God Message For You Today | Finding Comfort in Loneliness: A Message of Hope from Above

my dear Sons and Daughters today I want

to tell you something important it’s

about when you feel all alone and

sad sometimes even when there are lots

of people around you might still feel

lonely inside but don’t worry because

I’m here with you

always feeling lonely can make you feel

feel like you’re in a desert thirsty for

someone to be closed to maybe you’ve

felt let down by friends or family or

like nobody understands

you but I’m different I’m always here

full of love and ready to be your

friend when loneliness comes knocking

don’t be afraid to turn to me I am the

one who listens to every sad thought and

every sigh from your

heart loneliness can actually help you

learn more about yourself and those

quiet times you might discover new

things about who you are and I’ll be

there guiding

you just like a Potter shapes clay I’m

shaping your heart through these lonely

times getting you ready for something

great remember feeling lonely doesn’t

mean you’re not strong spiritually even

people who were really close to me like

David felt lonely

sometimes comment thank you Lord if you


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