God Message For You Today | Finding Comfort in Tough Times: God’s Message of Hope and Support

what God has to say to you

today my beloved child today I want to

talk to you about feeling sad and really

down which can be tough but don’t worry

because I’m here to help you through

it feeling sad is something everyone

goes through sometimes it happens when

things don’t go the way we want like

losing someone we love are facing tough

times with money or

health it’s normal to feel sad when

these things happen and it’s okay to

take time to deal with those

feelings depression is like feeling sad

all the time even when good things

happen it’s like carrying a heavy weight

on your shoulders and it can make life

you really hard but you’re not alone in

this I’m here for you

always feeling sad or depressed doesn’t

mean you’re weak it’s just part of being

human and it’s okay too ask for help

talking to someone you trust or a

professional can make a big

difference prayer can be comforting and

help you feel closer to me and remember

things will get better with time support


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