God Is Saying, Don’t Hurt Me By IGNORING | God message jesus |

mind yourself know that I am there ready

to bless you with prosperity and

abundance seek me in prayer humble your

heart daily and Delight in my presence

for therein lies the key to unlocking

the desires that reside within you you

have heard these words for a reason my

beloved remember them treasure them for

they are a Beacon of Hope guiding you

towards a future filled with peace and

joy seize this moment for it is yours to

claim know that I am with you now and

always ready to lay my mighty hand upon

your life and Men every wound Sue every

sad memory that lingers in your heart

you have remained steadfast through

every trial and now the time has come

for your faith to be

rewarded know that you’re not alone my

dear child I am here to restore what was

lost to rebuild what was shattered and

to renew what was taken from you have

faith stand tall and hold your head high

for the battles you have faced have only

serve to strengthen you to prepare you

for the victories that lie ahead

the wons of the world may rage against

you but fear not for I command them to

be still you are loved deeply cherished

beyond measure and in my eyes you are

worthy of all the blessings that I have

in store for you rise my beloved for

your time has

come super thanks for joining me on this

journey if you resonate with these words

consider becoming a member of our

channel for even more transformative

content together we shall walk the path

of abundance and fulfillment handin hand

heart to

heart my cherished one I want to place

you at the center of my thoughts

anchoring you in the core of my being

and offering a commitment that spans

lifetime Embrace this moment and witness

the profound transformation my presence

brings into your

life that void you once felt that ache

for fulfillment invite me into your

heart and observe as everything around

you shifts those who have caused you

pain will seek forgiveness closed doors

will swing open wide and those who once

turned you away will come to Value you

I bring with me a promise of new genuine

friendships banishing the shadows of

loneliness and sadness that once clouded

your days feel the Resonance of my words

deep within your soul for they possess

the power to enact change in your favor

to shift the tides of adversity you

face do not be daunted by the unexpected

hurdles that may arise nor let hurtful

words weigh you down rise above the

criticisms and insults of your

adversaries for I stand as your Shield

against their

assaults awaken each morning with my

words upon your lips finding solace in

the shadow of the almighty cradled

within the arms of your heavenly father

seek my guidance knowing that my love

for you is unw in and my promises are

steadfastly true rest assured I will

stand by your sigh offering strength

peace and the unyielding Joy of my

presence even in moments of

weakness when doubt Creeps in and you

feel you’ve faltered remember the

boundless Grace and unconditional Mercy

I extend to you I have never failed you

before and I will not fail you now

especially when you need me most in

Moments Of Heartache and soul deep

anguish wake each morning with hope

attuning your ears to my voice and

finding the strength to face the day


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