I appear before you my beloved child as the messenger of your Victory a Heavenly

presence is at work right now molding a destiny that is distinctively yours now

that the time has arrived I have made preparations within my presence to allow great events to emerge a wave of

benefits is washing over you ready to transform your lives in fundamental ways

the seemingly insurmountable doors will swing open as you stand on the brink and the unthinkable will to transform into a

world of possibilities nothing is Out Of Reach for me and I am weaving a masterpiece into the fabric of your life

during these pivotal moments we are reimagining the path once obscured by shortage a new chapter is about to begin

for you right now the burdens that have been weighing you down and the shackles that have encircled you will begin to

loosen under my careful supervision my passionate decision is a great way to

embrace a life full of happiness completeness and lack of anxiety I will uncover the love and

knowledge that have eluded you you are deeply loved and appreciated you are more than just my baby I’ve been there

for you through all of your struggles and I know how hard it is on your heart listening to your thoughts at times of

sadness allows me to understand your whole being the hardships you face the

criticisms that shape you and your anguish I don’t lose sight of my kid

because you are a part of me I pay close attention to detail all your shortcomings will become apparent to you

my love for you is complete my promises will come true and the Apparently endless pain you’ve endured will

eventually go away if you open your heart and stay persistent even when things don’t go the way you want them to

I promise you that you will rise above and succeed my darling take comfort in

these words I wo for you like a tap of heavenly Assurance woven From the Ashes

of hardship as you walk the path that I the almighty have carefully planned for

you may the reverberations of Courage resonate inside you and may the infusion

of Faith strengthen your Vitality the time of abundance is upon you so hold

true to your principles drought days are over and troubles malnourished cattle will no longer roam your life’s pastures

in the coming hours a technology that has long baffled Humanity will finally

unveil a path to wealth tailored just for you and your loved ones the mystery

that has so far remained unsolved will dissipate like the first light of dawn and my all powerful hand will fashion

ways through the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your path transforming them into doors to

opportunity wherever you go my Celestial Guardians will be watching over you making the abilities of evildoers

useless when my guardian angels are on the the job no power can defeat them

protect yourself from harm surround yourself with supportive people who will not let you down you will fail miserably

because their voices will be silenced by The Marvelous ways in which my divine intervention is working inside you let

my light shine through the darkness in your life and lead you to success your

perseverance in Waiting is inspiring and now is the moment for the great miracle

get ready for a spectac ular makeover as you see the Masterpiece of your life’s weaving unravel intentionally or not I

have set everything up so that you cry with joy these lines will ring true in your soul as proof of my constant

support while you’re down and out imagine my all-encompassing aura like a

pure white blanket protecting you from the tempests of Life self-doubt critical thinking and malicious remarks will melt

away like Dew on a summer morning as the sun rises is I am orchestrating a

thorough recovery for you I’m now rewriting your life story from the inside out lifting the remaining curses

and placing a royal crown of Victory upon your head attune yourself to the significance of this Turning Point as

the sun rises you can feel the unease building up inside of you you are also

aware of the persistent issue that has been robbing you of your Serenity recently the serenity you desire a calm

that fills your entire being is mine to bestow upon you be prepared to be

pleasantly surprised by the unexpected and to receive a helping hand as you embark on a well-planned trip toward

your goal a door of possibilities opens before you inviting you to go through it

introducing a new chapter that harmonizes with the divine plan for your lives seize this moment my darling

because it is the expression of my Limitless love and Charisma in your ex

distance at this Crossroads in your journey I beg you to persevere and be steadfast when faced with challenges

your courage and fortitude have brought you this far Let The Echoes of resilience reverberate inside you but

you must not mistake this moment for the end of your struggle or assume that success is at hand treasure your

daughter my son draw strength from inside strengthen your resolve and

charge headlong into battle now in spite of setbacks success is always Within

Reach when you put your mind to it take on the challenges because they are

Stepping Stones to success never forget my beloved that there are others working

on this endeavor with you I will always be here to support you standing by your

side the realm of possibilities opens up when you’re with me and the seemingly

insurmountable becomes doable I am here to shed light on your path filling it with joy prosperity and success as my

words reverberate in your heart even when you feel alone and isolated because of your problems know that my presence

is with you keep in mind that my love for you has no limits in order to bring

you out of the darkness to hold your understanding and to surround you with the comforting Embrace of my boundless

compassion I expand my hand when it seems like the stadium isn’t listening to your screams or getting your story

just know that my love is deep and unparalleled and that I’m confident in my ability to hear every detail Ed

encourages me to contact you enjoy the benefits of happiness and success as I listen lend a hand and soak you in it

recognize that my devotion to you my child is unfaltering and resist the desire to withdraw from my constant

presence refrain from giving into hopelessness and let the weight of life not crush your soul let me hold you in

my arms while I Shield you from the evil forces that want to entice you along your path do not go in the direction of

discouragement instead let my guiding hand guide you down the straight and narrow path on this holy path to a place

of rest joy and peace I am here to comfort you here I am leading you

through the Maze of life where the harmonies of achievement and the reverberations of virtue meet let me

hold your hand while I lead you to REM remarkable awareness of the promises I’ve woven into your future rest assured

I cannot abandon you now no matter how daunting the present day’s demanding circumstances may seem you can always

count on my firm Presence by your side providing support and embracing you with my embrace it is my deepest hope that

your life blossoms into a rational tapestry filled with many blessings your

every necessity as well as the Deep desires of your spirit and soul have been carefully considered in your

creation my little baby for my life the idea of leaving you is completely out of

the question I pledge to always be an unwavering symbol of the boundless love

I have for you you are more than just a new arrival you are a unique magnificent

work of art that I have meticulously crafted to bring you Joy and success in

this world even when life’s business blurs your vision and causes you to momentarily l sight of your identity and

the Divine Purpose that has called you fitness regimen tenacity I am here to be your kind guide

ready to illuminate your path and help you fulfill your purpose no matter how lofty your Ambitions may be I am your

best friend and I will stop at nothing to see that you succeed whatever the

situation may be you are more than just a person you are my one-of-a-kind Gem

and the place where you belong long is a place of boundless Joy it is difficult to forgive yourself on your journey

because of all the mistakes and setbacks you’ve experienced however when you ask for forgiveness my kindness knows no

bounds judgment has no place in my heart because my main concern is that you find

a way to separate yourself from Evil and use the valuable lessons you’ve learned along the way every challenge you face

is really a stepping stone to Greater faith and a life filled with with purpose and benefits so long as you can

see beyond the obstacles you’ve encountered think of these challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities to

grow and develop as a person realize that every challenge is a Stairway that takes you higher in your faith and

points you towards a life full of opportunities and joys your journey is a climb to fulfillment of your deepest

longings along this path my beloved to your fulfillment lies not just a

destination but an endless tapestry of Tranquility where you can rest assured that I the almighty will be a constant

Watchdog throughout your lives no matter what challenges you face may your prosperity and joy be ever present

regardless of the challenges you face in the future I will consistently monitor your well-being I have strategized for

every potential consequence and I won’t stop until I’ve accomplished all the commitments outlined in the sacred texts

of my word through thick and thin my darling while you navigate The Maze of life’s challenges difficulties

foreshadow the wonderful benefits I am honored to provide you with despite the flow of challenges you must move forward

in order to reach the great destiny that I have handcrafted for you my precious

child imprint the unchangeable fact of my Limitless love a love that is immense

extraordinary and eternal on your coronary heart you feel its weight with

each beat of your heart breath and deep sigh it’s a love that has no bounds

recognize that I am infinitely blessed with the help of your aspect even if my appearance could baffle your

perceptions my deepest desires are for you to be happy and prosperous My

affections Invisible currents are real they are an unbreakable pressure that

wants to protect you bless you and help you succeed despite the fact that life’s

ups and downs sometimes make it hard to see clearly you can be certain that my love is a constant unfaltering

lighthouse in the midst of it all my love for you has no bounds it will be an anchor to your spirit and a rock as you

navigate the twists and turns of life’s journey so my darling I implore you to

let me into your heart and transfer control of your life because I am worthy of your confidence surrender to the

weights that Loom over you and allow me to conduct the harmonious tapestry of your lives assuring you of benefits

put your confidence in me and watch as I shape you into a person who is decorated

with success happiness and wealth rest assured my promises are genuine and I

will never waver in my commitment to be by your side offering support Solace and

direction at all times have faith my beloved for in that Faith you will find

a plethora of benefits flowing into your lives I will make you wealthy in every way and your life will be a monument to

my infinite love with your grace and forgiveness I ask that the world attest

to the fact that I will never let down my supporters write this truth into the

fabric of your existence my darling your company is Pleasant it’s a love that’s

hard for humans to Fathom it doesn’t make sense when seen in the context of the infinite fabric of time you have no

idea how much I Adore You Embrace this truth maintain steadfast faith and feel

the Eternal MO of Love Leading you to pleasure success and happiness I adore

you with an unending affection right now so there’s no need to doubt it without hesitation my beloved baby I intensify

my sincere words to the core of your essence it’s quite remarkable how you hold the key to the immense love I have

for you you are an incredibly precious gift crafted with the utmost tenderness

and devotion I had imagined you woven you with love and implanted my heavenly

purpose into your heart from the time you were born long before the fabric of your existence took shape as I held you

close in the arms of my heavenly love my watchful care encircled you your growth

is a testament to my steadfast care as I carefully guided you through every step

of the way through the highs and lows of Joy and Pain even though you couldn’t

perceive my presence the sacrifice paintings of my beloved Son Jesus Christ

serve as the most profound representation of my infinite love for you I expressed my deepest desire for a

life of Plenty and fulfillment via him along with my unwavering Devotion to

your happiness and health the ultimate proof of my immense love for you is the

Incarnation of my son Jesus Christ when Jesus arrived in this world it became a

mission to rescue you from your troubles heal your wounds and show you the the way to Everlasting Joy no matter what my

darling my love for you will remain unwavering my commitment goes beyond words I have an innate talent for fully

immersing myself in your situation which allows me to soothe you and guide you towards the dreams that burn inside your

soul my love and blessings will shower upon you in abundance and your lives will be filled to overflowing if you

just ground your religion in me my unfaltering support for those who share my views is being shown through my grace

and forgiveness therefore my darling child internalize the knowledge that my love

for you is Indescribable its depth eludes human knowledge therefore try not

to reason about it now believe it or not I am always here for you ready to love

you no matter what and lead you along the road of Joy success and fulfillment

all you have to do is take my word for it your unfaltering faith and unshakable

certainty will not find a home with me today my darling little one I feel the

need to gently remind you of my boundless Love For You by speaking straight to your heart you are more than

just an introduction you are the refined work of art that my Limitless love has created I had foreseen you lovingly

crafting every detail of your lives before the fabric of your lives ever unfolded and I had painstakingly placed

my perfect plan in in the depths of your heart your arrival on this planet solidified my belief in my role as your

