, God is ordering you not to go without

your angel is saying to you

the Angels Are Ringing your doorbell for

concerning use

important alert

you are targeted by someone and they are

planning to do this to you

this person will try to take control

over you and will deceive you

they are envious of you in your traits

the Angels know you are a top performer

and are jealous of your success

they don’t like you and plan to create a

bad image

in your personal and professional life

they want to see you in a state of


they want you to live in out of the

order life
First Topic Covered

they will try to throw it into the

dungeons of dilemma

they want to see you in trouble

you may be taken a bag by their actions

however the Angels want you to stay on

God always

the angels are always covering you up

with a protective God against you
Second Topic Covered

the Angels don’t want you to fall into

any such

deceptive trip let down for you

days walk on the path of Illumination

the Angels guide you to take the leaves

of attainment

the Blessed allies will open up more

realm for you

there will be no Ray of negativity

lingering over you

you will get through this time soon and

move towards a glorious period

the happy days are ahead of you

the angels will knock on your way with


you will be endured with a glorious

alleys now
Third Topic Covered

the blessful time is approaching now

time ameen to claim it

God says

graceful time are arriving

with portals or happiness for you

someone is dying to say to you that they

want to marry


this person has hidden his feeling from


they are afraid to make this Revelation


you as they don’t want to lose you

reconsider you as their beloved and want

to get haste to you

they will propose to you and you want to

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