I bring

you the fortitude and resilience needed to conquer the trials you face fear not

I understand your plight but now is the time to recognize your need for I see

that you and your family are journeying through a vast desert where Solitude parches hope and the arduous path

scorches I know it’s hard to keep moving forward and to believe that amidst this hardship my hand is there to uphold you

remember the key to unlocking Miracles has always been and will always be your

faith so I say to you today what you are enduring is simply a phase of refinement

just as gold is tested and shines brightly through fire so will you emerge

radiant and cleansed of the negativity that still lingers within now is the moment to release

anger vanity fear doubt and a lack of faith do not linger in the past for

nothing there can compare to the joy and blessings I am ready to Grant you my child I urge you not to be troubled

by the challenges ahead nor succumb to impatience in this time of trial You are

not alone for I am with you protecting you from those who seek to harm and hurt you I implore you not to fret over

material losses or weep for them rather focus on what truly matters love me

fervently seek me with Relentless determination remember I am your God

your provid provider with a wealth of Miracles awaiting you my Almighty hand

is ever extended to you longing to give you what you truly need allow me to fill

you with genuine blessings and open wide the gates of opportunity let me shower you abundantly with my favor know that I

can turn and transform negative situations for your benefit so do not lose heart for behind every problem and

frustration behind every barrier I am preparing a bounty of blessings and prosperity for you ready yourself to

receive and wisely Steward what I bestow upon you my child seek me earnestly hold

my words dear and continue in prayer the Miracles I have planned for you are

boundless focus on what is most important strive and be steadfast in

this walk of faith and if you do I promise to enrich you lavishing you with

blessings and miraculous wonders more pre ious than gold my dear child you are the Delight

of my heart do not be afraid for my blessing is already with you the time is near

when you will rise above the burdens that now press upon your spirit know this I have promised to always be by

your side to guide and protect you to wrap you in my Divine

Embrace like the sun that breaks through after a storm my light will clear your

path guiding you to Serenity and peace trust in my boundless love and strength

for they are greater than any challenge you may face I’m always with you showering

blessings and fortifying your spirit place your hands upon the sick and I

will heal them rebuke the winds the financial woes and the storms of life

cast out quarrels and enmities from your home speak my word with reverence and

Faith for no Miracle is beyond my reach I long to bless you I am eager and

determined to deepen your understanding of my word and to fortify your

heart fear not when external forces threaten your family many who live in

isolation due to their sins wander like roaring Lions seeking to divide and steal from innocent families but you

along with all in your household stand for firm Raise Your Hands In Praise and pray in my holy name as I hear your

voices raised in faith your adversaries will Retreat and be defeated I desire for you to awaken

tomorrow with a heart renewed this is your moment to refresh your thoughts to dismiss all negativity

and to commit a new to pursuing me no matter the challenges ahead you will advance even in spite of

your setbacks I assure you my child there is always hope for you and your loved

ones it’s true that some may feel disheartened at times and others might see their faith Wayne but here I am ever

ready to forgive them to purify their hearts and souls and to endow them with

the fortitude to withstand Temptation should they stumble again

they will rise with hearts humble and A Renewed desire to repent and transform in this place I await their

return recognize your humanity and the world’s corruption around you it’s tough

to walk through mud and not soil your white garments with faults and guilt yet

ask yourself who am I to you here from my own declaration I’m your loving

father the companion who walks beside you through every trial in these moments

of faults failings sins and forgiveness I stand as your advocate at your

Defender what a privileged position you occupy in the Heavenly

realm your Victory is certain you possess a loyal and sincere heart an

advocate who intercedes for you a judge who loves you and overlooks your shortcomings because you have sought

shelter in the Redeeming Grace that I secured for you on that painful cross but now tell me do you accept my

forgiveness do you embrace my my blessings with joy will you cease to dwell on the past no longer shall you

mourn for those who wounded you with their malice what seemed like love became an

obsession and they ens snared you with their vile schemes you fell into the snare of a

false affection they left you shattered yet that is all behind you now and there

it must stay all bitter memories will fade from your mind and tomorrow when

you awake en you will no longer Ponder those negative thoughts you will rise

give thanks for your life and your family and for the new mercies I bestow upon you daily I am elevating you to a

spiritual realm where troubles vanish the moment you close your eyes and call

my name I am granting you the freedom to fortify yourself and to prepare for the

new doors that are about to open great blessings are on the horizon

for your family and you but I need you to tell me now that you believe

wholeheartedly and that today you receive my love and my blessings with

joy I address you with all my affection and love you will feel your anxiety melt

away as you listen to my voice I want you to relax and take a

moment to rest spare a few minutes Come Into My Embrace and hear as I soothe your Soul