caregiver I have poured my unfaltering love and wisdom into you and I will continue to do so as you grow I kept a

close eye on you a quiet companion through the good times and the bad and even when you didn’t realize it I was

there along your life’s journey I was there an Invisible Presence the Deep

paintings of my son Jesus Christ are unmistakable proof Pro of the vast depths of my love for you through him I

revealed the depths of my love for you which demonstrates my steadfast dedication to your happiness and my deep

wish that you may have a life that isn’t always the best but is substantial his existence in your lives

is the strongest evidence of my love for you which is unfathomable my darling you must

internalize the knowledge that you will always have great importance in my eyes you are my most precious gem so ignore

anybody who says differently in this complex Web of Life Your Existence is

not only a random occurrence it has a distinct purpose I am beckoning you to a

path of magnificence where you will achieve magnificent things I want you to

know that I am always with you in the name of Jesus Christ the light that shines brightly and the salt blessed to

bring Good Fortune to others no matter how far away the arena seems or how dark

the clouds of Despair roll remember that I am a thread in your Soul’s tapestry

whenever you’re down I’ll be there to support you and when life throws its weight at you I’ll be there to lift you

up you are the source of an endless stream of love for me and my love for

you has no bounds neither in time nor in circumstance have faith that I will be

patiently waiting for your return even if life’s currents take you down a different path my forgiv forgiveness has

no boundaries it covers all of your inadequacies and my kindness lasts forever no amount of striving can put

out my grace as a remedy for emotional wounds model the wisdom that my being with you isn’t always something to

passively observe but rather the ability to conquer every obstacle that stands in

your way my darling it is my sincere desire that you understand the magnitude of my love for you no matter what may be

going on around you your worth uniqueness and affection ction my beloved child will stay unchanging

regardless of your actions aspirations or accomplishments a gift you have had from

the start of your existence and one that will continue forever inside the complex fabric of this world the love I freely

provide is unadulterated unwavering and eternal I am aware of the many

difficulties that may seow seeds of uncertainty fear and despair in your

soul as at times the weight of grief and anxiety may seem overwhelming and

physical discomfort may seem like it will consume you however keep in mind

that my constant presence is there ready to help you overcome any obstacle my

Limitless love can overcome any obstacle and my electricity is powerful enough to

change your life so that it is not only full but brimming with advantages plenty

and fulfillment as time goes by you become an eyewitness to the growing number of

blessings bestowed upon you and those dear to you I am no longer asking for

material wealth in exchange for the Abundant Blessings I have in store for you instead I seek the one thing I have

always asked for your whole heart your unfaltering loyalty and your unwavering

commitment to put me first and serve you forever in return I will lavish you with

a genuine religious inheritance a gift that will Empower you to make remarkable

and profound changes in the fabric of your lives through the promises I have made to you you have the ability to

confidently Crush any enemies that come your way your unyielding protection is

offered by my words which are both determined and Powerful you are a faithful witness to the tremendous force

of my Divine energy and your unwavering trust strengthens my resolve to fulfill

all my promises to you I will gladly remove any obstacle standing in your way

freeing you from the chains of suffering that have kept you from experiencing life to the fullest I want you to forget

about your worries and focus on the important things in life like your family your future your spiritual

journey your education your health and all the places where my power is about

to show every day new blessings will come your way and you should always be

aware that my love is is pouring down on you and the people you care about I am

ready to return whatever those evildoers have slightly stolen from you get it right this time you’re getting another

shot at realizing your Ambitions as you devote yourself fully to me and your family I am prepared to fulfill your

deepest desires if they try to sabotage your success ignore them I shall defend

myself against their evil schemes and be alert at all times I will never leave

you so you need not fear to me you are Priceless come to rest my darling

because we are one let go of what’s holding you back embrace the Serene

Serenity that I’m bestowing on you your happiness and health are of the utmost importance to me the obstacles that

stand in the way of your trip are my goal and I want to identify and remove them keep in mind that no matter what I

will always be here to support you and be by your side choose joy and refrain

from relying on other people to bring you happiness additionally I pray that you find release from the emotional

anguish and spiritual warfare that plague your heart let me tend to your

soul intellect and heart do not put yourself in situations where you will be

too stressed whenever my enemies tempt you to act against my will run away from

them the value of your heart surpasses the wealth of your lifestyle keep your ground stop letting the bullies ruin

your fun I wish I could be a part of every aspect of your life you are coming

to me for advice before making decisions and I can steer you clear of harmful pitfalls and dishonest traps as they

grow spiritually and value my lessons my daily goal is to shower your family with

insight and blessings praying and mastering the art of considerate

communication avoid saying anything that encourages slander and rumor be wary of

putting your faith in others particularly those with a history of dishonesty nobody has the right to plant

seeds of bitterness and anxiety in your heart I was here before you were

regardless of what happens to you your emotions ideas and thoughts will be fixed on me all day long I will speak to

you reminding you to be mindful of the people around you I chose for you my

beloved Son and Daughter to be a light in this world to lighten countless Spirits with your unfaltering Visage

even when many are suffering and showing their disappointment through their faces I have given you unique talents and

skills to fulfill my will and bring glory to my name the Heavenly blessing I

have placed into your life is a decree that has been in place from the beginning sanctioned forever and

empowered by my Transcendent might there is no force on Earth or in the universe

that can break my dog determination to see to it that you get the recognition you deserve elevating you not only in

the eyes of people throughout the world but even among those who now hold you in the lowest esteem your acts of kindness

towards total strangers have been seen by me your lovely gesture extended a

helping hand your kindness will multiply into an avalanche of divine favor so you

can rest easy with a wide open door Paradise will shower you with plenty of

supplies from now on choose to ground your faith in me because what I give you

is unbreakable and Beyond everyone else’s control stand firm against the devil’s Temptations what will happen if

I order Prosperity if I direct it it will reciprocate gratitude will get you

far enough test your endurance and learn to be kind discover the correct inner

calm I speak your words with care I speak a promise of Love fulfillment and

prosperity into your being sing in your soul and gently caress you in the light of Daybreak I will hold you close while

you go on your adventure so you may believe in yourself be strong take heart

in everything that God has given you and pray and Shout out when you feel threatened because I am at your side

ready to strengthen your faith and restore your soul stick with it and don’t let discouragement get you down

I’ll be by your side every step of the way even when your path takes you through places of extreme extreme

vulnerability you have the power to choose bravery and vitality if you are

self-absorbed and problem focused the level of work that is necessary will

depend on your level of self-awareness being Fearless is based on the unshakable faith that I have in

you if you look at me through a religious lens you will be able to understand my future plans which guide

you step by step maintaining a steady focus on me will increase your strength and bravery

stay strong in the face of opposition even when it seems like everything is falling apart remember that I am a god

of surprises regardless of the circumstances or The Limited options

that are apparent to you my strength and inventiveness know no bounds everything

is Within Reach behold the closer you are to a significant advancement in your

pursuit of me the more you eagerly await the answer to your prayers it is a very

fortunate existence to be able to experience my unwavering affection those

who wait patiently for me will get my blessings have faith in my timing and the amazing purpose I have for your life

your journey is likely filled with challenges and obstacles but they aren’t signs that I’m not here rather they

provide chances for you to demonstrate your faith and strengthen your dependence on me as you overcome them

think of them as opportunities not roadblocks whether you’re experienc ing uncertainty or sadness I carefully craft

each project to enhance your understanding and Foster a closer connection with me the stadium DRS

compliments my soft murmurs relax and find solace in my presence my voice

becomes clear as I promise you my undying love amidst the vastness of Silence remember that I am not alone at

all times at all times I walk by your side directing and protecting your path

do not waver therefore in your faith may my grace keep your heart from wandering

and your soul from becoming exhausted despite the transient nature of this world my love for you will last forever

you are my beloved toddler Chosen and cherished with the certainty that comes from knowing that you have all you need

to succeed all while I am by your side right now and forever more I am by your

side show great courage and I will strengthen your heart put an end to

berating yourself for past mistakes and mourning the things you’ve lost I have a bigger plan for you but before I tell

you about it you should consider and confirm your reputation in light of my forgiveness and love on a daily basis

I’ve resolved to write down my words I am cognizant of your academic Pursuits

concerns and feelings we thoroughly examined your requirements aspirations and emotions I shall no longer thrust

you out of my grasp in times of Despair and isolation you rely on me when you’re

feeling down and discouraged you prayed to the almighty these days where have

you been this communicates that I am paying attention to you and capable of fulfilling your desires despite the fact

that it is not yet clear to you that a Moment of clarity will remain in each prayer I am listening and showing my

presence nonetheless sit down with me and learn my face I am your dad there is

no greater love than mine and I declare it for you join me in this because what

I’m saying is true you have leted me into your most intimate parts and I am

eager to work my magic on you even if my lessons are veering away from the one who served and gave their life on the

Move avoid giving into the Temptations of the Devil by protecting you from impatient litigation and doubt which may

tarnish your faith and joy with all your heart I can increase your knowledge and provide you with deeper

Tranquility may your enduring divine presence fill my heart reminding me of your promises throughout my struggles

with all my attention and devotion I shall listen to your words each morning I’m grateful for your kindness because

it means that you have laid the groundwork for a prosperous and peaceful future for me even in the Stillness I

value you deeply as I consider the incredible Adventure that awaits you I

will be by your side ready to face whatever challenges come our way in my

holy name I command you not to flee from the difficulties display your emotions

and declare that they or any disorder will not sway you I soothe your wounds

as your provider companion and supporter I bestow upon you everything that you need increasing the fruits of your labor

incorporating faith into your life and resolving your issues without fail above

all else I want you to know how much I love you and that my belief in this matter is unwavering no matter how many

times you mess up my love for you will always be there on every front

Everlasting is at your service every day is an exciting new experience for you

full of exciting new possibilities unexpected surprises and procedures that

lead to wider successes your grin brightens the lives of everyone around you and your face exudes an air of quiet

confidence the way we connect particularly within your own family is a reflection of my love and power and it

shows the Miracles I can do for those who surrender their hearts to me no matter how daunting a project may seem

please know that there is a purpose behind it let your spirit be unshaken by

anxiety maintain your resolve and keep going on this path you may count on my

unending support which includes my love Tranquility tenacity and power I will

bring Serenity and joy into your life you may feel my affection for you right

now in the gentleness that reaches your heart in the words of healing that envelop your ears and bring you comfort

no matter what and in the calming tone of my voice I want you to know how much

I value your careful nature there is a beautiful and peaceful way that my holy

Spirit speaks to you no matter what challenges life throws your way you may find solace in my Tranquility peace May

envelop your spirit I will cater to your heart’s needs right now if you listen

carefully every word will bring you Joy a once in A- lifetime opportunity presents itself inviting you to enter a

mystical world and witness the Marvels that stretch over M length within your

family tree extraordinary things are sure to happen my omnipotent energy is

ready to materialize in every aspect of your life including your health regardless of your budget I have the

power to remove the spiritual coverings from your eyes allowing you to see into my own I have the power to change your

heart and build your trust in me I can feel your fatigue and the weight of your

responsibilities May Blossom also come close to me if you come to me and share

in the Tranquility you seek I can give you some rest i’ I’d rather not have your days be a source of stress or a way

to start each day with sadness My Sacrifice and Resurrection are symbols

of my love for you meant to provide you with a life filled with Heavenly Delight this is the day when I will free you

from the bonds that have held you back those connections are broken let go of

the things that are holding you back from reaching your beautiful destiny here is an offer do not go backwards by

seeking advice from those who have entangled you in the past if you want to like and follow me that’s

your option I care much about your safety and happiness your enemies want you to fall therefore try to be brave

and go firmly toward the new life I provide you you will soon see the Fulfillment of your blessing because it

is predetermined fill my words with faith and joy and stop letting your failures Define you there is a path

ahead of you I say it again don’t waste time worrying about things that have already happened always keep in mind

that I am your father and that I love you despite the fact that your flaws and difficulties May overcome you You Reach

