God Message For You Today | “My Power Will Transform You”– God | Gods Message Now | Jesus Christ

in this moments God is saying to you

today today I am reaching out with a

gentle reminder I’m always by your side

steadfast and

unwavering even though life inevitably

brings its share of struggles and pain

it’s important to remember that these

challenges don’t Define your journey

pain while difficult to bear is not

insurmountable I care deeply about how

you’re feeling and what you’re going

through if you’re feeling lost or

unworthy know that it’s okay to be

vulnerable your feelings are valid and

there’s no need to conceal them from me

I’m here ready to offer support and a

listening ear tyy Ador

Jesus I’m always just a cold way ready

to walk beside you every step of the way

life has its rhythms and seasons and

patience is key trust that everything

happens in its own time and there’s no

need to

rush it’s true sometimes people might

let you down but remember I’m Different

my support and love for you are constant


unwavering in moments of

Stillness know that I am active

orchestrating things in your favor even

if it might not seem

apparent my care for you never ceases

you are and always will be incredibly

important to me right almond if you


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