my dear child this is God speaking to

you through this

message I want you to take a moment and

truly hear the love that flows from my

heart to yours through these

words as you read these lines imagine a

strong connection between us making the

bond feel real


comforting I have been watching over you

amidst the hustle and personel of

life every effort whether big or small

has been seen and

acknowledged your heart akin to a

delicate flower yearns for the Divine

Waters that wash away clouds of

despair I extend my heart to you eager

to share the depths of my

love know that I express my love for you

in the countless ways every

day my presence accompanies you as you

navigate through your world and my voice

softly Whispers In The Quiet corners of


mind a constant reminder of the immense

love I hold for

you never doubt that I see you hear you

and love you no matter the

circumstances so even When The World

Turns its gaze away your open heart

draws me through life’s complicated

mes if the Judgment of the world ever

hurt you from right

not I will always be there shielding you

from the clutches of

loneliness you don’t need to strive to

please everyone you encounter on your

journey Earthly desires are fleeting and

seeking soce in the hearts of others may

lead you

array instead find refuge in me alone

for I am the only one you can trust and

confide in my beloved I understand that

some may complain or feel cheated when

their desires aren’t

fulfilled don’t let their discontent

sway your mind my love grinds a life

that is Fuller and deeper than any


treasure every gift or withholding is

rooted in love never

inspired if some of your wishes seem

unanswered is only to make way for

bigger and better

things when desires go unmet remember

that my love for you remains

unwavering understand that my love and

loves you praying you from Fear it wraps

around you with warmth and

safety so share these words with those

closest to you and if you feel a

connection don’t forget to type a man to

receive the blessings of this message

stay blessed

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