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when weariness threatens to overwhelm

you call upon my name and I will Infuse

you with Renewed Energy and vigor prayer

is a powerful tool a direct line to my

heart pour out your deepest desires your

hopes and fears for I am a loving father

who hears and responds to the cries of

his children


seek my counsel and I will impart wisdom

and Clarity guiding you along the path

of righteousness even when the bigger

picture eludes you trust that I am

working all things together for your

good let love be your compass as you

navigate life’s challenges extending

compassion kindness and forgiveness to

all you encounter

know that you are never alone for my

spirit dwells within you a constant

source of strength and comfort draw near

to me and I will draw near to you

enveloping you in my unconditional love

allow my love to mend your wounds ignite

your joy and reignite your passion for


life embrace the Abundant Life I offer

you rich and love love Grace and

forgiveness as you align your will with

mine you will cultivate a deep and

meaningful relationship with me your

heavenly father I have grand plans for

you plans to prosper you and give you

hope for the

future to love it heed my call to rise

up to claim the authority and

inheritance bestowed upon you as my

cherish child you are destined for

greatness called to walk in dominion and

bring glory to my name shake off the

shackles of doubt and passivity and step

boldly into the Abundant Life I have

prepared for

you with each Declaration of Faith with

each B decree you will witness the

manifestation of my blessings in your

life life doors will swing open

resources will abound and breakthroughs

will abound as you walk in alignment

with my will for nothing is impossible

for those who believe and you my dear

one are empowered by faith to move

mountains receive this message my

cherished child and let it ignite a fire

within you embrace the truth of my word

and watch as Miracles unfold before your

eyes I Am With You Always guiding you

strengthening you and leading you into

the fullness of all I have planned for


you and as you embark on this journey of

faith and transformation know that my

peace which surpasses all understanding

will guard your your heart and mind in

Christ Jesus fear not for I am with you

and together we will see my kingdom

advance and my name glorified upon the


Earth go forth now in my peace my

beloved and may my favor rest upon you

now and forever more amen super thanks

for taking the time to read this message

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