God Message For You Today| My Child Your Fate Is Sealed

today God is speaking to

you my lovely child whatever State of

Affairs you are in know this I am gift

worship me spotting and acknowledging my

greatness even in moments of notable

ache and you’ll find out my grace and

energy is sufficient when Paul pleaded

to me three unique instances I stated to

him my grace is what all you want my

strength works first class and weak spot

that’s what I want to inform you

something State of Affairs you are in my

grace and power is enough please like

this video of you love Jesus the State

of Affairs that you’re going through or

went through the matters you’ve got on

your heart the things you misplaced the

human beings I installed your lifestyles

your seasons of watching for a person

and something that person homie placed

into your coronary heart your sickness

the time you have got misplaced the

season you are in it’s all now not for

nothing hits curious about my glory so

circulate ahead in religion without

losing your awareness from me you will

be rewarded in your faithfulness by me

trust me

comment amen if you need God’s help

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