God Has Amazing Plans for YOU This Week!๐Ÿ™A Prayer to thank God

hello my friends I am so glad you’re

here today I have a word for you that I

believe will bless your life God has

something amazing in store for you this

week this week will be Unforgettable

your prayers will be answered back to

back everything you ask from God will

return tenfolds pray to God tonight he

is waiting to hear your lovely voice you

see God loves you so much that he wants

to do more than you can ask or imagine

he wants to exceed your

expectations and surprise you with his

goodness he wants to show you his favor

and Grace in every area of your life he

wants to make you a testimony of his

power and Glory but you have to do your

part you have to believe that God is

able and willing to do it for you you

have to speak words words of faith and

declare what God says about you you have

to pray with confidence and expect God

to answer you you have to thank Him in

Advance for what is about to do don’t

let doubt or fear or negative thoughts

keep you from receiving what God has for

you don’t let the enemy steal your joy

or your peace or your hope don’t let the

circumstances or the situations or the

people around you discourage you or

distract you from your destiny you are a

child of God and he has great plans for

you he has already prepared the way for

you and he has already lined up the

right people and the right opportunities

for you he has already released the

blessings that belong to you and they

are on their way to your door all you

have to do is receive them by faith all

you have to do is open your heart and

your mind and your mouth and say Yes

Lord I believe it yes Lord I receive it

yes Lord I Thank you for it friends as

we come before the Lord in prayer today

let us do so with expectant Hearts let

us believe that our gracious God

Delights to shower His blessings upon us

Lord we thank you for how much you love

each and every one of us us you desire

nothing but good for your children you

want to provide for our needs encourage

our spirits and bless our lives beyond

what we can ask or imagine father we ask

that this week you would exceed our

expectations surprise us with your favor

and Grace in all things Show Yourself

Strong on our behalf help us to testify

to your power and Glory through

everything you do in and through us and

Lord we commit to doing our part to have

faith in your promises to declare your

word over our lives to pray with

confidence and thankfulness help us not

be swayed by doubt or fear remind us

that you have already prepared blessings

just for us father as we open our hearts

fully to you may we receive receive all

you have planned may we walk in the

fullness of all you desire to do you are

a good good father and we trust you

completely we pray these things in Jesus

mighty name amen before you go leave a

comment below to surrender your desires

and worries God hears it and he will

fulfill it with his perfect plan amen

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