Out And Touch Me You may rely on my assistance to overcome any obstacle I

intend to listen carefully take comfort in the words of life and love that you share you have my undivided attention

and I want to feel the value of my love tell me about anything that’s bothering you and hurting you my beloved Son and

Daughter it is not my will that you suffer needlessly or let anxiety consume

you you mean a lot to me right now I promise that I am already toiling and

helping you to rise gloriously even if you don’t have the strength to tell your story I am sensitive to every feeling

and thought that runs through your head and heart my holy spirit will guide you to seize the opportunities that present

themselves as you move forward you will overcome all of your anxieties attra in

powerful individuals on this vast Planet May test your resolve you will never meet someone whose presence makes you

feel uneasy smiling and holding out your index finger walk over to them when they

see you their hearts will begin to open to you I am capable of doing miraculous

Feats the difficult times are just that fleeting Shadows not signs of your

demise and all you’ve lost may be found again optimistic and blessed with

abundant Good Fortune this setback isn’t always in your blueprint so keep that in mind you are

mine you’ll definitely not lose in the future you finally won and my love for

you proves it have no fear I have been by your side and will be again take it

easy on religion right now I’m standing firmly by your side bestowing blessings and strength I will never leave you I

will hear your screams and respond accordingly loneliness is an illusion but my phrase will always be in your

heart heart as a reminder send out Legions of angels to protect your path

keeping you safe from The Unseen dangers of the night when you’re scared to death

once again taking on the mindset of a Victor I want you to know that my love for you grows Stronger by the day my

death on the cross made both your release and a life of Plenty possible I

offer myself to you without conditions always prepared to focus embody and give

you the serenity you seek have no fear I have not abandoned you

nothing can ever take the place of my eternal love for you you are my most prized possession take a break and stop

thinking about all your problems Embrace this heavenly Serenity my grace is

extended to you I care deeply about your happiness and health I would love to hear about all the problems and

challenges you’re facing and try to understand them I want you to know that

no matter what I am always here here to help please let me find a solution if

anything is weakening or discouraging you you have control over your emotions

and the ability to manipulate them find pleasure in the here and now don’t put

your hope in other people I would rather you break your emotional bond than the other way around refrain from relying on

your own power to resist sin and Temptation give me command over your soul your emotions and your thoughts be

confident and honest in your Technique and I will give you another challenge stop worrying and find solace in my

presence while you face the challenges that threaten to overwhelm you I am the

one who owns you I have placed you in my care when you hear my words they will

soothe your bones so my goal in speaking to you is to lead you along the road of

righteousness and I do it with love let go of your worries and embrace me as the

truth in life storms you may lean on me since I am a solid rock when you pay

attention to such messages hold on to them and then share them your joy and

contentment will expand my love will fill your home to the brim you may count on me as an unwavering Ally and guardian

if you come to me every day with a sincere prayer I will cover your weak heart with strength calm down fret not

now if you’ll only give me a minute and a little risk I can ease your worries put everything else on hold let me in

and I’ll plant this message in your heart I will remain by your side even if others who say they love you end up

abandoning you in times of hate and isolation you have my support protected

and loved by me you can trust me because I am your parent God and Confidant it

could be difficult to understand such deep love a love that is beyond all comprehension a sweetness that is

unmatched in joy you may feel Unworthy of such tremendous love because you see flaws in yourself get over this cycle of

self-criticism stop beating yourself up and resist the need to underestimate your value doing so will only lead to

misery and despair let me remove the blinders that cover your religious Vision so I can change your heart and

make you believe in my love for you you may get the Solace you seek and the relief your heart longs for by drawing

near to me a tired and troubled Spirit my desire is that you no longer have to

face each day burdened with Melancholy and despair my death and Resurrection

serve as a testament to my love for you a blessing given to you so that you may

experience Divine pleasure in your heart find peace ease the suffering caused by

their choices if you are involved they will lose their way let go of these

burdens they are stronger than your manipulation trust me with your worries

and face Your Own Adventure I urge you to hope the time has come to let go of

what needs to be let go let your children sore freely knowing that my

protective Embrace surrounds them as you pray for them listen to my advice and

think about my strategies attempting to govern or decide for your children puts

a heavy strain on your mind put such matters in my hands typically I will

preserve the honor of your family and Home in ensuring that positive boundaries remain uncrossed now is not

the time to try to reason with them instead I will give them the authority

tranquility and knowledge they need to deal with them use caution while speaking without becoming Furious they

are the ones who can cure or inflict harm I have not treated you badly since

then your children are also recipience of your love and salvation realize this

you will make errors and cry but the Redemption you have found will also overcome these things a Tipping Point

will eventually be reached bring blessings into your home with the intention of pleasantly enriching it and

extending years of enjoyment repent and return home expand their understanding

of the gift of forgiveness and the opportunity for a fresh start you’ll

find great comfort in knowing that they are now in my care your character is quite inspiring and I respect the words

you say to me especially when you pray with your eyes closed your throbbing heart fills me with immense Delight

assuaging any pain disorder or discomfort keep in mind that my love has

no bounds and that I’m the rightful owner of you I will personally intervene with any enemy who dares to venture out

their goal may be to undermine your faith and generate confusion in your thoughts when you’re spiritually

exhausted you must go forward despite the feeble Minds that emerge in the face of adversity when disputes coales when

tiredness sets in and when decisions Loom large we are seeking a place of tranquility and relief I promise that

being with me will provide you with Everlasting Solace and longing my protective grip on you will remain

unabated no matter how heavy your problems get I did not organize the events you are currently experiencing

from your modern vantage point I can guarantee that you will succeed so supported firmly by my powerful grasp I

have never intended for anybody to suffer we design challenges to push you to your limits not to break you but to

shape you into a better version of yourself you will overcome this difficult situation and I can relieve

you of the weight that sits heavily on your shoulders instead of a life of loneliness and misery my wish is that

you may have a life of plenty of joy and Company the way your fate is playing out is so spectacular

that your enemies are plotting methods to give you even more benefits your unfaltering faith is like a mighty sword

it can cut through any opposition you face in this daring battle and the ability to choose is in your hands be

cautious because the traps of evil ideas and emotions set by your enemies may

also Lead You astray but if my Holy Spirit resides in the foremost place in your life and heart you will conquer

resolutely I control your faith fate and the fact that you exist despite the

skepticism of others your belief in an invisible all powerful force remains

unwavering this unwavering belief helps you saw live and walk as a child of the

universe’s Creator full of self assurance and joy since the cosmos is

always looking over you and caring for your every need the strength of your determination and the beauty of your

heart will touch me profoundly the next day I love long for the chance to welcome you in the Stillness Before Dawn

with boundless affection if you want to liberate yourself from your hardships I value you tremendously these days pay

close attention I can find the solution you’re looking for your situation may seem complicated at times but keep in

mind that you have already put your faith in me to choose your fate and way of life since my soul is inside you

there is no obstacle too great for me take this to Heart repeat it yell it and

write it down but above all believe it to be real declare it with conviction as

only the Divine can achieve it this is something you should internalize My Vow

is to be a multicolored diffused presence that heals your land and brings about life-altering changes for you my

statement will no longer be null and invalid you are a child of the all powerful God therefore even if the

change in circumstances seems hard at times he is ultimately in control get a

fresh perspective by asking questions immediately my Holy Spirit and magical energy surround you enabling you to

persevere through lovingly speaking my word gently dealing with others controlling your anger ceasing to scold

those you love and replacing destructive behaviors with loving ones effective Miracles will be accomplished let your

gaze see the Magnificent Marvels that I am revealing to you as you get near me and realize that I am by your side are

you diligently seeking my words listening carefully and aligning

regardless of your emotional state you possess the power to open your Bible and enter a supernatural realm where your

heavenly father consistently loves protects guides and leads you I am able

to be by your side I have seen you through your struggles with anxiety and Terror but as the night faded a grin

returned to your face and the world became a brighter place it was clear that you were confident I am proud of

the child my kid is that guy oh my I yelled out the celestial beings above

were watching you closely ready to lend you a helping hand remove obstacles and

ensure that your goals came true in every way imaginable I will respond by naming you

I have shown you glimpses from another world I have given you strength your bravery moves me to offer you a

wonderful blessing there has been no other option for me when I say anything I mean it I

hold myself to my word a unique and great religious stage is yours to take

and you have demonstrated the maturity and seriousness necessary for it in the

present moment you do not need anything more therefore stop comparing yourself

to other people keep your focus on what you want out of life and don’t let yourself be jealous of other people’s

success real or imagined give other people permission to remain in their fantasies but you will live your hard

work and perseverance will transform your dreams into reality you most likely did not come all the way here just to go

back in order to defeat your country’s advantages I brought you here all of

your hard work will pay off handsomely when your lovely dreams come true at the

same time when the ground Quakes and people will moan about the need for your family you will be fortunate despite the

heavy burdens of grief as opportunities dwindle your mind is like a topic to me

I seem to be going through a lot myself but every morning while you listen to me I am planting seeds that will grow into

new ideas my dear son and daughter know that I’m closer than you may think just

relax I’ve got everything under control relax at this moment trust in the

process while the process process may seem slow at times there are numerous tasks within my Flawless and mystical

blueprint each with its own distinct location power exercises that remain I’m

removing obstacles Moving Mountains tearing down walls and fighting enemies you can’t see everything you’ve hoped

for will materialize a calm and Tranquility is bestowed On You by me

everything may be okay if you just relax and smile I want happiness for you right

now think about and be grateful for the miraculous things that protect you from

harmful processes try not to utter words or sentences look at the promises I have

made to you devote yourself wholeheartedly to every moment cherish the opportunities to share your

happiness and imagine the magic happening while we converse every day

miraculous things happen to me and I use them to shape your future pay attention

to what I say because I can reveal wonderful truth truths even when Faith wavers you are now experiencing a

significant metamorphosis in your life and all may be okay you will burn out the mental worries I am offering my

