God Jesus Message For You Today | God Says Skip Me Now And I Will Leave You Forever ✝️😭 | my child

God message for you today I feel an

urgency to remind someone that God is

the one who opened the door for you so

walk through God is the one who created

the opportunity for you so take it

stop over analyzing your motives and

step into the next phase of what Jesus

is doing in your life

you’ve been second guessing yourself and

wondering if you really heard from God

or made it up yourself

you’ll never find out if you don’t step

out it’s not about whether you’re good

enough gifted enough educated enough

resourced enough or holy enough

it’s actually got very little to do with

your abilities and everything to do with

what God wants to do in and through your

life for his glory

the enemy has been reminding you of all

your limitations failures and mistakes

rendering you paralyzed

it’s time to silence the accuser and

listen to God he called you you didn’t

call yourself

chose you you didn’t choose yourself he

appointed you you didn’t appoint

yourself it’s time to obey God’s leading

God bless you type amen if you have

faith and trust in God


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