God Message ➨ I am Feeling Sad When You Skip | God Message Today For You | God Tells

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions dearest child of mine in the

depths of your heart where Whispers of

Doubt May linger remember that my Divine

timing is

immaculate resist the urge to hasten

towards the unknowns of tomorrow and

release your grasp on transient

Pleasures that offer no sustenance for

your soul shed the weight of hindrances

that obstruct the flow of my Abundant

Blessings into your life distance

yourself from those who question the

faith that sustains you and persist in

the sacred Act of prayer trust

unwaveringly in the Cadence of my timing

knowing that within its Rhythm countless

blessings await to Grace Your

Existence even as you tread through

trials and tribulations take solace in

the assurance that every hardship shall

soon be a memory of the past patience is

the key fear not for I Stand steadfastly

By Your Side an everpresent source of

strength and guidance do not doubt that

I am attuned to your every need

intimately acquainted with the burdens

that weigh heavy upon your heart whether

it be the strain of financial scarcity

or the Spectre of illness looming

ominously relinquish your worries unto


today in this very moment open wide the

doors of your heart to receive the

promises I have woven into the fabric of

existence type Amen in the comments and

don’t forget to share this message with

up to three people so that God can help

you cling steadfastly to the truth

inscribed within my sacred scripture

allowing Faith to permeate every fiber

of your being immerse yourself in the

sanctuary of my presence for therein

lies the Serenity and Tranquility that

your soul yearns for know this my

beloved as you place your trust in me I

shall re down blessings upon you like

gentle showers in a parched land my

power knows no bounds and miracles shall

unfurl before your very eyes and not

only upon you shall my grace descend but

upon your kin as well your family your

children your parents all shall be

enveloped in the warmth of my

love so my dear child hold fast to hope

for the dawn of a new day is upon you

embrace the promise of my unwavering

love and let Let It Be The Beacon that

guides you through the darkest of nights

for I Am With You Always A steadfast

guardian and a beacon of light amidst

the Shadows my beloved listen closely

for it is whispered Through The Whispers

of the wind and the murmurs of the

streams you only need to trust in my

timings be patient stay grounded and

don’t seek shortcuts as they might lead

you astray toward ruin these words Laden

with wisdom carry the essence of a

Timeless truth guiding us away from the

pitfalls of impatience and the Allure of


gratification in the bustling

Marketplace of desires where Temptations

beckon with their transient Allure we

are reminded to Anchor our souls in the

depths of

conviction never stop praying or

engaging with my teachings to avoid

being swayed by false beliefs for amidst

the chaos of the world’s fleeting

Pleasures lies the Tranquility of

Eternal blessings await those who remain

steadfast in their devotion

pause dear seeker and heed the call

don’t be Hasty in chasing after worldly

possessions for what the world presents

is but a fleeting illusion a mirage that

vanishes upon closer

inspection instead fix your gaze upon

the Everlasting Treasures that await

bestowed upon those who trust in Divine

Providence amidst the EB and flow of

life’s uncertainties let Faith be your

company comp and hope your guiding star

continue to trust in my timing for all

things for in the grand tapestry of

existence if you want God’s grace always

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every thread is meticulously woven

according to a divine plan unfurling in

perfect harmony with the passage of time

fear not the Shadows that dance upon the

walls of Doubt for within the depths of

your being resides a beacon of Eternal

Light don’t lose hope for I always with

you in moments of Despair in the face of

adversity know that you are never alone

for the hand of Providence guides you

through the darkest of nights as you

Journey Through the Labyrinth of Life

resist the temptation to Envy the

fleeting triumphs of the unjust don’t be

troubled by those who do wrong or grow

envious of wrongdoers for they will fade

away swiftly for for the fruits of

Deceit wither upon the vine while the

seeds of righteousness blossom into


abundance in the pursuit of

fulfillment let Joy be your companion

and gratitude your constant

companion find your joy in me and I will

fulfill the deepest wishes of your

heart for within the sanctuary of the

Soul lies the Wellspring of all desires

awaiting the touch of divine grace to

bring them to fruition

with each step you take upon the path of

righteousness know that you are Guided

by unseen hands steering you toward the

shores of

prosperity dedicate your path to me

trust in me and I will make your


succeed for in surrendering to the will

of the Divine you unlock the boundless

potential that lies dormant within your

soul let your actions be a testament to


integrity and your words a reflection of

Truth your your integrity will shine

brightly and your fairness will be clear


daylight for in upholding the principles


righteousness you become a Beacon of

Hope in a world shrouded in darkness

amidst the chaos of the world find

solace in the Silence of contemplation

be still before me waiting

patiently for in the serenity of

Stillness the voice of the Divine speaks

loudest guiding you toward the path of

Enlightenment in moments of anger and

frustration let compassion be your

shield and forgiveness your sword let go

of anger and avoid wrath don’t let

frustration drive you to wrongdoing for

those who do evil will not last for in

the end it is not the Deeds of Darkness

that endure but the radiance of Love

That illuminates the world so dear

Seeker take heart in the knowledge that

your patience will be rewarded and your

faith will be

Vindicated but if you wait for me you

will receive the rich blessings I have

prepared for you for yet a little while

and the wicked will not be for in the

grand tapestry of existence every thread

Finds Its purpose and every soul Finds

Its rightful place if you believe in God

then like the video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the comments in the