assistance out of love and my promises are unwavering if you need help finding

peace of mind I can be here for you in spite of your frailties and the things you may think you’ve done wrong you have

a heavenly father who is always there to provide you with the strength to tackle life’s challenges

my infinite kindness and grace are something you must comprehend I have never let you down

before and I will not let you down now either in your hour of need this morning

even if your heart hurts and your soul is crying open your eyes to this knowledge listen again until you have

the juice to keep going as you approach me every morning wooing me with all your

heart I beg you to listen carefully I pray that you are well and happy and I

hope that our future is filled with peace and holy Prosperity I wish you and your loved ones a life devoid of sadness

anger and division your kind and innocent heart is the key to many wonderful things and I want you to keep

it that way until you see them for yourself those who taunt will meet their

demise your pretend friends and adversaries who claim to be intelligent but are increasingly falling short May

deceive themselves into believing they are C all the while engulfed in a profound and

dark theological crisis the only thing they can do is look on in jealousy

opportunities will follow you wherever you go but you also need to be prepared for resistance even if you face

difficult circumstances and fights they are unconcerned since they are gloating about their shortcomings and acting as

if they are someone they are not despite appearances they are full of sin I will

protect you from harm my beloved child Fain Perfection nothing or no one can

stand in your way your faith is not in a theoretical God but in a living active

real and mighty God so you are not alone my affection is appropriate and I have

shown my worth to you before stay calm hold back your tears and refuse to

believe the deceit and threats we are one I will rescue you from the clutches

of evil danger scarcity death and disease I am interested in you I hear

your prayers I accept your petitions and you must be a living embodiment of my message in order to receive my blessing

and accept my word as true my promise is that I will understand your heart’s

aspirations but you must realize this fundamental reality your soul and

intellect are inseparable despite having a firm foundation in the natural world you have

unrestricted access to the realm of one wers difficult circumstances will crop up disputes will escalate and new foes

will appear to hurt you I am here to support you every step of the way so no

matter what comes your way I will ensure that you overcome it the spirit of a champion resides in you and my word

abides in your soul your unwavering belief is the ultimate remedy get to your feet and face your problems headon

you have my undying affection and I am strengthening you Proclaim your faith in

me without hesitation it is impossible for God to do anything try to put

yourself in my position and think about why I would never be able to love and bless someone as wonderful as you my

deepest desire is to provide you with Everlasting salvation so you may rest

certain that no matter what happens you will always feel my imense love and protection as you navigate This World

With My Love by your side I stake my life on that promise so that you too May

Triumph against adversity and failure in this life in order for you to have a

life beyond the material sphere I rose from the dead on the third day if you ever feel vulnerable or if tired

emotions obscure your soul you are wonderful many others also endure loneliness misery rejection and

suffering in our world Proclaim to the Four Winds that you are my beloved Child

by thrusting your feet forward and raising your arms com in a triumphal motion as a champion of many powerful

people you are strong and courageous and have won a thousand fights nothing and

no one will be able to defeat you you are not an isolated individual resign

yourself to a life of melancholy and Gloom no more I don’t want to wallow in

misery or feel confined by anxiety you mean the world to me today my little one

I am already working to make sure you win even if if you don’t have the strength to say it I know what’s on your

mind and can empathize with the feelings you’re experiencing on this seemingly

difficult day I care about you more than you can imagine take it easy my dear

daughter and my Priceless boy everything is within my control we now perceive

faith and worry as distinct Concepts it may feel like a lengthy Road at times

but I keep in mind that everything is working together according to my finest most miraculous design power exercises

that remain I’m fighting invisible enemies while Paving roads shifting mountains and removing barriers you will

achieve the miracle you want I am pouring calmness and Tranquility into you put on an air of cheerfulness and

serenity everything will be fine right now express your gratitude for the beautiful things in your life and stop

using negative or destructive language show me my assurances by pouting and

locking eyes with with me indulge in every moment to the fullest and record the day so you can participate in my

happiness fortify your faith by showing up ahead of time contemplating the incredible possibilities and conversing

with me in my book your destiny has already determined great Miracles your

faith will remain strong as you seek me out on a daily basis listen carefully

while I speak softly to you my words may hold the key to a world of Marvels

things could be looking up for you now that your way of life is changing everything that you’re carrying will

eventually burn up you are looking out for me because you know how much I love you and how firm my promises are with

the knowledge that your heavenly father is a gift that is always with you I will let you rest and go forth into life with

confidence Serenity and joy listen closely as I speak to you I have a

solution that may seem complicated given your circumstances but you have given over your life and your heart to me my

spirit existing within you plants the belief that I can do anything think

about it say it yell it write it but most importantly believe it God can do

all things therefore Proclaim it today with unshakable trust in the midst of

adversity may you never forget that you are a precious child of an all powerful God

because my promise is alive and will heal your country and bring about a transformation in your lives renew your

mindset quickly because you carry my Supernatural energy and my heavenly Spirit lives inside you by speaking my

words lovingly being kind to others controlling your temper and not yelling at your family you will bring about

effective Miracles stop causing harm and start letting love dictate your actions

toward the people you care about I’m revealing Marvels before you can even look at me and I’ll be able to

respond every day pay close attention and tune your ears to my message whether

you’re feeling well or not open your Bible and find the doorway to a supernatural world where your heavenly

father loves protects publishes and guides you every moment of the day and

night as I said before I can generally be with you never lose sight of the fact

that our souls are inseparable even when the gateway to the kingdom of Wonders is wide open you must

keep your feet firmly planted in the Botanical world as you go through life

you will encounter challenging circumstances disputes and potential enemies who are always looking for ways

to hurt you however no matter how difficult things become you will ultimately Prevail in times of seeming

weakness you may rely on my Aid and my support will never wne keep in mind that

there is no limit to my grace and my kindness endures forever in this your

greatest hour of need I will not abandon you as I have in the past as your heart

aches and your spirit weeps rise with the sun and listen for my voice this is

where your daily power comes from and I couldn’t agree more for you I see a

future full of happiness and fulfillment embrace my passion for life itself live

and persist despite obstacles remember my promises confront assaults and unshakable issues and be undaunted in

times of danger keep in mind the strength I see in you and have faith in your heart that I can help you succeed

even when others fail you you are really special come to me in supplication bend

down in adoration and raise your hands every day when you are in my company

your deepest desires will be satis Saied I Delight in listening to their expressions this year try your best to

scrutinize your lifestyle and all of its responsibilities this is your chance

seize it with all your might if you accept it I will bless you and your loved ones there may be nothing else

besides fulfilling My Love For You by letting me into your heart and accepting

the forgiveness and comfort that my gentle love offers I will restore your dignity and your proper place a brighter

life is waiting for you you should put your whole faith in the promises since they are written in your heart do not

follow the example of those who profess love but do not practice religion they put human opinion first inviting scorn

and criticism in the process some people try to take advantage of others by

forcing them to do things they don’t have to In The Name of Love they blame you alone since they are inflated with

false religiosity and Superior complexes the greatest transgression I commit

right now is letting go of you entirely so that I may get some rest my Holy

Spirit Will Comfort your broken heart and troubled mind as he guides you through the night when I break the last

bonds you will be true to yourself my reasonable gentle and resilient toddler

your happiness may not depend on the opinions of others you will always be my

heartfelt testimony to my remarkable love love and the gates and windows of

heaven will open to welcome you reversing course is now out of the question maybe failure just means

looking back there may be no other place for you to go except here since my influence in your life is immense if you

pay attention to what I’m saying and if you’re determined enough you can find happiness every day rain or shine this

miraculous suggestion will embolden you causing your hands to feel strong your legs to be nimble and inspiration to

flood your thoughts the holy spirit will guide you to leave your home and knock on the doors that require attention put

fear aside you could feel more comfortable approaching those in positions of power today on This Global

stage you will not find someone so important or prominent as to provoke you

you may win their hearts by simply smiling and raising your hand when you bless them miraculous things will start

to happen embrace the fleeting difficulties that come your way they are not signs of failure with added perks

you can regain everything you’ve lost and more think about how you are intrinsically mine and made to win not

doomed to fail remind yourself that you did not come into this world with a negative attitude because of my undying

love for you I will make sure that my words of Promise make you a Victor in spite of your fears I have been and will

continue to be by your side keep moving forward with unshakable trust for I will

bestow blessings upon you and fortify you with Vitality today make sure you

know that I’m not alone when it comes time to pay I will absolutely not leave

you hanging I may answer your call a constant reminder that I am with you as

you face This Global challenge is my word which resides in your heart at my

command a legion of angels will watch over you at all times destroying any danger lurking in the shadows stop

worrying right now and the next time fear attacks push yourself forward with

determination act as if you have already won I want you to know that my feelings for you are becoming Stronger by the day

by giving my life on the cross I came to save you and give you an abundant life I

offer myself wholeheartedly to you ready to hear you out take on your qualities

and provide the serenity you need you should not be concerned about your fate I have a purpose in mind for you

there is no limit to my love it will remain forever it may take some time for

word of my fantastic scheme to spread I beg you to keep your eyes on my good deeds and your heart on mine I have seen

you from the beginning of time seeing your successes and failures when you sin please come to me honestly and with

trust asking for forgiveness do not go to a dark place to MN your

transgressions thinking your life has come to an end and that I am enraged your acknowledgement method with

self-belief and legitimate purpose was already an attempt at atonement for your

misdeeds and I will give you every other chance stop fretting and put your

problems in my hands they are out to destroy your spirit I am yours you’re

basically giving up on life altogether by letting me hold you with my words I

can put a soothing bomb in your bones in my conversations with you I always want

to show you the way to righteousness out of love put your faith in me and let go

of your anxieties when times get tough you can always lean on me pay attention

to these messages and share them as soon as you hear them may my love fill your house and bring you much joy and

contentment as your steadfast companion and protector I remain by your side if

you come to me daily in prayer I will strengthen your coronary heart calm your

soul and remove your anxieties allow me to sew this message deep inside your coronary heart if given

the chance I can alleviate your fears forget about everything else even if

only for a time regardless of the way that individuals who claim to adore you forsake you I am making use of your

aspect no matter how many people try to destroy you you must maintain your standing if you never feel alone know

that I care about you and will be here to provide a safe haven I am your Confidant your parent and your God

attempting to comprehend such deep love and compassion unrivaled tenderness and unsurpassed sweetness may be challenging

you blame yourself and believe that your flaws make you Unworthy of Love hold off on being hard on yourself if you keep

lowering yourself you will only ever end up sad and depressed I will keep exploring every possible Avenue so that

even the tiniest bit of knowledge may also Captivate your senses in the hopes of curiosity and friendship from

everyone else my beloved child of my heart additionally I want to know whether you love me deeply I admire and

respect you so be more persistent with yourself do not be uncertain about your

value I have forgiven you and am prepared to assist you I have come to forgive and remove your sins not to

punish you for them you are you are mine you stand before me unadulterated when we are together even though it’s

