over the course of this week my dearly loved child I will bestow upon you an

abundance of blessings I will care for you I will surround you with kindness

and I will display my love to you in a variety of different ways each and every day I will heal you with peace and care

and I will be close to you at your side through any challenge that you could encounter due to the fact that you have

faith in what I have to say you are going to see my hand at work in your life this week this is the reason

why I feel so much joy in communicating with your heart on a daily basis I know

that you hold my word in high regard inside your heart that you commit it to memory and that you continually recall

it I get the impression that your prayers are filled with a deeper sense of certainty and confidence and your

faith is becoming stronger you are aware that going to prayer is never a pointless use of time

the fact that you are bending down before me in prayer and repeating my promises brings me a great deal of joy

in your life you will experience a great number of Miracles if you go in this manner even though you have a lot of

work to do this week your spirit will remain tranquil even though your trust will be

put to the test by a variety of situations your heart will believe in my word alone your attitude will remain

tranquil despite the the fact that this week is packed with a lot of responsibilities despite the fact that

this week is jam-packed with a lot of work your spirit will remain tranquil time I deserve I am more

important than all of your duties and responsibilities give me a few minutes of your day to be alone offer me your

genuine trust and give me your whole heart do not forget your dreams I want

them to become a reality I want your eyes to be the center of your attention mention I want you to give me your full

heart and time I deserve this is a very important message for you and you are

aware of the fact that it serves as a demonstration of what your faith and my power are capable of doing in recent

times your thoughts have been filled with uncertainty and you have questioned whether or not I had heard your

prayers however by means of these words I am showing to you that I am always

there for you listening to you even when you only communicate with me in your

thoughts I am attentive my love for you is tremendous and you have unshakable

faith in me because I am always by your side guiding you protecting you and

loving you through every minute of your life your dreams are my dreams and I am

always there for you I take your dreams very seriously your life matters to me

your happiness your fulfillment and the knowledge that you will be a tremendous benefit to others whatever you do this

week do it with the intention of making a profound impact on the lives of

others my wishes many of the plans you have will come to fruition because I

will take care of them I will make sure that your life is a success I am providing you with a tremendous quantity

of information wisdom and intellect to put to use and I am also providing you


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