God Message For You Today | “Millions Are In Danger”– Jesus | The God Jesus Says | Jesus Msg

God tells you beloved child of God I am

the one who crafted you with intent and

purpose I find myself longing for our

conversations please drawn near to me

again I wish to listen to what you have

to say always remember your essence and

cling to what is right hand true look

forward for benevolence around you and I

have un wavering faith and your ability

to navigate any challenge that lies

ahead this confidence stems from the

fact that you are never alone I am

beside you watch this video all the

whole through if you want

Miracles you are precious to me my

beloved creation and I promise never to

forsake you the path I guide you un May

diverge from others but there there is

no need for fear trust in my guidance

speak to me in your prayers uttering God

guide and use me extend your prayers to

Encompass others for every soul merits

intercession each being a reflection of

my image return to me my arms are always

extended in

welcome type Alman in the comments and

get blessed today

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