grand tapestry of existence where the

forces of righteousness and wickedness

weave their intricate patterns there

lies a profound truth but the the meek

shall inherit the earth and shall

Delight themselves in abundance of Peace

these words whispered Through the Ages

carry a promise of divine Justice a

reassurance that despite the trials

faced by the just their ultimate reward

shall be

bountiful yet in the shadows the wicked

lurk their hearts consumed by nefarious

intentions they plot against the just

nashing their teeth in envy and

Malice but their schemes are but

fleeting Whispers In The Wind for the

Lord the ultimate Arbiter of Fate laughs

at their Folly he sees beyond the veil

of time knowing that their Day of

Reckoning approaches

swiftly the wicked driven by greed and

hatred draw their swords and bend their

bows seeking to cast down the poor and

needy to slay those who walk

uprightly little do they know that their

weapons shall ultimately betray them

piercing their own hearts and shattering

their bows in feudal Defiance for the

righteous even in their modesty hold a

wealth beyond measure better is the

little of the righteous than the riches

of many Sinners for their arms may be

broken but the Lord upholds them in his

unwavering Grace the days of the

blameless are laid bare before the Lord

their integrity shining brightly even in

the darkest of times they shall not be

ashamed for in the days of famine they

shall be satisfied but the wicked like

chaff in the wind Shall Perish consumed

by the Flames of divine

Justice the righteous Guided by

compassion and

generosity lend freely and show Mercy

knowing that their blessings shall

endure for generations to come they walk

a path illuminated by the hand of the

Lord knowing that though they may

stumble they shall never be cast down

for for his support is steadfast as one

who has traversed the expanse of time I

have witnessed the faithfulness of the

righteous their descendants never

forsaken never begging for bread their

benevolence knows no bounds and their

lineage is blessed beyond

measure so let us heed the call to

righteousness to depart from Evil and

embrace goodness for the lord loves

Justice and

righteousness his Saints are preserved

forever while the descendants of the

wicked shall be cut off inherit the land

dwell in it forever and let your mouth

speak wisdom your tongue Proclaim

Justice let the law of the Divine reside

in your heart guiding your every step

for though the wicked may watch and seek

to slay the righteous shall Prevail

their legacy enduring through eternity

in the realm of Divine Providence the

Lord stands

steadfast refusing to abandon those who

Faithfully adhere to his path if you

believe that God will help you please

subscribe to the channel nor does he

cast judgment upon them


patience therefore becomes The Virtue

Paramount as one Waits upon the Lord

steadfastly following his

precepts in this Fidelity lies the

promise of elevation a promise of

inheritance in the Bountiful land of his

grace Aid the inevitable demise of the

wicked there arises a testament to the

righteous a vision of their ultimate


behold I have witnessed the ascent of

the wicked their power swelling like The

Verdant canopy of an untamed Forest yet

in the blink of an eye they vanish from

the stage of

existence their presence ephemeral and

their Trac is elusive in contrast the

blameless and the upright stand as

beacons of Hope their Journey

culminating in a joyous Duma for them

there exists a peaceful conclusion a

harmonious resolution ordained by the

Divine however let it be known that the

transgressors shall face utter

obliteration their nefarious Deeds

consigned to Oblivion the wickedness

they sow shall meet its end extinguished

by the righteous decree of the

almighty for those who trust in the Lord

their salvation is assured for he is

therefore Fortress in times of

distress he extends his Aid and delivers

them from the clutches of the malevolent

safeguarding them with unwavering

devotion and so let it be declared

nothing shall sever the bond between the

faithful and their creator with arms

outstretched he awaits their return

offering Solace and

Sanctuary amen my child click on the

join button to join us as a cherished

member of our community

1 thought on “God Message ➨ I am Feeling Sad When You Skip | God Message Today For You | God Tells”

  1. Amen Christ’s writings to Virtur. Thank you Heavenly Father for your words. What about your bright glowing green eyes? I would love to see the best version if you before I pass away. Unless we live forever as Father and Son. That would be great. They shall dissappear as you said. The aliens just want to smell me. Like you said love the Lord they God with all you heart mind and soul. Here is my song for you to embrace with your son Adam and your wife Eve. Whatever that means to you I’m not sure. But I hope it was an immaculate birth. If not. Oh well what can we say, we’re both men. Lol here in the promised land of America I sit as a witness to the flowing of God’s breath as the wind. Thr idols appear out of nowhere yet are also in front of me. They too shall perish soon. Once I leave my throne. Lol. I know you get what I’m saying God. Your house was delicately clean and thank you for cleaning up my mess I made in your dwelling unit. I actually feared you though you said, “honest to God I’m God”, as you pointed your right hand toward the ceiling. I only feared you because of what you said about Whitey. I thought you were talking about me and were setting me up to be killed. So I refused to see you again because of my fear for my ass. Hopefully something here makes you chuckle. Your blue eyes pierce through the light a
    With a sun enveloping your pupil. Standing at 6 foot 4 with 32 inch legs I now believe in you. Though I struggled for the past some number of years. Then I met Mr. VIRTUE. SO IDK WHICH INE OF YOU IS GOD. You hash it out and get back to me. Because Virtue actually held a smoke up and said these will kill you. I doubted him too. I could go on writing the actions and words of many names of people you have sent me throughout my life. I’m awaiting thr day I meet GOD. The one that was a witness of thr crucifixion of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Amen. Babbling. Hope you enjoyed the read.


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