difficult to accept your poor decisions they stemmed from unexpected distractions and events and your face

mirrors my Justice you don’t need to feel frustrated because I understand exactly what you’re going through I’m

not here to punish you or hide my affection from you stop placing the blame on yourself for the events that

are happening around you I know how hard it was for you and I know how much it

hurts to be a afraid of making the same errors and going through the same pain

you still haven’t found comfort in Me Feel My Embrace and hold my hand close

at all times I’m always Vigilant protecting you from harm and guiding you on the path of Justice take a deep

breath and do something small like anything to strengthen your faith it

might be a little seed with Big Dreams of great things to come you are planting the seed for future Miracles through

your faith take it easy on yourself you’ve learned a lot from your mistakes and your perspective is changing for the

better you’re also accepting the most significant gift I can bestow upon you my forgiveness a selfless Act of Love

rest assured you are now clean and finished through it all I have been there to support you turn off the device

refrain from giving up the hard one progress amazing benefits are on the way therefore I implore you to bring your

anxieties to light my prayer pray and watchfulness will protect your joy from the Raging fires of wroth avoid saying

things that hurt other people or making comparisons that bring shame upon them

this price is located in the Holy space of your property a Heavenly path filled with many benefits and Marvels respect

the holy laws and ordinances that govern but do not allow your voice to become harsh before you use the rod of

discipline in your family refrain from throwing cruel remarks at each other

come to a state of inner peace first hold on a second inviting me to hold

your hand and Infuse your spirit with Heavenly thoughts is my prayer from the

break of dawn until the Twilight of night I can gently guide you to give a gentle touch to the things you value

most and even in your dreams I will be there Whispering words of wisdom so that

you can imagine the beautiful things I’ve made for you just as the sun rises with Boundless Energy preparing you to

face any challenge with poise and serenity if the weight is too much for you right now I will not put any more

pressure on you to endure what you can I get it

preforpro I have already secured the win just a few more steps and you’ll be able

to see the payoff for your unfaltering commitment the Triumph of your efforts in this way and the benefits of standing

up without complaining or crying you have my deepest appreciation for your unwavering commitment to see this fight

through to its conclusion no matter how difficult it may be I grant you the

strength to walk unhe hurt over serpents and crafty devils and to Vanquish all

evil forces without harm imagine yourself in the role I’ve chosen for you

exuding confidence and an unwavering spirit and knowing that the beautiful dreams you’ve been dreaming of are about

to come true your faith is the sliver of hope that Dawns upon me each day

you inspire me with your strong will and I find endless Marvels in your lives as

well as vice versa to show my gratitude there could be a boundary they shouldn’t cross you must respect the Dignity of

your family and housekeepers staying silent won’t work if they do if you need

strength calm or knowledge to face them headon I can provide it to you but I

typically just go up to them think carefully about your words without becoming angry since they have the power

to cause great pain or help others get well just as I’ve shown you the children

you hold in your heart are also eligible for love and Redemption I firmly believe

that you can Rectify your mistakes dry your tears and bring the Redemption into

your children’s lives true Contrition will set in and they may even bring

gifts to provide even more joy to your household in the years to come forgive

and charm your way in and never give up hope for your children he will engulf you in his Tranquility your children are

safe in my hands so you can relax when you talk to me I love the way your voice

Echoes from your chest and your demeanor is lovely as you gently shut your eyes a

joyful Rhythm fills your coronary heart from up high I’m washing over you an

overwhelming sense of Joy washing away any negativity illness or suffering in

you will feel deeply valued the moment my words reach your ears discouragement

and heavy footfall are not necessary responses to your circumstances these days there are a lot

of ways I can express my feelings for you on every occasion when grief enters

your life you will feel Heavenly love filling you throughout times of strife let me fill your heart with pure delight

and banish the darkness of sorrow with my all-encompassing service

your newfound happiness will sweep your loved ones away and even your enemies will flee Angels constantly guard your

family encircling your home with a Heavenly defense of protection my love

for you is deep and unwavering as real as the air you breathe and more wondrous

and magnificent than anything you could ever wish for so embody this reality

your appreciative mood every morning is a component of your life change and I am

genuinely affected by it my love is the biggest gift in your life your house

your family and yourself will all start to stand out let go of what is pulling

you towards a Chasm and focus on what is ahead Embrace change and let go of the

past direct your gaze towards Celestial subjects your life is valuable your

family is wonderful and my plans for you do not Center on those friendships that claim to be indestructible rather they

include the genuine satisfaction that comes from trusting in my grace and power even if some may stray from their

path I Will Never Let You Down by being there for you on a daily basis the moment is almost here and the Good

Fortune you’ve been hoping for will come rushing down upon you a holy and genuine abundance of Serenity will come into

your life replacing the days of worry and scarcity standing steady in the face

of challenging events for a fresh rep Revelation to touch your soul depends on your unfaltering belief in my promises

which is crucial for your trip ahead you will discover my deepest Secrets the

magnitude of my love for you and the quantity of my favors are going to blow your mind feel free to talk to me is

everything set up for you to reap the benefits intended for you find a balance between our emotions I feel the same way

about your affection for your children they are important to you my book name include every detail about them

expressing your heartfelt views Ambitions mistakes and wishes can

release your worries about the choices you’ve made they act as if they’ve lost their path but you shouldn’t obsess

about matters that aren’t within your control instead put your troubles in my hands and focus on improving your own

lives worrying too much will do nothing except sap your energy and disrupt your

Serenity keep your faith and vitality alive the moment has arrived to release

the things you want to let go of and I encourage you to hope now that they’re old enough the doves are ready to fly

send them flying with confidence knowing that my protective shield will keep them safe at all times the urge to influence

your child’s choices is strong and you let unnecessary worries weigh you down let me take care of those things staying

down in the dumps was never part of my plan someone who constantly belittles

you calls you a loser and says you’ll never amount to anything deserves your dismissal there is no Vitality in their

words there is no need to pay interest to them these changes could be permanent

right now I’m crossing my fingers for victory and good fortune free yourself from pessimism and

self-criticism you may find my sentences healing Inspire Elevate and Revitalize

your joy they aim to motivate you with new captivating Ambitions and and

aspirations I want that the right people listen to me validate your beliefs tell

you that you can value yourself and hold my hand that you are happy and smiling right now that your heart is full of joy

that your life isn’t coming to an end and that your path is long but full of wonderful

surprises I promise to adore you without ceasing and to always look out for you

it is impossible to undo this precious love I’ve prepared items of the highest quality for you slowly but surely give

me your hand and I will lead you to Joy and contentment what matters is not how

fast you get there but how steady and resilient you are maintain your faith

calm and strong keep your head up don’t glance down and stare directly in front

of you the time it takes you to get there may not be that long in spite of

this you may have matured physically and mentally and your mind may tell you that

the day are becoming longer and that you’re getting tired of waiting stop allowing your emotions to control your

life and realize that I want to go ahead of your family and pave the way for them

you can hold firm when faced with adversity Vanquish your adversaries and break beyond your own personal

boundaries religion and power will never leave you but I no longer offer a Pure

Life if you are brave you can confidently win this battle receive my

precious promise promises which will restore your body I want to free you from the shackles of Despair and

discouragement by making my words easy to understand and inspiring faith in me

so that you can overcome any kind of sadness that may be weighing you down false friends will lead you down the

path of failure so be wary of them today all of these Illusions will go away

holding on to my love and being myself will cause a huge Miracle to spread you

may not require an effective means of navigating the path of melancholy or

sadness in relation to your present circumstances after hearing my voice Revel in the depths of great love you

may feel my enormous affection for you in a variety of ways right now I can prove it to you with the power of my

words and I can also demonstrate it to you if you persist through adversity my

heavenly love will support you your broken heart will find peace in my arm

and you will enter a land of NeverEnding Delight even your loved ones will be amazed by your change and wonder what

brought about your inner Joy when they see how strong you are in the face of adversity they will feel helpless and

nervous a fortress of heavenly protection will surround you and Legions of angels will constantly defend your

house act on this reality from the bottom of your heart I want you to know

that my love for you is real and not an illusion this is as real as the oxygen

you breathe it’s stronger and better than any Miracle you could ask for my darling this love surrounds you infusing

you with new ways of living I hold your thankful heart in the highest regard every morning when you awaken because it

is the greatest gift you could ever get I am eternally grateful for the care I

have taken over your life future and days your unfaltering faith compels me

to grasp my reality regardless of the mockery from those who deny the existence of an invisible all powerful

god with this unwavering faith and my watchful eye over you you will Ascend to

a place of residing and feel as a newborn of the universe’s Creator walking with unwavering confidence and a

face beaming with Limitless Joy I feel a deep range of emotions when I think of

my pricey baby your steadfast partner your thankfulness and your kind nature I

anxiously anticipate the opportunity to embody you once again the following day

as the sun rises in the sky if you are seeking a remedy for your most recent

problems I commend you stay focused on what I’m saying your resilience is

evident and your coronary heart’s unwavering tears were your allies while fear and anxiety were your

enemies but with each new day comes renewal which lights up your face

restores your smile and empowers as you to stand tall and I cherish you and feature an unwavering notion of your

talents listen carefully as I Proclaim that this is my toddler the celestial

hosts are ready to guide you in being consistent with your steps and in comprehending your objectives I have

strengthened your soul and given you divine understanding thus when you call

I will respond your courage moves me inspiring me to shower you with blessings my resolve is unwavering and I

will see through to completing my obligations you’re ready to take your faith to the next level now that you’ve

become wise and serious do not fall into the evaluation trap you are on a unique

and individual Adventure use the skills you’ve developed to fearlessly pursue your dreams and ignore them let other

people pursue their dreams as you live out your own path and don’t be envious of their achievements real or imagined

your accomplishments are and hard work will not go unnoticed you are no longer destined to retreat but to dominate your

own domain of advantages in these times of global instability your heartfelt

desires will develop immensely and produce abundant fruit you and your

loved ones will reap the rewards While others mope over missed chances my

morning lessons could find a welcoming home in your thoughts as you listen you notice hints of originality in what

you’re saying these seeds will soon produce Progressive ideas in love you

will experience immense joy and the Gates of Heaven will open wide for you the Spectre of failure has disappeared

it’s possible there will be no turning back now because of the depth of my impact on your life I have become your

