God Message For You Today🙏🙏| Can You Give God Just 60 Second Today? | God’s Message Now

God speak to you

today my child as storms of life can

also rage around you stand tall and

sturdy rooted in M wering love like an

oak tree weathering The Tempest you will

emerge stronger and greater

resilience as you face the demanding

situations of every new day keep in mind

that LM your regular source of light and

steering let my love remove Darkness

from your direction and fill your

coronary heart with unwavering hope say

Amen if you receive this

word trust in my plan for it is full of

love and abundance past your wildest

goals though the path may also seem

unclear I will manual you via every

storm leading you in the direction a

brighter the following

day God says your bills provide it to me

dot your health deliver it to me your

profession provide it to me your own

family give it to me every night time

visit bed ampty so you can wake up full

of Hope peace and

desire typy love you father

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