tell me what you wish for me to do to restore your peace You Are by my side

and I do not wish for you to be troubled I want you to relish the blessings I provide and to Harbor a

desire to live fully learn to trust in my word to be certain that I fulfill my

promises and to recognize my voice when I speak to you I desire for our

relationship to grow stronger closer and more transparent soon you will begin to grasp

the full extent of the Wonders I wish to perform in your life to do this you must

kneel daily and seek me wholeheartedly the moments you spend

with me are precious and I have filled you with peace and love whenever you

draw near even if it’s just for a few minutes in prayer it is time for you to witness

wonderful and Supernatural miracles open your eyes to see the many

opportunities before you I want you to look in the mirror and see beyond what that reflection can

comprehend you are a bearer of my blessing and my power you are an

Invincible Warrior feared by your enemies steadfast in your decisions and

triumphant in your conflicts my dear child what are you waiting for rise up open your arms and

receive all the blessings I am bestowing upon you do not delay by doubting your

worthiness for it is not about your level of perfection I’ve already cleansed you

with my blood and granted you my forgiveness listen to me accept my love

and cease your doubts believe in me wholeheartedly calm your heart and ease

your mind do not stress over those matters which you have entrusted to me today

with faith believe in my love accept my peace

receive my comfort embrace my forgiveness I am in control I am assisting you and I will

not let you be defeated I will prevent your humiliation no one will be able to harm

or shame you if you believe in my word lift your head high walk with firm steps and fear

not those who assail you receive with faith what I am speaking to you be

empowered with strength and you shall not be overthrown I know there are times you

feel weak but there is no need for worry even when your enemies appear formidable

with your faith in my power you will overcome them be like David before Goliath the days ahead will be filled

with joy resist and persist through trials even when things do not unfold as

you desire re Rejoice for they unfold according to my will therefore rejoice

in the face of conflicts smile and maintain your peace when you see many

enemies approaching fear nothing for as opposition grows so too does your

blessing and my grace upon you is magnified you are not like others you

have chosen to believe to persist to persevere and to cast aside fear amidst

tribulation by your marvelous Faith you have endured thus today I multiply your

blessings I’m opening the doors of Heaven for you your peace and strength will be even

greater I am bestowing upon you the gift of wisdom I am filling you with hope so

that you may continue to Embrace Life do not halt continue forward until

you reach your goal you will be infused with Supernatural Joy when you witness my promises being fulfilled in your life

do not weep any longer your heart overflows with tumultuous emotions like waves crashing

within it’s all right to cry for you and I both know there are many storms raging

in your mind and your soul is weary you need not conceal your feelings

you can speak to me with honesty for I cherish your sincerity your tears wash

my feet and when you cry out to me you touch my heart cry out in pain cry when

words fail you and you cannot articulate the tumultuous feeling

shaking your life cry when you’ve reached the end of your strength when you’re confronted

with an insurmountable barrier frustrated by your inability to continue yet it is not the end you have

come to the moment of realization that only through my guidance can you surpass the obstacles before

you today marks the day of your Liberation you no longer need to endure

so much humiliation so much scorn if you truly believe with faith

that the king of Heaven came to Earth to endure suffering for you to Bear all conceivable pain and torment and if you

hold in your heart that I gave my life on the cross for you so that you may truly live then embrace the courage

with which I am filling you today feel the healing permeate your being by my power

today I grant you a courage and strength that will help you rise and distance yourself from the afflictions causing

you such distress go now with confidence to face the day I fill you today with

peace and strength no one can steal this Joy from you I will remain by your

side if you wish to talk tell me about your day and if you feel the need to

return to my arms and weep come come and weep and I will receive you I will

embrace you with all my affection immerse yourself in me the journey ahead is long and

thousands of Joys await you continue to fight and defend the

dreams that are just beginning to sprout you will grow and become great

you will be happy but you must strive fill yourself with my spirit and remain

in me as I remain in you for in me you will always find strength and the

answers to your most challenging questions close your ears to other

voices for when you speak to me I respond and I will tell you what you need to know clearly I am your guide and