Refuge I urge you to accept my words which bring you true Delight every

morning with the help of holy devotion you will awaken revitalized this Divine suggestion will

lift your spirits strengthen your arms make your legs faster and fill your brain with a flood of creative ideas

living in the Haven of Peace is my deepest wish for your family I long for the miraculous events that shaped you

into the person I imagine free from the darkness of negativity and disharmony

that lurks inside the tenderness and innocence of your heart behold the demise of those who oppose you including

enemies and dishonest allies who taunt you with false information Envy consumes

their lives even if they perceive themselves as intelligent and comfortable my blessing adorns you my

beloved toddler despite the opportunities and obstacles you may encounter along the way you my little

one muster up your courage in the face of adversity remember do not run away in

Terror their ostentation masks their transgressions they hide their sins behind an air of superiority but I will

defend end you no matter what you have company your faith is firmly grounded in

the real powerful and Majestic God not in abstract ideas but in me and Alive

your lives are living proof of my love and I have shown you my power in spite of threats and lies you should not give

in discouragement or despair by your side protecting you from Wicked danger

death and illness put my teachings into practice accept my blessing and Air firm

your faith in me wo you mean the world to me I respect your wishes and listen to your needs your anguish has moved me

profoundly and I can feel the need in your coronary heart watch how life’s Splendor shuns the dark Corners where

contempt hides tears you are very important to me and I offer you forgiveness and support the next day I

will shape you into a brilliant being bestowing upon you the talents and skills of tremendous electrical power

Embrace a state of calm joy and wellness to Stand Tall on your

veins push upwards your heavenly father has protected your Royal Blood eternally

and that fact proudly proclaims your acceptance as a son or daughter of your beloved father I will remove obstacles

from your path as soon as you give me the chance I implore you to find answers

Earnest feel the change as your home family and very identity undergo a

makeover keep looking forward and put putting the past in the rearview mirror trust in the power of my transformation

let go of the weight that has engulfed you in the shadows let go of Earthly concerns and fix your Gaze on God your

family is beautiful and your lifestyle is priceless my intentions for you may

seem like more than just ideas they may be possible because of my grace and energy as well as your power even your

closest friends May betray you so you shouldn’t put all your faith in them however I assure you that no one will

ever abandon you when the long-awaited rewards materialize bringing with them

hallowed tranquility and plenty to replace worry your unwavering faith in my word Paramount will test I will

reveal my deep secrets and strategies to you and you will rise to your destined Heights unflinchingly even in the face

of adversity my affection for you is immense and the benefits I have showered

upon you are Bountiful could you tell me whether you are prepared to take advantage of the

opportunities that are on your way you express yourself authentically your affection for your Offspring is deep and

abiding they are also very important to me in my book you will discover that every aspect of their lives has left an

indelible mark on your own I have now made sure to include this have faith in

me I beg you a life filled with contentment joy and health is waiting

for you stay with with me as long as you can and cling to my affection continues

despite constraints when tough times come remember my promises keep going

even when things get tough don’t let fleeting moments of luck discourage you

do you Remember The Bravery you showed before I arrived think deeply even when

others look down on you this is your year and it is the period when you will reap spiritual and eternal wealth as a

result of your present circumstance an es listen to those words embrace my presence seek me in prayer humble your

heart daily and approach your life’s obligations with great fervor maybe all

your wishes will come true you’ve got it there I will bestow blessings upon you

and your loved ones if you ask me my love may Grant your every wish I will do

the rest to put you back where you belong and honor you embrace the healing and forgiveness my love brings by

placing your TR trust in the promises etched in your heart reject judgments and practice true Freedom do not be like

those who speak about my love but don’t have faith rest peacefully tonight the

voice of my Holy Spirit shall set you free as soon as the sun rises you will

be free from the constraints of other people’s opinions even in the worst of times a brave and smart youngster will

hold on to their colorful Faith know that you are mine to hold in times of pain Despair and

disorientation draw nearer to the better future I have planned keep your fearful contempt to yourself I value support and

pardon you I may bestow upon you a destiny brimming with Brilliance plenty of gifts and aspirational abilities

discover true contentment pleasure and health and Seize Your ancestral Homeland

take pride in your stature your strong heavenly father is watching over you like a prince or princess to confirm

your conviction please contact me I am answering your fervent prayers removing

obstacles and opening the way you are a champion at heart and my word is in

yours your unwavering faith is the key to your freedom get up and confront your

problems head on now what you think of me is accurate and I love you very much

Proclaim it jot it down again God can do anything you should be close by instead

of me with a friend like you how could I possibly not adore and bless you I have

made the ultimate decision to offer you Eternal Redemption have no dread always

remember that you are safe and loved go into this world with your head held high my love enveloping you in order for you

to also walk in Triumph and not defeat I sacrificed my life on the cross everyone

may experience loneliness I woke up on the . day therefore it’s possible to

live a spiritual existence Beyond material possessions when you let exhaustion sadness or muddled emotions

strike your spirit you open yourself up to suffering rejection and Agony raise

your arms in Triumph and declare to the heavens that you are my beloved child

Brave powerful and victorious in a thousand fights that is you a strong

person is a champion you are unstoppable in this this world you are neither alone

nor isolated my spirit I will not let you remain mired in Gloom and despair

here in my presence I am summoning you as your knees come into contact with the floor this is your area when your

nonsecular adversary sees the might and Splendor surrounding you it will run away in fear my Army will arrive with

shining swords splitting the winds and smashing evil it has the vocal ability

to threaten you but not the guts or might to really hurt you to the brave ones among you I address this message

I’m addressing you here the purpose of this message is to uplift your spirit let these words reverberate in your

heart and mind like an inscription again raise your arms and declare it loudly my

heavenly father the remarkable lord loves me forever holy Carefree cautious

and perceptive that is me my skills and dedication are those of a true fighter I

want that feeling on you each morning I hope this faith May establish strong foundations dissociate yourself from

those who take pleasure in dust and believe the falsehood spoken by their Destroyer they seek illusory assurances

in pursuit of illusory riches vacant jobs crooked power and transient

celebrity they think I’m strong and a presence when I’m among people who brag about their money clothes and food

choices and who engage in evil deceit and terrible illusion they hate what I

say and don’t want anything to do with me since I am the only one who came to this Arena as a servant who died on a

cross however you have welcomed me into your heart and now I want to do

miraculous Works inside of you with a spirit of humility shut your eyes to the services of the consumed and trust that

I will save you I will give you more wisdom and Tranquility so you will not

get tired of waiting no defeat will befall me if you now let not a Shadow of

Doubt or criticism Cloud the canvas of your faith and Delight in Christ I want

your heart to be filled with a Heavenly feeling a constant reminder of my promises even in the darkest times and

to be free from things that unnecessarily worry you stay clear from the Realms of your enemies those who

would trap you in practices that disappoint me and force you to do things you would rather not preserve your heart

because it contains your whole being remain St steadfast and do not let the aggressive take away your happiness I

decided to keep the front area I will keep you from falling into the traps laid by evildoers and the depths of

Satan’s Abyss if you seek my wisdom before making any major decisions in your lives on a daily basis I want to

share my knowledge with your family I pray that they will hold my word of prayer and discretion in high regard so

that they refrain from speaking hurtful things refrain from spreading rumors and defamation not believe everything people

say be involved with chronic liars and not let anyone who perceives resentment

or fear in them into my presence bearing their problems thoughts and emotions I

wish them Abundant Blessings and spiritual Prosperity always keep your ear to the ground and listen for the

still little voice inside me as I speak to you throughout the day pay attention

to where you are I want for you to shine with the light of my glory casting your

ambitious gaze to boost the spirits of people around you While others have the marks of struggle on their faces you are

more than just a product of the universe you are my beloved child endowed with unique talents and gifts to serve me and

bring glory to my name do not let fear obscure your vision of your future

because I have a plan for you both my love and my plan are perfect and will come to fruition when the time is right

because of the big bang I paved the way for the universe’s virtuous Pathways before you and I want your heart to

remain steadfastly focused on them because I have known you I am familiar with your shortcomings and achievements

should you ER my heart yearns for your Contrition pray over me with unfaltering

faith and I will ask for forgiveness and receive it you must not hide in the dark

lamenting your transgressions under the false impression that I am enraged you

should know that I paid the price for your sins before you ever admitted them the Priceless gift of redemption and an

inheritance are mine lovingly bestowed on you since I have completed my element

I am writing to inform you that you are on the verge of a religious elevation where Miracles are an integral part of

your daily journey and that you have overcome vast terrain so you are well prepared to stand resolutely as you have

done we should not waste the hardships you’ve endured the blood you’ve sacrificed or the tears you’ve shed no

matter how much your loved ones appreciate your efforts they will eventually forget them keep your focus

on the final objective you are stronger than even the most resilient steel because of your unwavering faith and

determination put in some effort muster up the courage your future takes a

fantastic turn even if other people may have given up on reason and now Harbor feels remorse for for it imagine the

imminent opening of heavenly Windows my heavenly presence surrounds you my spirit rules in your house by bringing

blessings and happiness into your home you are encouraging a new generation to forgive and reconcile with those who

have left even those who have strayed I am by your side so have no fear I am

your God so you need not worry anymore I will continue from the depths of Heaven

to strengthen assist and support you with my right hand I have bestowed my blessings on you furthermore I pray that

you receive benefits and see my glory in your family your friends family and neighbors will also feel the Heavenly

Graces Embrace if you want to be the instrument that delivers healing to the people in your life you need to realize

that the Masterpiece starts within you therefore I beg you to set aside time

every morning to listen intently think about the changes I’ve already made inside of you and see how this holy word

has transformed seemingly impossible circumstances that had previously caused you to struggle I am beckoning you into

my presence so draw close when your knees hit the floor you will know where

you belong when my Legions return they will slice through the air with brilliant swords smashing evil when your

nonsecular enemy sees your immense power and Splendor he will cower in fear

making Hollow threats from a distance you are deceiving him because he lacks the strength to harm you the purpose of

the message is to uplift your spirit imprint those words on your memory and

make them ring true in your heart raise your hands again and say it loudly my

heavenly father who is also my Lord and God loves me forever my virtues are

being free cautious and intelligent I am a true warrior a Victor talented and

faithful I hope you embody this emotion each morning ideally this Faith should

become deeply ingrained in yours or our shared hobbies and friendships beloved by my heart I may keep trying to figure

out every possible way to comprehend my love down to the smallest nuances please

convey to me the profound affection that you also feel for me keep going even

when things get tough I love and value you you have my forgiveness and I am

ready to lend you a hand quit second guessing your value I am yours you have

sinned so much that I have decided to choose you anyway we have already cleaned up all of your mistakes in my

presence you remain untainted the light of my righteousness illuminates your face you made poor decisions because you

were preoccupied even if you thought it would be difficult you were irritated

because things did not work out the way you had hoped rest assured you are familiar to me and I am not here to

punish you or keep my love from you you can now use your boom without the shackles that were previously present

you have completely removed the chains that were preventing you from realizing your dream of a prosperous future do not

retreat at this moment in pursuit of approval from others who may have previously desired to locate you if you

want to like and follow me it’s up to you I care about you and want you to be

happy and healthy their goal is to bring you to your knees take charge be

courageous and go firmly forward with the new lives I’m offering you the arrival of your blessing is Drawing Near

take this as a promise acquire it with confidence and Delight mistakes are just

that mistakes break free from the shackles that you have placed upon yourself from where you are in the

afterlife your future unfolds faster than you think in times of exhaustion

and vulnerability remember that I am your caring father I will lead you hug you comfort you and

