God Message For You Today | “Are You Ready To Say Goodbye..”

God is saying to you my dear children

you are made to do not forget me and

forget about me two I gave you a

thoughts to suppose and be motivated by

using many things you listen this and

experience that what you read and spot

and hear the stories you have got in

this world all shape you affect how you

view the reat and the way you select to

stay in it your coronary heart too is

precise in the way it isn’t stressed out

to love me like a system obeys a

command a system does not experience the

heart I give you could love many things

and sure you can forget about me get

distracted through this world and turn

away from me prevent loving me and sure

it breaks my heart and dangers me

too both pursue you and give up you when

I made you I knew you would come to

realize me follow me but I knew you will

be pulled away from me too and this is

why I maintain pulling you again type

amen and like the video if you love The

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