GOD MESSAGE 🙏🏼MAKE YOUR CHOICE OR I’LL LEAVE FOREVER!, God Message For You Today🕊️ God’s Message now

God’s message today My child! I have a special message for you! Yes, it’s you,

and it’s super important. Pay attention to what I’m going to tell you, okay?

You know, even when everything seems to take time, when you have that feeling of

“where is my miracle?” I am here filling your heart with faith. And believe me,

I am holding everything, every little piece of your life. It’s not a coincidence that

you’re hearing this now. Feel, deep in your soul, that you need my presence.

Things may seem like they are going downhill,

but I am here ready to bring peace and a good dose of calm.

The tranquility that is coming is like a hug from me to you. It’s my way of showing,

“I love you.” I made a promise, and you can be sure that I keep my word. I am guiding you

from victory to victory until the place where your blessing is waiting for you.

Believe me, my message is eternal and will last longer than anything

you know. And I do not break my word. Despite obstacles and difficulties, I need to know

do you believe in this? Are you ready to accept everything that is coming again?

If you believe, type I trust in the divine power that comes from God!

God says Those who are not treating you well, I will take care of them so that you

can breathe in peace. We are in the midst of a battle, so be alert! And don’t forget to pray,

okay? Bring not only those who live in your house but also those who seem far or indifferent,

close to you. Forgive and help these people, okay?

You have been chosen to be a light in someone’s life, to be a blessing. I am your strength,

your firm point, and even if everything around you collapses,

I promise you will be safe. And when I say your blessing is coming, trust me.

Everything will work out in your life, believe in that.

Declare I am ready for the blessings that God has planned for me.

God tells you Even on your worst days, when

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