God Is Angry With You, Here’s How To Make Him Happy | God’s Message


child I see you walking the path of Life

navigating its twists and turns carrying

the weight of your experiences and the

dreams in your

heart you stumble at times for you are

human woven with both strength and


imperfection but know this you are never

alone my inspiration is woven into the

very fabric of your being a quiet

whisper in the breeze a Guiding Light in


darkness look around you at the vibrant

tapestry of creation the resilience of

the sunrise the comforting hush of a


night in each brush stroke I have poured

my love a testament to the beauty and

potential that lies within

you let this beauty Inspire your every

step remind reminding you of the purpose

etched into your

soul life will present challenges

moments when doubt Cloud your vision and

burdens way

heavily do not

despair remember even the mightiest Oak

started as a Tiny Seed weathering storms

and pushing through Darkness to reach


sun within you lies the same strength

the same potential for growth

seek my guidance not in the grand

pronouncements but in the gentle nudges

of your conscience the quiet Whispers of

intuition open your heart to the love

that surrounds you in the kindness of a

stranger the unwavering support of loved

ones the breathtaking Wonder of

nature these are the breadcrumbs I leave

for you leading you back to the path of

truth and

light there will be be times when you

stray when the Allure of the world

drowns out my

voice do not be afraid to stumble for

even in your mistakes there is a lesson

to be

learned seek forgiveness not in

punishment but in understanding in the

willingness to learn and

grow remember I am not a judge but a

loving parent always waiting with open

arms to welcome you back

walk your path with courage my

child embrace the joy and the sorrow the

triumphs and the failures knowing that

you are loved

unconditionally let my inspiration guide

your steps and together we will create a

symphony of Life a testament to the

beauty and potential that lies within

each and every one of

us my guidance may not be a booming

Voice or a flashing neon sign but a

gentle tug on your heartstring a

serendipitous encounter a sudden burst


inspiration pay attention to these

subtle nudges for they are the language

of love I speak directly to your

soul trust your intuition for it is

often the first line of defense against

negativity leading you toward Paths of

compassion and purpose

remember I do not judge you by your

stumbles but by the strength you gather

to rise

again each mistake holds a seed of

wisdom a chance to learn and

grow embrace the lessons hidden within

your challenges for they refine your

character and pave the way for deeper

understanding forgive yourself as I

forgive you and move forward with

renewed clarity and a lighter

heart let your life be a testament to

the beauty and potential that resides


you share your gifts with the world use

your voice to uplift others and spread

kindness like ripples in a

pond in Acts of generosity you connect

with my Essence for love is the

foundation upon which all creation

rests remember the smallest Act of

compassion can have a profound impact

leaving a lasting Legacy in the

world never lose sight of the

interconnectedness of all

things you are not an island but a vital

thread woven into the tapestry of

life treat others with respect and

compassion for in each individual you

encounter a reflection of my Divine

Spark remember Unity is strength and

through collaboration and understanding

we can create a world filled with love

peace and

Harmony life is a precious Journey a

canvas on which you paint your

story choose your colors wisely my

child fill your life with vibrant Hues

of Joy hope and

love do not be afraid to experiment to

explore New Horizons and to chase your

dreams with unwavering

determination remember I have instilled

within you the capacity to achieve great

things so reach for the stars and know

that I am by your side every step of the

way and when the world throws you

curveballs when darkness threatens to

dim your light remember the resilience

of the human spirit

you are stronger than you think capable

of overcoming any obstacle with faith


perseverance draw strength from your

loved ones from the beauty of Nature and

from the unwavering love that I shower


you remember even in the darkest night

the Stars still shine reminding you that

light always triumphs over

Darkness as you navigate the

complexities of Life remember that you

are not meant to walk

alone seek Solace and guidance in the

wisdom of others in the teachings of

your community and in The Quiet Moments


introspection listen to The Whispers of

your soul for they often Echo the truths

I wish to

convey remember you are never truly

alone for I am always within you you a

constant source of love and

support so go forth my child with a

heart full of love and a mind open to


possibilities embrace the adventures

that life presents Savor the simple Joys

and leave your mark on the world with

acts of kindness and

compassion remember you are a

masterpiece in progress a walking

Testament to my love and

creation shine brightly for the world

needs your

light and know this my child no matter

where your path may lead I am always


you in every sunrise in every gentle

breeze in the love that surrounds you

you will find my

presence so walk with courage walk with

kindness and walk with the knowledge

that you are Lov loved beyond


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