Whisper words of love and life into your ear my affection for you is profound and

I hope you recognize its value share your anxieties and concerns with me in a

confident Manner and stop blaming yourself for what’s happening I am aware that you have had to deal with

challenges in your life and that you sometimes worry about repeating the same error and going through the same pain

you should find methods to relax in in me so you can feel my arm and draw near

to my hand constantly I watch over you day and night you need to calm down and

figure out how to use your faith but I will take care of you and guide you so you don’t stumble do not be too hard on

yourself even the little Act of religious devotion has the potential to grow into a great miracle your

perspective is changing and you have learned valuable lessons from your failures you are maturing becoming more

perceptive and accepting the greatest gift that anyone could ever receive my forgiveness is a gift of love

acquired through great sacrifice you are already clean and may find Serenity I tell you do not beat yourself up over

things that are beyond your control or wallow in grief over things that you have lost I’m planning something very

spectacular but the idea is key affirm that my love and forgiveness are yours

and pledge to pay attention to my word each today I understand all your problems worries and emotions your hopes

dreams sorrows and low points are all very real to me as a result I may not

let go of your hand count on me to show that I pay attention to what you want

and that I listen to you I have been beating you with a sorrowful message recently I am attentively listening

ensuring it is as obvious as possible you won’t be unprepared when the time comes even if you don’t feel ready right

now now do not stop praying I Am With You Always and may your knowledge of me

grow as you continue to pray daily my love for you is perfect and I am your

father think about the words I use when I tell you I love you take into

consideration that I was unable to get it I wholeheartedly prioritize your

happiness empowerment and the ability to savor every moment of the lives I provide you with get ready for what’s to

come my sincere remarks will motivate you every morning if you’ve ever wanted anything the time is now to get it if

you choose to flourish my little child now is the moment on this day I beg you

to trust me to believe the words that come from my heart and to let me be an integral part of your life I will give

you a life filled with joy peace and plenty not just any old life but one

that is abundant full graced with blessings and more than what this world can offer this I promis to you through

my son Jesus Christ you may join my presence and have a profound and genuine

relationship with me through him he is the way the truth and the lifestyles

present in this Dynamic Global World my darling I implore you to turn your gaze

back to me when you put your faith in my assurances you need not fear nothing bad

will happen to you it’s easy to lose sight of what really counts in my

unwavering presence presence you will find Eternal safety and I will stand as your guardian and Defender I will always

love you my little kid no matter what no matter how bad things become or how

hopeless things appear know that I am with you loving you supporting you and

strengthening your soul your hard work and commitment have arrived and I am ready to commend you your steadfast

faith is all I seek in return take my word for it and I will bring your heart

desires to fruition in the name of my son Jesus I will grant your religious

requests that is the extent to which My Love For You exists today I am fully

committed to being by your side I promise to be there for you at every turn guiding you with a Heavenly hand

while you travel this path you don’t have to worry about which way to turn because I am holding you and leading you

to the place of blessings joy and prosperity that I have planned for you

believe in me and I will assure you that you can overcome any obstacle infinite

unending and everlasting is my love for you never forget that you are more than

an introduction you are my beloved child my most precious possession within the

gentle Embrace of my Limitless love I gently expand the path Beneath Your Feet my beloved so that each stride you take

is accompanied by unfaltering steadiness this sincere pledge reflects

the Deep investment I have have in every facet of your remarkable journey I am well-versed in life’s Maze and can

expertly change your course guiding you with my compassionate touch I often conceal the details of my interventions

allowing you to live blissfully unaware of the challenges I Shield you from through subtle guidance whether you

acknowledge it or not my unending efforts to make this journey easier for you are a manifestation of my eternal

and profound love for you my beloved I remember that from your perspective on

Earth the techniques I use to paint may seem enigmatic I no longer spare you any

hardship for your sake I willly endured unfathomable pain shame and anguish

during my worldly Journey The Crucible is a product of the deep struggle I went through when my father was temporarily

absent it is how I made sure you would never be alone remember that I have

promised to be a continuous presence and a source of joy for you in all your pain

and that with each breath you take in this wonderful moment I will be by your side imagine a joyous ceremonial Feast

that will never stop I am gently teaching you to enjoy yourself with me at every step allowing you to choose the

second option in the middle of the challenges that test your strength I am always there ready to support you

through the most difficult times when a woman becomes engaged to the person she loves the most her heart swells with joy

at the thought of her lover and her problems similarly you will melt into

insignificance when you accept that I am your Everlasting adoration and that our marriage is a vow that will last forever

no matter the storms that life throws at you you may find genuine joy in me my

continual presence empowers you to engage with others in a way that blesses them with the dazzling Joy flowing from

our relationship refrain from allowing pessimism and Dread to accompany you on

the uncertain road ahead as they await your arrival in the unknown you may rest confident that I am by your side at all

times protecting you with my right hand and existing beyond the bounds of time

radiant and welcoming my present stretches into the future where I will boldly guide you beyond the specters of

dread and sadness and urge you forward with words of encouragement keep your eyes fixed on my radiant presence

which is a light of unfaltering affection and many encouragements your faith is based on knowing that I am with

you and can be there for you at all times with words that touch the depths of your soul I am compassionately

extending my call to you filled with knowledge courage and hope do not be

afraid I will always be by your side you no longer need to feel discouraged

because I am your God as your rescuer I promise to strengthen you in times of

need reaching out a helping hand to hoist you up with the power of my

righteous right hand keep this unending Truth at the Forefront of your mind

nothing not even the most difficult of circumstances can break the bonds of

Jesus unending love for you he is by your side Focus all of your strength on

being in my presence and discovering the goodness that is still here in the corners where I’ve given you power use

your unique gift to shine my brilliant light fear not because I possess the

power to change things so that you may achieve perfection even when faced with

evil prepare your soul to endure unfaltering Faith because I the Lord

your savior am with you always in the Resurrection the depths of Doom have

reincarnated you into a living yearning on the cross I voluntarily gave up my

life to take on the punishment for sin those who claim to have faith in me should know that if I had died their

faith would have been in vain and they would remain in spiritual darkness burdened by their

sins however the Living God won over death making it clear that my father and

I are one the account of my resurrection in the books of History paves the path

for you to experience a great rebirth when you put your faith in me as Savior and confess your sins you have become a

cherished companion on my unique Journey illuminated by the light of dwelling

desire even in your lowest and most trying hours my radiant presence will

shine a light as we get closer my dear May the light of my love illuminate your

darkness and fill your heart with an overflowing well of Happiness even in

the midst of murky circumstances and darkness the people who gaze upon me radiate a Heavenly light this is because

I am the Eternal son since you have acknowledged me as your Redeemer you have access to an endless Wellspring of

light that surpasses the darkness inside in the Stillness that comes from being in my presence you are to face the light

this will enable you to soak up the Limitless radiation that is my love and I want you to reflect that Splendor back

to me I may bestow blessings upon you and strengthen your soul the longer you

remain in this radiant environment my love is like a cocoon where you can rest

according to what Jacob said the Lord is Among Us no matter how much or how little time you set aside to commune

with me my presence is always there permeating every corner of the cosmos by

deliberately connecting with others I may make my presence more apparent to you give you the ability to radiate my

light into the world and pour my love on those around you my right hand is always

by your side so cling to me with all your might my darling you gracefully demonstrate your

steadfast commitment to our sacred courtship as you cling to me like a dependent kid I allow difficult times to

shape your faith testing its genuiness as you rely on me in the face of

hardship and perseverance you also take comfort in the promise that I will be there to help

you through all the difficulties you endure you may now face the challenges of the future with the assurance that my

support will be there for you every step of the way woven into the fabric of our

deep bond you are getting deeper and deeper into fathom as you realize that

my Guiding Light is a rock solid anchor therefore imprint upon your heart that

my right hand holds and supports you with this hand in the depths of the darkest nights and The Crucible of the

toughest times you have access to an endless source of support if the weight of the industry becomes too much thanks

to a potent combination of electricity and Justice instead of giving into despair look at myself and the strength

that radiates from inside have faith because my powerful hand is both righteous and naturally strong and

everything that it gives is excellent put your fears to rest it was in the midst of life’s worst hours that

I begged for the power to strengthen you I may be your constant support raising

you up with my virtuous right hand I am I am not only an ethereal Ally and protector I will be at your side forever

a constant presence throughout the universe as we both navigate life’s complex tapestry May the unshakable link

of our commitment be a consistent source of strength and inspiration take heart in the knowledge

that I am here for you forever with my steadfast commitment you may ground your

faith and overcome the fear of failure that may arise in the face of overwhelming obstacles

instead focus on the fact that I am standing by ready to provide my support

openly acknowledge and accept your limitations I am more than sufficient

when we work together in harmony with my Divine will we can overcome any difficulty you know that you rely on me

as your protector shielding you from material and immaterial mental and spiritual dangers in the same way that

you may feel my guardian hand on occasion I defend you from threats that may be hiding in the dark even if you

don’t realize it my all powerful presence is watching over you so you may take comfort in that my beloved you need

not be afraid at all times you are surrounded by others my darling little

one you may rejoice in the knowledge that I am your reliable companion I want

you to know that I am residing in your heart at your side the very fact that I

am a part of you changes everything both right now now and forever you should not

worry about whether you are a suitable home for me people who think they can be accurate enough without me are not

welcome here but I’m happy to make my home in the contrite hearts of Believers and slowly restore and reshape them such

individuals resemble whitewashed tombs they seem lovely from the outside but their inside stink you allow your heart

to fill with Limitless Delight as you contemplate the mind-blowing reality in which I reside I am no longer an

occasional guest here just when your behavior makes me happy I’m fully Alive now but I must

warn you that my maintenance routine and the transformational paintings I do inside you may be unpleasant at times

hold me fast in your unfaltering faith have faith in the one who loved you so much that he sacrificed his life for you

you will mature into the Magnificent creation I envisioned for you as you submit to the changes I’m bringing about

in you when whenever you come across something worthy of appreciation let it occupy your thoughts although it

contradicts the popular way of life it may appear to be reliable the media

tends to concentrate on the wrong things ignoring the many positive things that my people have accomplished maintaining

laser-like concentration is fundamentally at odds with human nature as well as the laws of physics your once

impressive entrance was tarnished by the tumble deciding to be conscious of Excellence is not not something that

happens automatically it requires consistent work and repeatedly making

the right decision every day no matter how bad things become there’s still a lot to be thankful for and the only

thing that’s more worthy of gratitude than what’s right next to you is what you’re

thinking spend some quality time with me beloved there may appear to be an

endless number of competing demands for your attention in your world there are

many obstacles both big and small that prevent you from really engaging with me although many

things may stress you out the most important thing is that you provide me with that one component you select a

cherished possession that defies removal take pride in our unwavering proximity

and allow your familiarity with me to set the tone for everything else my Brilliance May illuminate each passing

