God Is Seriously Trying To Reach You Don’t Skip

the Lord is speaking to you right

now my cherished child one of the

satisfactory manners that you could stop

wasting time is to Simply accept

yourself as I designed you this very

moment do not ever combat in opposition

to yourself once

more say I am what my God says I can’t

do anything God has now not designed me

to do do but I can do everything he has

purposed for me I am given myself as


introduction he loves me and has a

reason for my existence even if you do

no longer recognize what that motive

first but this may assist you get your

way to discovering

it like the video of assurance in the


Lord in the B Bible verses Hebrews –

always says keep your lives loose from

the affection of cash and be content

material with what you’ve got because

God has stated never will I depart you

in no way will I forsake

you lovely kids I apprehend that life

may be overwhelming at times and it is

herble to experience and sure about the

alternative you want to

make but agree within me for I will

usually lead you within the right course

I will supply you the awareness to make

sound selections and the insight to look

the nice root for

you remember my child that knowledge

comes from experience and learning

Embrace each assignment as impossibility

to develop and benefit more

knoow seek guidance from the ones who’ve

walked the direction before you and

believe for your personal Instinct I

actually have given you the gift of

discernment and I accept as true with

for your capacity to make smart

Alternatives Lord claims share this

video and bless other people do you no

longer be afraid to ask for my guidance

for I am always listening trust in my

love for you and recognize that I will

never steer you incorrect you are in no

way by myself and your journey and I

will usually be there to Aid and manual

you may my information and perception

carry you peace and self assurance in

all of your choices trust in me my

toddler and understand that I am always

here for

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today my sweetheart no matter what your

instances might also be you could

discover joy in my presence in a few

days Joy is generously strewn with along

your Lifestyles course listening inside


sunlight on days like that being content

material is as simple as respiratory the

subsequent breath for taking the

subsequent step other days are overcast

and gloomy you sense the strain of the

journey which seems

Limitless dull gray rocks reach your

gaze and purpose your toes to pain yet

Joy is still achievable search for it as

a hidden treasure Begin by means of

remembering that I have created these

days it isn’t always a dangerous

incidence recall that I am present with

you whether or not you feel my presence

or not then start speaking with me about

anything to your thoughts Rejoice within

the fact that I understand you in line


Factory and I recognize exactly what you


experiencing as you continue

communicating with me your temper will

gradually lighten awareness of my superb

companionship can Infuse joy into the


day share it with one individual and

watch these blessings

multiply I am your strength this fact

about me is mainly valuable on days

whilst your inadequacies are screaming

at you telling you which you just cannot


on knowing me as your strength is like

having a guide who’s constantly with you

showing you the manner forward clearing

away obstacles empowering you to take

the step I hold you by means of your

right hand and I manual you with my

suggest since I am

omnicient understanding every aspect my

counsel offers the excellent wisdom

imaginable so don’t worry approximately

your weaknesses they are training you to

depend upon my loving present confident

that I am with you and I will assist

you your Global will be become much less

threatening while you throw off the

pretense of being capable of take care

of Matters by using yourself furthermore

I meet you to your weaknesses and use

them to draw other humans to

me my light shines and and through your

inadequacies whilst you hold appearance

and to me your strength let this love

light go with the flow freely through

you filling you with joy that overflows

into others

lives God says right yes if you trust

me God desires to do something

tremendous and and through you he has

promises and benefits and save for you

that you haven’t even thought of yet the

scripture tells us that he offers us

electricity too benefit wealth wealth is

virtual having

abundance God needs you to stay in

abundance so that he can use you to be a

blessing to others when we’re willing

and obedient we open the door too his

guarantees and other phrases whilst we

live in excellence and integrity while

we follow the word of God we can walk in


Blessing like a tree planted by the

water your Bela will not with a due to

the fact you’re related to a vast supply

line notice one greater issue

approximately this verse it says that he

gives us the power to get

wealth see God gives us the capability

he offers us creative ideas and

Innovations but we should be diligent do

our part and step out and and use what

he’s given

us we should so seed so that it will see

the Harvest that he has promised receive

his power today and choose a life of

Integrity so that you can circulate

forward into the ample life he has

organized for

you typa man if you believe in

Christianity God says in this world what

all you are having is not due to you but

it’s far because of me because of my

grace I even have

given but there are some matters you

have to reap on your own a vicinity in

heaven and a crown make certain you’re

leading an existence in an effort to

assist you to attain the

ones sin has to now not rule in your

mortal body bodies so you obey the

desires of your herbal self nor have you

surrender any part of yourselves to sin

for use for depraved

functions instead deliver yourselves to

me those who’ve been brought from demise


Lifestyles and surrender your entire

being to me to be used for righteous

functions send needs to now not be your

m Master for you do not stay under

regulation however beneath my

grace it is not the Dead who praise me

all of them will move into the region of

Silence so permit me let you know in

this International there are humans once

they pray they request the person who TI

to request to me to save

them they are simply wasting their time

there is only one character who can

prevent by using inquiring for it to me

when you request to him you recognize

who he is so stop doing it in case you

are praying as cited first think only

one character can

prevent if you have confidence and Lord

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will renew their energy they will jump

on wings like eagles they will run and

now not grow weary they may walk and now

not be faint Isaiah

– attention listener join this

prayer with me and say it with me dear

God thank you for presenting me with

something to achieve this that I am now

not Idol thank you for the whole lot you

have finished for

me I pray that you’ll always be there at

my administrative Center always be at my

side and something I do throughout my

work week please grant me your awareness

expertise please defend me from any

errors or screw-ups that might

jeopardize my

work assist me in submitting to power

and now not

resisting my superiors do please Supply

me the grace to Simply accept and be

courteous to all who seek my assistance

dot dot defend me from the malevolent

gazes of co-workers who can be plotting


dying allow the entirety excellent

you’ve got deliberate for me to return

to me allow me to be rewarded when I am

due allow me to be promoted once a do

let no person impede my development

inside the

workplace help me set an excellent

example for those who come after me help

me to be respectful and gracious at work

father thanks for listening to my prayer

amen it is very important that you

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