God’s message My child!

Take comfort in knowing that you are never alone; even in the quietest moments, I am


When your heart falters and uncertainty prevails, I am here strengthening your faith, holding

your hand.

It’s not a coincidence to hear my voice now; it’s a call to feel my presence in your purest


Sometimes, everything may seem out of control, but restore yourself in the serenity that

I bring.

This silence that surrounds you is a gift of my unchanging love, preparing you to triumph

in every step of your journey.

Trust me, I am in control of your life.

If you trust, affirm I am a creation of God, made in His image and likeness.

Did you know that, despite everything changing, my words and promises remain constant and


They are ready to materialize in your reality.

So, ask yourself are you ready to embrace the positive turns that are coming?

I will remove barriers, negative words, and feelings that others may throw in your path.

The struggle is intense, but I ask you to keep your eyes open and your heart hopeful.

God says It is amid challenges that we find strength to be the light in the darkness.

I chose you to be a sign of hope, a living blessing in this troubled world.

I know that, despite adversities, you will remain unshaken, for I am your foundation,

your support.

Like a rock, I protect you, and although challenges arise, they will not reach you.

Comment with faith I trust in God’s divine plan for me!

Believe when I say that a new phase is opening up before you, and even during intense moments

of challenge, feel secure, for I am with you.

I will lift you up, filling you with vigor and joy, to prepare you for the wonders that

are approaching.

Sadness will be replaced by a future of joys and countless blessings.

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God says My child!

It’s time to heal the wounds, to free the anguish trapped in the soul.

Come to me, open your heart, and let the tears flow, each one carrying away a piece of the


In the space that opens up, truth will nestle in, and all will be well.

Prepare for transformation, for I am here to ease your burdens and flood your life with

true happiness.

With love, I renew your strength.

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Allow me to alleviate the barriers that limit your true happiness and ensure that your life

follows a blessed path.

Envision your projects and aspirations touched by my divine hand.

Confess the times when pain in friendships weighed on your heart, even as I whispered

to let go of those bonds.

Now, imagine a bright future where letting go of such pains means opening up to a fuller

life, filled with genuine happiness.

Don’t cling to the search for affection where it’s not found, but trust your journey to


Be a support for those in tough times, and in doing so, you will be blessed and protected.

Declare courageously “I am guided by the divine light.”

Remember that I am your foundation, your consistency in uncertain times.

Even when the world around you crumbles, stand firm in knowing that danger will not touch


When I say good news is approaching, trust, for my words are always true and will bring

about significant changes.

Declare firmly The presence of God in my life fills me with peace and serenity.

Even in times of trial, keep your inner light burning, and your spirit will not be shaken.

Trust that I am guiding you to complete rejuvenation — spiritually, financially, and personally.

Believe fully in the renewal I am offering you.

Let go of what was to make room for the new that is blossoming within you.

Engage in this transformation, full of strength and ready to celebrate the wonders that will


Know that your existence is valuable and fleeting; honor every moment and every pain, transforming

challenges into lessons.

Compile your desires and prayers, presenting them to me daily.

Be ready for new opportunities and trust that significant transformations are taking shape.

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Trust that I am working in the lives of those you love, bringing peace back to your home.

I hear you and speak through these divine words, bringing light and wisdom to your life.

Surround yourself with souls that reflect my peace and love.

They proudly proclaim the name of Jesus and live with righteousness.

Remember that I am present whenever hearts unite in my name, and it is in this union

that my power descends, bringing life and healing.

Entrust your concerns to me and witness how obstacles disappear from your path.

Comment God empowers me to overcome all obstacles and challenges.

Comfort yourself in the certainty that it was I who created you for experiences of joy

and abundance, and that an abundance based on my word awaits you.

Ignore those who live on the fringes of spiritual wealth and remain oblivious to the promises

contained in my word.

My beloved child!

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God says My child!

I am by your side, ready to clear your mind of any thoughts that do not contribute to

your victory.

You have a special talent that is just waiting to be developed, and it is with my help that

you will unlock this potential that already exists within you.

Declare God loves me and is always by my side.

When you allow yourself to be filled by me, you will feel an energy that surpasses anything

you have ever known.

Your faith will grow and reach unexpected heights, and you will see that what seemed

like only a distant dream can become your reality.

Remember to receive this gift with humility; it is in the simplicity and silence of gratitude

that your true value will be recognized.

Say with gratitude “My strength comes from unwavering faith.”

I am always looking for people who are genuinely seeking to do good, who recognize when they

falter and are willing to grow.

And I see in you that willingness, that readiness to start a new chapter of growth and renewal.

The faith you know will expand, making miracles a part of your daily routine.

And it’s not a distant possibility, but a certainty

you can count on.

Proclaim with conviction “I am open to transformation through faith.”

The power that comes from me is not something you need to seek through your own efforts;

it is a gift that will be yours when you stand before me with sincerity and a heart ready

for love.

This power does not favor pride but flourishes in those who are humble, who know where they

need to improve and are committed to doing so.

Let go of the desire for superficial recognition and honors that do not last.

Instead, seek truth and light, distancing yourself from those who hide their true intentions

behind a facade of kindness.

It is through your authenticity that I found you and chose you to walk with me.

If you trust, type I am blessed with the grace and mercy of God every day.

Get ready to travel with me on a new adventure filled with confidence and peace.

As you walk, feel the refreshing waters of my pure river, renewing and brightening every

aspect of your being.

You are ready for this journey, and with each step, we will together discover what is best

kept for you.

My dear child, be prepared and ready to walk in the light of truth and renewal.

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