the Divine communication is happening

right at this

moment because God is speaking to

you my lovely

child I understand

that life keeps you occupied with


responsibilities yet I come bearing

essential guidance that holds the

potential to overflow your life with

Abundant Blessings and many


miracles many were called to receive



but I knew already they will choose to


me through the free will I have given

them but rejoice

for you are a chosen one for these

upcoming blessings that I’m about to

give so I humbly request you to set

aside just a few moments so that you do

not unknowingly miss out on these


gifts my beloved

I want you to understand something truly


today I didn’t call you by name choose

you as my child and offer up my life for


just so you could lead an ordinary


no I called you to be

extraordinary you are set apart by

me I have specific assignments crafted

just for

you and I have equipped you uniquely for


tasks my plans for your life are filled

with goodness and I’ve have placed

within you everything necessary for

whatever I call you to do

your gifts and talents your personality


disposition every aspect of you is


designed you stand as an extraordinary

creation today because I your creator

have deemed you as

such when I looked into your heart

I saw my child a blessed and highly

favored being one like no

other what’s truly remarkable is that I

dwell within you working from the inside


out I am at work in your thoughts and

actions for I’m always active Within in


heart just as David

recognized you teach me wisdom in my


Parts I communicate with you through

your heart speaking through my word and


spirit so knowing the god you

serve remember that I have placed my

power within you

to fulfill the

assignments I have crafted for

you for you carry the Living God within

you embrace your extraordinary nature

and step

confidently into the tasks I have set


you for I Am With You

Always guiding and empowering you to be

extraordinary in all that you

do it’s time to

act seize the complaints and

excuses you are the one who can take

charge and change your

life it’s time to embrace

responsibilities you may pray fervently

for a miraculous intervention from me


what if I am telling you that you must

confront these challenges had on and

take action

yourself are you too fearful to do

so perhaps you believe that by making no

decisions you can’t make any

mistakes and by making no decision iions

you think you can escape

responsibility but you must remain in

the boot and face the consequences of


inactions life is full of choices and my

child you can either stay in the boat

refusing to take the

responsibility or you can step step out

boldly and cease control of your

destiny remember the story of

Peter he stepped out of the boat in

faith and walked on

water it was his decision and his faith

that made the impossible

possible I have given you the Power of


and I’m here to guide

you do not let fear or

indecision hold you

back take that step confront your

challenges and take a responsibility for



life I am with you every step of the way

empowering you to overcome

obstacles and Achieve greatness

do not remain stagnant in the boot of

passivity and in

decision Embrace The Power Within you

make decisions and chart your go towards

a brighter


future you have the ability to change


circumstances and create a life filled

with purpose and


fulfillment so what are you waiting

for choose to act

righteously and pray as much as you

can confess it by

typing I am praying if you’re ready

never to cease on praying no matter what

situation you are in

my child be blessed in my

name dear child of God this is Lord


Ministry now as God has revealed that we

must never stop praying because it is

the best way to communicate with


God so what are you waiting for join me

in this beauti beautiful and powerful

prayer and let us follow God’s

commandment by


praying let’s begin

praying my loving heavenly

father I acknowledge your presence in my

life and the power you have bested upon

me to make choices and take

responsibility for my

actions Lord I I

recognize that

sometimes I find myself in the boat of

passivity and

indecision there are

moments when I feel stuck yearning for

change but hesitating to step out of my


zone I hear the whisper within me the

longing for a more fulfilling life

meaningful relationships improved health

and Financial


today I humbly ask for your guidance and

strength as I embark on this


Journey help me to overcome the fear

that holds me back from making

decisions and taking responsib ability

for my

life grant me the courage to step out of

the boat of

compliancy and into the Waters of

change father I know that you have

equipped me with unique gifts and

talents you have given me the power to

shape my destiny to set goal goals and

to pursue my

dreams I pray for clarity of vision that

I may clearly see the path before me and

the choices I need to make to reach my

goals give me the wisdom to discern the


decisions the ones that align with your

purpose for my life

help me understand that while I can pray

for your miraculous

intervention there are times when you

call me to take action and confront


myself I understand that the

consequences of my decisions are my own

and I’m willing to face them with

courage and

resolve I pray for resilience in the

face of

adversity when challenges

arise help me to stand firm and not

Retreat to the safety of the

boat instead may I walk on the Waters of

faith knowing that with you by my side I

can overcome any


father I surrendered my fears and doubts


you replace them with a steadfast faith

that you are always with me guiding me

and empowering me to achieve

greatness fill me with the assurance

that I’m not alone in this

journey I ask for your divine

intervention when needed

but I also recognize that you have given

me the ability to take charge of my

life help me use this power wisely and

responsibility making choice that align

with your will and

purpose Lord I Thank you for the lessons

I learned along the way

whether in times of success or

failure May each experience shape me

into the person you created me to

be help me to remain steadfast in my


of a purposeful and fulfilling

life in

closing I pray for your continued

presence and guidance on this

journey Faith as my anchor and your

grace as my strength I’m ready to

embrace the extraordinary life you have

called me to

lead I offer this prayer in the name of

your son Jesus Christ amen

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