God Message For You Today | Believe in Healing: A Message of Comfort and Faith

dear beloved child listen closely to the

comforting words I have for you

today I am the god who heals who knows

every part of you from the very

beginning from your deepest thoughts to

the inner workings of your

body when you’re facing illness know

that I am right there with you and Every

Breath You Take in every beat of your

heart you are never

alone life flows through me and I

understand the pain you feel when your

body is in well and your faith is

tested but even in the darkest times my

light shines brightly I care deeply

about your pain and I promise to bring


healing in times of uncertainty turn to

me for Refuge I understand your body’s

complexities and your Soul’s Mysteries

like no

other don’t lose hope give me your

worries and I will work miracles beyond

what you can

imagine healing can be a journey that

takes time and patience trust in me even

when the road seems long and hard

don’t judge your faith by the absence of

immediate relief instead trust in me

through the darkest

valleys comment alen if you believe in


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