my beloved child in the tapestry of your life I see a thread of Darkness weaving

its way toward you a trap is looming a turning point that could even involve

death but do not let fear consume you for I Am With You Always even in the

Valley of the Shadow this challenge before you is not a punishment but a crucible like gold refined in fire you

will emerge stronger purer more radiant in your faith and

purpose remember that I do not send you trials without purpose nor do I allow

you to face them Alone the trap that awaits you may take many forms it could be a Temptation that

threatens to lead you astray From the Path I’ve set before you it might be a decision that seems insignificant now

but carries the weight of Destiny or perhaps it is a literal danger to your physical being a moment

where your very life hangs in the balance whatever form this trap takes know that

it is not beyond my sight or my control I have measured its strength against your own and I know you have the

capacity to overcome but Victory will require all that you are your faith your

wisdom your courage and Your Love In This Moment Of Crisis you must remember

who you are you are my child created in my image imbued with a spark of my

divine nature you carry within you the power to create to heal to love and to

overcome this power is not your own but a gift I have bestowed upon you use it

wisely use it boldly The Mention Of Death May frighten you my child but

remember that in My Kingdom Death is not the end but a transition whether this trap threatens

your physical life or the life of your spirit know that I hold the keys to life and death nothing can separate you from

my love not life not death not angels nor demons not the present nor the

future nor any powers as you approach this Turning Point be vigilant the enemy

is cunning and the trap may not appear as you expect it might be disguised as

an opportunity a shortcut to your dreams or a chance to write a perceived

wrong it could come through the words of a trusted friend or The Whispers of your own desires be wise as serpents and

innocent as doves test every Spirit weigh every decision against the

truth of my word and the guidance of my spirit within you do not be swayed by

fear by Pride or by the opinions of others listen for my voice in the

Stillness for I will guide you remember the lessons of those who have gone

before you David faced Goliath with nothing but a sling and his faith in me

Esther risked everything to save her people Daniel remained faithful even in

the Lion’s Den and my own son faced the cross knowing that through his sacrifice

death itself would be defeated you too have a unique role to play in my grand

design this trap this turning point is not just a about you your choices your

faith your perseverance will Ripple out into the world in ways you cannot yet

imagine lives will be touched Hearts will be changed and my kingdom will

advance through your faithfulness as you stand at this C

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