God’s message my child here is something

that can change your day perhaps even

your life a message that goes straight

to the point powerful and full of

meaning it’s not just another video it’s

an invitation to recognize that even in

tumultuous moments there is a love and

promises that remain steadfast by your

side give these words a chance and

discover the impact that a genuine

connection with the sacred can have on

your everyday

life God says my my beloved child the

solution to your problems is already in

progress your trust has been placed in

me and I can assure you that I am by

your side there are no failures in my

support for you neither today nor ever

Cast Away fear for your journey is not

solitary and difficulties will be

overcome together remain resilient in

faith even if my presence is not felt

trust I have always promised to be with

you at all times and so it shall be my

love for you does not depend on

Perfection it is uncond conditional

therefore face setbacks with courage

without fleeing type with faith my trust

is firm in God when you remain steadfast

your adversaries will not Prevail

attempts to discourage you will fail be

patient walk with conviction and

perseverance your and your family’s

safety is in my hands in me they find

refuge and protection I am your

sustenance and the necessary healing act

with discernment value your health peace

and the blessings I have granted entrust

me with your heart and follow the path I

show you do not be swayed nor look to

the past but rather to the Future where

I await you with open arms type with

faith I am protected by the hands of God

are you enjoying the journey so far

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desert feel my reiterated presence you

may have asked me seeking a sign of my

love and here I am speaking to your

spirit Spirit healing past wounds and

sewing new hopes and joys for a tomorrow

filled with peace joy and prosperity I

guarantee you a promising future when

everything seems to crumble hold on to

the sacred promises that my word offers

they will give you strength to fight and

overcome declare God’s promises are the

source of my strength God’s message

reminds you of the promises when

discouragement tries to weigh you down

they are reasons to conquer and rejoice

carry within you courage and vigor you

will never be alone in every moment

whether good or unfavorable I am by your

side if you wish to hear me close your

eyes and you will feel my continuous

presence even when the wind brings you

adversities the same air will strengthen

you my power is

transformative comment with God every

problem will be transformed into a

blessing when you are hurt do not lower

your gaze lift your face and challenge

the obstacles using your faith as a

sword breaking the chains that drain

your spirit and Rising again Raise Your

Arms and let the breath of the Winds

hear your vigorous declaration you will

never be defeated after all who are you

you are a direct descendant of the

Divine bearer of the magnificence of the

almighty God within your being stay

unshakable for you are called to battle

with firmness to triumph over Legions to

transcend robust adversities not for a

claim notoriety or fleeting Treasures

you are called to face the world with

the strength I offer you to establish my

Domin Ion on Earth to spread blessings

and life not only to yours but also to

the countless ones you will still

encounter in

perpetuity in the future as they are

grateful for the hope you have allowed

them for the encounter with the Divine

for eternal life remember that your

calling is to rise express your faith by


God says yes I will bless you

abundantly expanding your influence and

guiding you through the world to carry

out my

work if you accept my call commit to

walking with unwavering faith my child

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content seek me at dawn just as the

Sunrise bathes you in its light so my

blessings will radiate upon you

banishing darkness and infusing your

being with my truth your soul will

strengthen and Melancholy will be driven

from your mind engage in prayer again

seek me push away distractions and

surrender your thoughts and decisions

comment my journey is Guided by faith in

God and nothing can sway me there are

moments of uncertainty where you do not

know the path to take but I reiterate

insist and command walk with confidence

everything is attainable for those who

believe know my authentic existence and

decide to trust in me despite any

difficulty God says those aware of my

love who have found refuge in me even

when hostile voices whisper abandonment

know that my devotion is eternal and

unyielding I have always sheltered and

cared for you so walk with conviction my


child I long to renew your health pour

blessings upon you but I implore you to

truly believe say with faith I believe

and my blessings are still on the way

you may consider your faith to be small

but it is precisely this minimal measure

that I ask for and it is enough for you

to continue receiving abundant grace

Advance with confidence remember my

promises draw near and listen to my

words daily abandon mistakes Surrender

Your Existence to me I know your belief

in me and you will go on smiling for I

am the essence of joy in your journey

prepare yourself for incredible moments

of happiness await you along with

abundant special blessings declare my

courage comes from the Lord and with it

I can overcome any obstacle my beloved

Son use your time to focus on yourself

on your deepest desires and on the

purpose that guides your

existence we all have something special

to offer to the world and often we are

reminded of that in ways we do not

expect this video was one of those

reminders a gentle nudge to look Inward

and forward

now it’s your turn to take the reigns

with fresh ideas in mind take concrete

actions that reflect your learning it

could be something as simple as taking a

moment to Express gratitude or something

bigger like starting a new project or

helping someone in need every step you

take with intention is a step on the

path of growth and gratitude express

your gratitude by typing your

journey so far is unique and worth

celebrating keep seeking and sharing

Enlightenment because every Insight you

gain has the power to illuminate not

only your life but also those around you

stay open Curious and above all

motivated by the faith and love that

have been reinforced today together we

are stronger brighter and infinitely

capable of overcoming whatever comes our

way if this message touched your heart

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a new opportunity reveals itself to

embrace the blessings destined for us

until next time and may peace be with



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