I want to guide you take your hand and lead you through your entire Journey

I will be there in times of Sorrow placing my hand on your shoulder so that you know I am always with you in every

situation at all times ready to love you therefore fill yourself with me I have

many many many blessings to give you fill yourself with me live Rejoice

sing Let The Living Waters of my power flow through you if others hate you on

your journey I love you if to others you are dead to me you live and truly deep

within in this eternal heart of mine from which I will never extract you immerse yourself in the sea of trust and

let yourself be guided by my voice do not be carried away by the

unstable currents that seek to cast you down and beat you against sharp rocks to

steal your courage to demotivate you to murder your immense desire to Triumph

when you desire to fly so high there will always be contrary winds

that will try to drag you into an abyss if you aspire to reach true success you

will need a companion on this journey someone who truly understands you who

doesn’t judge you who always cares for you and AIDS you here I am ready to accompany you on

your path fill yourself with my presence give me your hand

I have thousands of blessings to bestow upon you I will not fail you I will not

abandon you I will not despise you I will not leave you alone where you are

and amidst any sadness or loneliness you feel at this moment cast aside the negative emotions and embrace this

profound truth in your soul I love you immensely the love I have for you is

boundless vast beyond words Beyond explanation

yet you will only truly feel it if you shut out all those voices that diminish and devalue you I love you I repeat it

to you it’s not about comprehending it intellectually if you want to survive

and emerge Victorious from this great trial you must choose to believe in this situation there are not

many things you can achieve with your own strength it is not with swords or armies

that you will overcome but by the power power of my Holy Spirit who descends like a white dove and rests upon your

shoulder responding to the call of your faith it is impossible to reach my

Throne through human merits and deeds trying to please me is fudal if you

ultimately succumb to the snare of disbelief I know you’ve sinned and made

mistakes I understand that when you fail it hurts and you don’t want to fail

again you come into my presence seeking another chance no matter what don’t lose

your faith be strong and courageous do not fear or be dismayed for I’m always

with you wherever you go I will be by your side clothe you in

Royal garments send my Army of angels and equip you with my shield and sword I

value your faith above all do not bring me offerings of empty riches I do not

seek talents and abilities that merely win in human admiration instead I desire

your faith however small simple and sincere it may

be material wealth and false power do not impress me I will bless those who

possess an honest and faithful soul with a humble heart I will lift up and

deliver the oppressed those who truly believe in this sacred love to all who

choose to dwell under the shelter of the most high and in the shadow of the

almighty and who are not ashamed to speak of this love to others I’m watching over you because I truly know

who you are your faults do not frighten me nor do your secrets drive me

away I’m not angered by your weaknesses or turned away by your poor choices

always remember this I’m not a man I do not lie I do not judge you I love you

unconditionally and selflessly I love you because I choose CH to for

eternity nothing will change my mind my grace and mercy are

Everlasting if you turn away from my word and align yourself with groups that deny the truth you are making a grave

decision on your own with me you find love and affection feelings so profound

and often beyond comprehension but if you distance yourself only one outcome remains you

will live in decision deception and eventually find yourself shattered in the pit of despair I’m your protector

your guide and your friend and I will always be by your side to support you and lead you on the right path do not be

afraid or ashamed to seek my help when you need it no matter how daunting the

situation may seem I assure you that with my divine intervention you can overcome any

obstacle that confronts you no matter how for able the challenges you

face you can always rely on me your faithful companion your true Shepherd

your protector when you feel that All Is Lost and you can no longer continue

remember that I am here to give you strength to lift you up when you fall

and to guide you toward my light together we can overcome anything because I know that your love for me is

stronger than all obstacles my love for you knows no bounds or

limits regardless of your mistakes or sins my love will always be greater and

stronger so do not lose Faith or let sorrow overwhelm you do not hesitate to

ask for my help I am here to listen to your deepest needs to dry your tears and

to give you strength peace tranquility and wisdom nothing matters more to me

than your physical emotional and spiritual well-being I’m always ready to care for

you and love you allow happiness to enter your life prepare your soul and

seek my presence every day do not forget who blesses you and guards your heart

I’m always available to you my eternal love is unaffected by

crisis the threats of this world may deceive you and present false

Solutions but I have come to breathe life into you to strengthen your faith

to open your spiritual eyes wide and to show you that the value I see in you and

the love I have for you will not diminish because of your faults or the multitude of your

problems I will rescue you from the pit you have fallen into I am offering you my hand and I

will lift you to a place of spiritual strength you are incredibly valuable to

me I need you to know this in the morning as the sun rises you will

think of me when its Rays Peak through your window you will recognize that my Mercy

is renewed and my spirit is calling you to spend time in prayer you share with me how you feel

you talk about your plans confide your fears and I reaffirm my promise and

respond to your requests what’s most important is that with every minute you spend in sincere

