Give Me 2 Minutes Please Don’t Avoid Me | Christian motivational Powerful ||

hey God wants you to say this powerful

prayer today watch till the end because

there is a blessing waiting for you dear

heavenly father I come to you today to

declare your beauty and Holiness in my

life I want to express my gratitude for

your innumerable blessings and

Provisions I am grateful for giving me

Victory each day you are always helping

me overcome the obstacles on my way your

grand plans towards me are good and I am

pleased that you have me in your mind

Lord God I ask that you destroy every

negative seed of failure setbacks and

demotion planted into my life disappoint

the wicked devices of the Enemy being

used to manipulate my life and cause me

to be stagnant give me Victory through

the blood of Jesus Christ let the

heavens be opened over me and shower me

with Abundant Blessings wisdom and

strength help me not to fail my friends

and family who are depending on me

sustain us through your Mighty power

almighty God send your Warrior angels to

fight my secret battles Empower them to

break the ranks of the enemy and put

them to shame I exercise every authority

vested in Jesus Christ and I command my

life to turn around in the direction

ordained by Heaven thank you for hearing

my prayer request in Jesus powerful name

type amen if you believe don’t forget to

like comment and subscribe God bless you


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