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my child

in the vastness of the cosmos I watch

over you with a tender and watchful eye

I see the joys that fill your heart and

the burdens that weigh you down know

that you are never alone for I am always

with you guiding you through every Twist

and Turn of life’s journey in moments of

uncertainty when the storms of Doubt

threaten to engulf you turn your gaze

towards me I Am The Anchor that steadies

your soul amidst the turbulence trust in

my divine plan for I hold the universe

together with a masterful design and

everything unfolds according to my

perfect timing type amen if you believe

find solace in the power of prayer for

it is through sincere communion with me

that you shall discover inner strength

and peace pour your heart out to me and

I shall listen to every Whisper of your

soul understanding your deepest desires

and fears when you encounter adversity

remember that it is through challenges

that you grow and evolve embrace the

lessons that trials bring and allow them

to shape you into a more resilient and

compassionate being

do not be disheartened by the mistakes

you make for I offer you the gift of

forgiveness in my eyes you are never

defined by your past actions

instead I see the potential for

greatness within you waiting to be

realized above all love unconditionally

just as I love you embrace your fellow

beings with an open heart for love is

the most profound force in the universe

it has the power to heal wounds Bridge

divides and illuminate even the darkest

corners of the world you are a precious

soul and your life has purpose and

meaning embrace the uniqueness of who

you are and let your light shine

brightly for others to see remember that

you are an integral part of my divine

plan and your journey no matter how

challenging has a greater purpose as you

walk through life know that my love for

you is boundless and eternal seek me in

every aspect of your existence and I

shall be there guiding you towards the

Fulfillment of your Highest Potential

type Amen in the comments and get

blessed today

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