Faith you can feel in your heart how I embrace you with so much love and

provide the security you need to face your days I have burned the pages where your

tears were recorded in red letters I have forgotten your sins I have forever

erased from your heart all causes of your pain I have removed with my own hands

those roots that persisted in reminding you of your despair you are are free yes truly free

tell me that you believe it write these words on a piece of paper you are free forever because of this love not because

you paid for your freedom nor due to your Perfection I know very well that you

cannot free yourself from Eternal punishment your freedom and your debts

are paid your Victory is assured my promises are

secure signed with immense great and beautiful

love I don’t want you to ask me to explain it I want you to live it feel it

embrace it this wonderful love that fills your heart you who were hesitant to believe in love because people

disappointed you look I the creator of the universe have come to find you to

tell you how much I love you through the most unexpected means you don’t have to

go to a distant place or climb a mountain Mountain to hear my voice I want to touch your heart here and now in

this very minute you can already feel that there is immense love for you and

even if you were hesitant to receive it I love you so deeply that I will

never let you stray from me so Embrace this new life free from loneliness and

fear cradled in my affection sailing across an ocean of Happiness while my

love guides your sails toward the harbor where you will receive the crown of

Victory there you will be blessed with eternal joy prosperity and sacred riches

no Thief can rob you if you choose to transform your life you must put aside

all disbelief the enemy plants doubts in your mind because he does not want you

to know me or see for yourself how all my promises are fulfilled I desire your simple faith

with humility in your heart not relying on your own wisdom bring your plans to me at the

start of each day and allow me to be your Shepherd guiding you to the Lush pastures where your soul can truly see

the blessings I have promised in this place my presence Reigns Supreme not your

emotions here anxiety finds no foothold and your heart dwells in peace no

hardship or bad news will shake you yearn for the day when you know me

better when you accept my forgiving and embracing love just as you are I love

you unconditionally this sweet affection will transform you your character will

change and you will no longer wake up in fear of what might happen you are not weak you are strong you’re not cowardly

you are brave you are not enslaved by discouragement because I have given you

a spirit of love and power those unstable emotions will yield

to my authority and instead of anxiety and fear my strength will fill your

heart today you Embrace freedom and realize who you truly are you are my

child you are enveloped by my grace you radiate with my truth my peace and my

blessings will follow you wherever you go you are deserved ining of my love and you always will

be do not feel unworthy I want all doubt and fear to leave your mind and I want

you to be joyful every day my love will always be available to

you even if you he I will be here to love and listen to you because only my

love has the power to transform you I’m always ready to show you the

best path to transform you into a person of kindness blessed and full of Virtues I’m

here to guide you to save your soul to purify you and to endow you with wisdom

so that you do not repeat the same mistakes you know well that I will never

withhold my love from you I desire to transform your life to Grant you health

and prosperity I will never abandon you I will always be by your side to help

you achieve a life filled with great victories you are incredibly precious to

me the future depends on me but I also need your unwavering Faith your fervent

and courageous belief in my word is what you are hearing and

embracing these promises are the foundation of your blessings and they will lead to many more blessings in your

life I hope you heed my advice and take the time to seek me today

immerse yourself in my spirit receive all that I have for you inhale my peace

calm yourself Focus your thoughts and direct the strength I give you toward

the aspects of your life your relationship with me your family your

dreams your desires and the mission I entrusted to

you Let My Words echo in your mind and be inscribed on your heart the love I

have for you you is so vast that I will not allow anyone to harm you nor will I

let the blessings I have bestowed upon you be squandered you will never accept

defeat if in the days ahead you feel you can’t continue and you think it’s not

worth fighting or living any longer remember that you are combating emotions and feelings but I have the final say I

will take you by the hand and will not let you continue to sink I will rescue

you I will lift you up I love you immensely open your arms wide to the

immense blessing heading your way you are under my protection and shelter everything you receive is a result of my

grace and love recognize this and be grateful you will reclaim many things

you cherished and lost those relatives of yours who are estranged and angry

will come back realizing their mistakes it’s good that you too have seen your

errors and repented it’s wonderful that you’ve decided to return to the right

path you never belong to the enemy even though they attempted to destroy your life and steal all your blessings and

happiness I will reward your repentance with my grace and kindness remember you

still have many years ahead and you must live them well strive to continue learning from me

