God Message For You Today | Divine Comfort: A Message of Hope and Healing

God has a message just for you

today from the moment I thought of you

I’ve been with you through everything in

life the good and the tough times I’ve

never left you not even for a second and

I never

will when I look at you I see someone so

special loved deeply by me I know

everything about you inside and

out every time you cry I notice and

every time you smile I celebrate I see

and care about every little thing in


life I understand your struggles and

pains I feel them with you and I carry

them with

you when life feels heavy remember I’m

here to help I want to ease your burdens

and give you

peace I promise to bring healing into

your life I can fix what’s broken

restore what’s lost and make things new

again no matter how sick or heard you

feel I can heal you my power too help

you is endless and my love for you knows


bounds when you’re sick or hurting come

to me with faith Miracles can happen

when you trust in

me comment amen if you trust in God

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