God Is Saying, Satan Doesn’t Want You To Watch This Today! | God message jesus |

so my beloved seize this moment with

unwavering faith and unyielding

determination know that I am with you

always my hand extended in love and my

heart overflowing with boundless

affection together we shall embark on a

journey of

transformation Guided by the light of

divine love and the promise of a


tomorrow super thanks for for your

unwavering commitment to this journey of

self-discovery and spiritual awakening

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uplift your spirit together we shall

walk hand in hand forging a path of love

hope and divine

fulfillment my dearest

and the depths of your soul there lies a

yearning a longing for something more

something profound I come to you today

not as a mere passer by but as a

steadfast presence ready to intertwine

my Ence with yours to embark on a

journey of transformation

together allow me to be the focal point

of your thoughts The Guiding Light

amidst the shadows of doubt and fear

today I extend to you an invitation a

lifelong commitment to walk hand in hand

with me and witness the wondrous changes

my presence can bring into your

life do you feel that emptiness that

longing to be filled invite me into the

sanctuary of your heart and watch as the

landscape of your existence is painted

with Hues of Joy love and fulfillment

those who have caused you pain will seek

forgiveness their hearts softened by the

grace that flows from our


Union closed doors will swing open

revealing Pathways to New Opportunities

and blessings beyond measure those who

once turned their backs on you will come

to value your worth recognizing the

precious gem that you

are loneliness and sadness shall be

banished from your life replaced by the

warmth of genuine friendships and the

comfort of knowing that you are never

alone feel the Resonance of my words

deep within your soul for they carry the

power to shape your reality to turn the

tide on the challenges that beset you do

not cower in the face of unexpected

obstacles for I am your Shield your

refuge in times of storm


should hurtful words seek to wound you

rise above the Frid for the opinions of

others hold no sway over the truth that

resides within you ignore the criticism

and insults hurled by your enemies for

their arrows shall fall harmlessly at

your feet awaken each day but the melody

of my words upon your lips knowing that

you dwell under the shelter of the

almighty cradled in the arms of your


father in moments of weakness when not

threatens to consume you remember that

my love for you is unwavering my

promises steadfast and true I have never

failed you before and I shall not fail

you now lean on me and I will grant you

the strength to face each death with

courage peace and the abiding Joy of

knowing that I am by your

side even when the path ahead seems

fraught with obstacles do not lose heart

fix your gaze upon my promises and let

not discouragement take root in your

soul know that great spiritual and

eternal riches await those who persevere

emerging stronger and more resilient

from the trials they

endure wherever you may find

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