me and strengthen your faith in my promises as my word assures you with me

you will defeat armies that oppose you leap over walls that try to block you and accomplish great feats at the right

time when it seems like you’ve reached the end you will witness my mighty hand

parting the sea creating a path in the desert and showering Majestic blessings

upon you you must come to me and take refuge under my care [Music]

when times are tough but please do not try to fight that harsh battle with your own strength I have made you Brave so

that you believe in my word and move forward confidently knowing that my hand

protects you let others boast of their power and proess which they do not truly

possess but you trust and believe in me and you will go further than others if

you Faithfully follow my Commandments I fully understand that

there will be times when you falter feel weak weary and lack the desire to

continue the struggle but it is precisely for these reasons that I

came I died on a cross and rose again with power and glory to support you in

your difficult moments to be there for you at all times I will not be distant

if you call out to me me I will never ignore you when you need me I am there

this is my promise and my Covenant with you it remains valid and has not been

forgotten call out to me and I will respond showing you things as great and

wondrous as you have never dreamed or imagined I am your Almighty forgiving

and merciful god begin each day with me I’ll be waiting I Delight in showing you how

much I love you let me ask you a question listen carefully and answer without fear

whatever your response know that I still love you and support the good in what you

do I will continue to bless you and keep you

safe it’s not a difficult question but some who say they seek me remain

silent unsure of what to say or do perhaps at this moment you don’t

fully understand who you are and what you can become before you respond consider this

message again etch it into your heart write it down and share it with many

feel how these words dispel fears from your mind and strengthen your convictions and Faith the growing flame

within your spirit cannot be extinguished my Holy Spirit has

descended upon you and from today forward wonders and miracles will occur my beloved

child please respond in the midst of these trials you are facing what will

you do will you march forward like a valiant Soldier or will you retreat in fear will

you endure humiliations and let the wicked plunder you or will you rise in

my holy name and claim the victory I have already secured for you tell me

that you will fear nothing and no one no matter how formidable wealthy or clever

they may be even if your enemy appears intimidating and their threats cause the

faint-hearted to tremble you will not fear because the almighty God is with

you who are these Wicked ones to challenge you they aim only to instill

fear understand this well if you take your faith seriously

recognize the authority I have bestowed upon you I give it not for you to humiliate or

harm your peers nor to boast of your status to others my power does not operate in your

life without humility but within your gentle heart my presence resides and with the right

attitude you will conquer Nations so remember even when you feel

weak at times you are not even though the evil one may whisper

in your ear during moments of vulnerability telling you that you are unworthy you are

worthy you are worthy of my embrace my love my forgiveness of this home that

awaits you with love you have an inheritance already being bestowed upon you you are my child and I will continue

to speak to you every day because I want to see you and your family Thrive I want I can and I will bless you

abundantly tell me that you believe it I have wonderful news for you the blessing

you’ve been waiting for is right before you the days ahead will be filled with joy and happiness for you and your

family I am lifting The Cloud of discouragement that has clouded your thoughts I have removed all consequences

and curses from your sins there will be no barriers to the many beautiful blessings I wish to

bestow upon you because I have personally canceled the debt of guilt and remorse that your

adversary has tried to claim from you while the world is consumed by fear

and insecurity you have direct access to my heavenly Throne you are my cherished and

protected child you have the rightful authority to call out to me and be heard

While others seek Security in their own means fill yourself with confidence

because your hope is in me I will never forsake you believe and trust in this be

steadfast in Grace unwavering in your Fidelity you can stand firm amid the

storms commanding them to cease with a Resolute voice when conflicts seek to entangle

you with their deceits raise your arms in Victory as you call out to me with all

your heart the barriers that block your path will crumble to dust and the armies

that oppose you will be halted in their tracks rise and walk carry this good

news to those who need to hear it my power goes with you and as you speak and share these words Miracles will

unfold no Nation leader or government can offer the security that your soul

seeks they might promise peace and prosperity but such assurances are

fleeting for with every hour the darkness encroaching upon Humanity

deepens do not rely on anyone else in this world do not devote your life to

humans who are also fallible do not be swayed by those who flaunt their power

not everyone who cries out Lord Lord will enter my kingdom do not trust those who perform

signs for a price or who shout loudly to impress you with their Grandeur place

your trust solely in me and learn to recognize my voice when I speak to you

you are my child and I will continue to speak to you every day because I desire

to see you and your family Thrive I want to I am able to and I will

bless you abundantly amen

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