God loves you

this is a prayer for you to achieve your

goals if you believe in the power of

prayer this is for you and pass this on

to someone else who needs it heavenly

father I come before you today humbly

seeking your Divine guidance and

strength as I embark on this journey to

achieve my goals you have placed within

my heart these dreams and aspirations

and I believe that they are part of your

plan for my life Lord grant me the

wisdom to discern the right path and the

courage to take the necessary steps in

moment of Doubt or uncertainty remind me

of your promise to never leave nor

forsake me let your word be a lamp unto

my feet and a light unto my path as I

face challenges along the way fill me

with your strength and resilience help

me to see setbacks as opportunities for

growth and obstacles as stepping stones

to my destination I Surrender my plans

to you Lord trusting that your ways are

higher than mine may your favor be upon

me opening doors that no one can shut

and providing the resources I need to

succeed above all Lord may my pursuit of

these goals bring glory to your name let

my actions and achievements be a

testimony to your faithfulness and Grace

in jesus’ name I pray amen if this

prayer has blessed you give us a follow

for more daily prayer

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