Give And It Will Be Given To You | God’s Message Today | God’s Message Now

one of the greatest challenges facing

our society today is the tendency to

live selfish lives Society teaches us to

look out for number one but did you know

that God created us to be givers of his

selfless and compassionate love John

tells us that God showed his Love

To Us by giving his son and we also show

our love to others by our giving you can

experience a new level of God’s joy

blessing and favor in your life when you

step out and develop a lifestyle of

giving be a giver rather than a taker

you won’t have to look far before you

find someone you can help first

Thessalonians says see that no one

pays back evil for evil but always aim

to show kindness and seek to do good to

everybody follow the leading of the Holy

Spirit to meet the needs of those around

you when you do you will experience the

supernatural Joy of giving a prayer for

today God you gave me the ultimate

example of self-sacrificial giving there

are so many opportunities to show your

love to others every day I will seek out

ways to show kindness and compassion in

Jesus name amen like if you believe in


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