God message for me today ? Will you make JESUS HAPPY?

my beloved child I want you to take a

moment right now as you read these words

to close your eyes and take a deep

breath inhale slowly feeling the air

filling your lungs and then exhale

releasing any tension or worry that may

be waning on your heart in this moment I

want you to know that I am with you

right here right now you are not alone

life as you well know can be a journey

filled with ups and downs twists and

turns there are moments of great joy and

moments of deep sorrow there are times

of clarity and Times of confusion it’s

in these moments in the EV and flow of

life that I want I want you to remember

one fundamental truth I love you type

Amen in the comments if you believe my

love for you is beyond measure Beyond

Comprehension it is a love that knows no

bounds no conditions it is a love that

is constant and unweaving even when you

may doubt yourself even when you may

question your worth know that you are L

beyond all imagining you see you are not

just a random collection of Adams

molecules you are not a mere accident or

a product of chance you are a

beautifully crafted being a unique and

precious creation you are here for a

purpose a purpose that only you can

fulfill I have woven a tapestry of life

and you are an essential thread in that

tapestry every experience you have every

person you meet every challenge you face

they are all part of the intricate

design of your life even when things

don’t make sense even when you can’t see

the full picture trust in the beauty of

the design type am in in the comments

and get blessed


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