second I give you the ability to stand solid in elevated areas by giving you

feet like those of a deer I gave my deer an incredible ability to confidently

scale sheer Cliff faces and Ascend even the steepest slopes when you put your faith in me I will give you the strength

to face challenges take charge and overcome pain always keep in mind that

you are part of a global community in which your spiritual enemies never cease their assaults not like soldiers who

have slaves to ease their workload you must always be ready for battle and on high alert you should always make sure

to wear Dawn’s armor no matter what happens after you’ve done everything you

can to maintain your position in the heat of battle I want you to declare your agreement with me and your faith

that I’m here to help you stand firm do not lose heart even when it seems like

you’re losing the war please stay still and hold on to my hand it is really a

Triumph the gentle light of my presence illuminates all your experience iences past and future this is sacred land and

you must know it focusing on finding quick solutions to their problems would desecrate that precious area your job is

to love and focus some might attempt to evade the situation by withdrawing While

others might be too traumatized to acknowledge their abuse if you do not take advantage of this sacred flaw you

are missing out on a Priceless opportunity the sacred floor must be at your side you must seek assistance from

the sacred ground the Holy Spirit must assist you make it a point for him to rely on you pay attention to you and

adore you as you continue to focus my healing presence begins to weave itself

into the other person as the spirit’s love radiates from you point them in the

direction of me and my many resources that is your main job you and the people

around you may be fortunate if you take this advice to Heart they will have a deep connection with my unfaltering

affection and I can show them the way they must go when you focus on me love

me and rely on me my spirit will refresh your soul like streams of Living Water I

am here to support you on days when your weaknesses are trying to tell you that knowing me is impossible this fact will

become even more valuable your electricity is like a continual handbook

that shows you the path puts constraints on hold and empowers you at every step

since I’m all knowing and can see into every detail I will guide you with my counsel and grasp your right hand don’t

worry about your shortcomings my recommendation is the purest form of awareness imaginable they are made to

help you learn to rely on my loving presence and to believe that I am with you and can help you when you let go of

the idea that you can do everything on your own the world becomes a lot less

daunting on top of that we meet on our shortcomings and I take advantage of

your vulnerabilities to bring others to me while you often show me your energy

my light exposes your shortcomings allow this love to overflow within you enhancing the lives of those

around you to you I am Priceless I am worth much more than anything you can

see with your senses of sight sound or Touch Above All Else knowing me is the

ultimate reward in contrast to the common practice of hoarding insuring or hiding Earthly

Goods the treasures you possess in me are impervious to loss theft or harm I

am boundless therefore by freely sharing me with others you obtain even more Advantage from me there is always more

of me to enjoy and explore you too are approaching the trip with conflicted

emotions while you look forward to this new Journey with much anticipation and hope for many benefits you aren’t quite

ready to leave behind your familiar routines and routine habits no matter

where you are I can keep a watchful eye on you so you don’t have to worry about those annoying ideas my commitment to be

here for you is a comfort that will endure forever the best way to prepare for the trip is to train in my presence

every day Jesus is watching over me therefore I need to keep that in mind

imagine you’re walking with your hand gently held you may trust me to guide you step by step naturally I feel

fantastic therefore you don’t have to worry about becoming lost unwind while

you’re with me I hope you enjoyed the thrill of the unexpected opportunity to

tell me everything about yourself even before the sector’s Inception I knew you

and loved you with an everlasting affection you have plenty of company with every passing second you search for

me be as thorough in your hunt for me as you would if you were looking for buried treasure it doesn’t matter how many

times you try to peek at me stop making it hard for others to grasp how you feel

about me on occasion I make my presence known in magnificent ways on other

occasions I present myself in modest ways that benefit you the most beloved I

beg you to let your eyes and heart open so that you may perceive all my interactions with you you are being

reminded to seek the light of my presence as you go about your day and to widen your angle so that I am a part of

all that you do if you search for me with all your heart you will find me I

am by your side and would gladly keep an eye on you no matter where you go with joyful Melodies lead the way ahead of me

I can help you relax if you come to me my tired one I understand the depth and scope of your exhaustion you have to

move forward when the situation demands it you have to take a break every now and again on the seventh day I finished

my introduction paintings and even though I had endless energy I rested do

you want to see my face and bask in my adoring glow as I shower you with my light as you refresh your heart and soul

let your favorite scriptures wander through your thoughts make a note of any ideas you don’t want to lose and then

return your focus to me I want you to feel at ease in my company so that my

love may fill you to the core and flow freely out of you I want you to know

that I completely approve of you and relaxation whether it’s via Whispers

whispered lines or music your love for me is beautiful my completed works are

in motion and while you relax in my company you and I both feel refreshed

despite the fact that you are constantly attacked by difficult circumstances you should not ignore the

opportunities to celebrate you are wasting your energy if you moan about your problems or wish for the past in

spite of everything know that I’m Sovereign powerful and loving and that I

am at your side to assist you take hold of my hand with steadfast consent you

may not be able to solve your problems on your own but we can take a step back

look at things from a different perspective and find pleasure no matter how bad things become I am not alone my

soul and existence are in IDE you there’s no time when he can’t lend you a hand stop becoming discouraged by

focusing on your shortcomings because I give strength to the weak and vitality

to the weakest weaknesses come in many forms and everyone is susceptible to them I

use my flaws as a teaching tool to make my loved ones feel secure in their

dependence on me and keep them humble my word is that those who patiently await

my arrival will reawaken their strength there can be no occasional practice of waiting on me I made you to be here with

me all the time knowing that I am the one who sees you waiting for me is intricately related to trusting me my

chances of being on your mind increase in proportion to the amount of time we spend together as your faith in me grows

you will want to spend more time with me waiting for me in every moment of your life additionally this intensifies your

need for me inspiring you to rise above your circumstances and Express gratitude for

my presence this desire bestows boundless blessings on you because I am your Redeemer you may take comfort in me

no matter what happens to you as habak penned these lines his attention shifted

to the prospect of an invasion of his beloved United States of America by the infamous Babylonians a nation known for

their cruelty Terror and Dread as he pondered this terrible forecast he found

a way to enjoy our friendship this happiness is beyond this world the Holy

Spirit residing in each and every one of my followers closely binds joy and gratitude together come to me in the

name of my unfaltering affection and let the joyous music of my Creations convey

my great achievements because I have already died on the cross for your transgressions my love for you will

never fade at this point it is irrelevant to how well you did overall

your significant blessings will become clearer the more you thank me for your

Redemption my love and other benefits being appreciative makes your joy even

more abundant as you express your gratitude to me through music spoken or whispered words or quiet prayer you may

cultivate This Joy sticking it out through a few tough times is a real challenge he will allow you to go

through those times of preparation because perseverance is a spiritual quality do not plan ahead to avoid your

problems instead be patient and keep going since you are growing and changing

as a result of your tenacity because I am kind there can be no shadow cast upon

me there’s no trace of wickedness in me your god is perfect in every way you

know that you live in a world where wickedness and evil reign supreme but take heart I am the light that shines

brightly even when everything seems dark my eternal radiation is Unstoppable and

unmatched by anything else when you see my Brilliance in its entirety you will

feel unfathomable ecstasy for the time being you must rely on faith rather than

sight whenever events in the industry or in your personal life seem like they

could shake you to your core hold my hand firmly instead of being terrified

by evil you should take heart in the fact that I am among you and that I have

already won the victory at the cross and in the resurrection I will never undo

these heroic Deeds that cut through the Shadows allowing my brilliant light to shine through and fill my followers

Hearts take some time to soak up this Divine sunshine my smile is beaming down

on you my little one there is support for you whenever we’re together I make

an effort to convey my enthusiasm strength presence and guidance take my

word for it I am your consistent companion and a rock in times of need seek solace

in my person because my love for you is eternal I’m your source of Easy Living

and you’re attempting to track me down every day keep in mind that I am your rock your sanctuary and your greatest

asset as you go through life may your heart be filled to the brim with appreciation and devotion because you

are my beloved and I am yours this seemingly simple Lyric’s Divine skill develops like a waterfall I created you

in my image giving you the power to choose joy in every moment of your Earthly Journey even when dark clouds of

Despair Loom and thoughts threaten to spiral downward capture and direct the

glowing command to enjoy yourself allow yourself to be delighted today but

challenge yourself daily to discover the many ways to enjoy life’s Essence

explore the specific justifications for your delight at the daily Supply I bestow upon you the necessities of life

sustenance a ro roof over your head clothes to wear and the invaluable fabric of bonds with loved ones when

you’re with me my beloved there’s always reason to be happy because of our connection we can remove any sadness

from your mind and fill your heart with pleasure by going on an Earthly Journey

you not only uplift your own soul but you also benefit others around you it

evolves into a spiritual dance a two-way street that strengthens our

relationship those who learn to praise me with a passionate appreciation that requires nurturing and growth are truly

fortunate lay aside your commonplace views and begin to contemplate The Verdant Splendor of my magnificent

magnificence on the rich soil of your mind with the power of my holy words I

brought this vast and intricate Universe into being in my picture I painstakingly

crafted Humanity imbu each soul with the essence of Eternity the beauty that

permeates every planet and the vast Cosmos my wisdom is immeasurable and my

love is a river that never stops flowing I am filled with joy when I consider the idea of you seeing me in a broader light

and when you express your admiration for my grace I take heart from the enduring

Psalms which serve as a rich road map on this spiritual journey to recognize me

to publicly Proclaim my excellence and to see the light that comes from your knowledge of me as your Redeemer The

Beacon of Hope let your Brilliance radiate guiding others to declare my

greatness and their own and to affirm the Excellence of the one who brought you out of the dark into the wonderful

light of Salvation incorporate the Timeless reality of the Gospel message

into your everyday life by making it your Anthem to declare my salvation

Grace a precious gift in a world that often rejects these Heavenly principles

has rescued you from the depths of Despair via trust it is crucial that you

really believe this fact in your heart refrain from giving in to the devil’s charges that seek to depress and defeat

you instead fill your heart with Thanksgiving as the gospel’s truth resounds with song every day May my

grace which is always with you Sate your heart you are fortunate to have the

opportunity to be a conduit for blessings spreading the life-changing news of Salvation to others close by and

far away the bounds of Earthly service are no match for my unending love which

is infinite in quality quantity and duration by no means does it decrease

the immeasurable value of my love and wealth in your life on the contrary it provides a solid foundation upon which

relationships May Thrive and once seen it is considered worthy of relinquishing

everything else to possess with made develop into the unique introduction I intended for you

to become with the knowledge that you are perfectly and eternally loved immerse yourself in the boundless depths

of my love where sacred adoration becomes the tune of your spirit and our bond becomes stronger at the joyful

celebration of my remarkable presence it is a worldwide craze that begs for regular Pastime and satisfaction soak in

my loved one’s reassurance remain still and with a deep awareness conf confirm

that I am God Amen



  1. GOD bless I LOVE you my ALMIGHTY GOD jesus. Thank you GOD ALMIGHTY for All you have done for me .iam so soso so DOGREATFUL


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