God Is Saying, You Will Ignore If You Hate Me Today! | God message jesus |

thanks for being a masterpiece woven

with threads of divine grace join our

Channel membership to embrace the

Symphony of your soul and manifest

Miracles beyond

measure as you Journey Through the

Realms of existence remember this you

are a vessel of Divine Light radiating

love and compassion unto the world let

not the shadows of Doubt Tob secure Your

Divine Purpose for within the depths of

your being lies the infinite potential

to illuminate the darkest corners of

existence super thanks for radiating

Divine love and compassion join our

Channel membership to amplify the light

of your soul and illuminate the world

with boundless

love my cherished companion

today marks a pivotal moment in our

journey together as you open your heart

to me EnV Vision a lifetime commitment


transformation and fulfillment embrace

the profound shift awaiting you where

emptiness dissipates replaced by a

profound sense of purpose and

belonging amidst life’s trials and

tribulations my Pres will serve as your

unwavering aner together we’ll navigate

the complexities of existence emerging

Victorious despite the challenges that

may arise allow my words to resonate

deep within your soul igniting a flame

of Hope and resilience that will guide

you through even the darkest of

days in this sacred Union forgiveness

flows freely Bridging the cast

created by past hurts closed doors yield

to Newfound opportunities by Earth TW

rejections evolve into profound

appreciations as you invite me into the

depths of your being loneliness

dissipates replaced by the warmth of

genuine companionship and the joy of


experiences with each passing moment my

love envelop you shielding you from the

barbs of criticism and the sting of

rejection know that you’re not alone for

I Stand By Your Side a beacon of

unwavering support and boundless

compassion as you embark on this

transformative Journey remember that

obstacles are but fleeting Shadows

easily overcome by the radiance of your

inner strength and the steadfastness of

your faith Faith let not the words of

detractors weigh you down for you are

destined for greatness Guided by the

hand of Divine

Providence with each Dawn awaken to the

promise of a new day infused with hope

purpose and the boundless possibilities

that lie ahead embrace the challenges

that come your way for within them lie

the seeds of growth and the catalysts

for personal

evolution in moments of weakness when

doubt Creeps in and despair threatens to

overwhelm you remember the depth of my

love and the unfailing nature of my

promises my grace knows no bounds my

Mercy endless trust in me and I shall

uplift you carrying you through the

storms of life with unwavering resolve

as you stand on the precipice of change

know that I am here ready to guide you

every step of the way your journey is

not one of solitude but of divine

companionship where every trial is but a

stepping stone towards a brighter more

fulfilling feature

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