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don’t ignore this video if you love

Jesus Christ and watch till the end if

you don’t want to lose him anyway Jesus

says I come to you with boundless love

and compassion for you are a cherished

creation of mine as you journey through

life remember to embrace the essence of

love for it is the foundation of all

existence just as I have loved you with

an unconditional and everlasting love so

too should you extend this love to

others in your interactions with fellow

beings refrain from passing judgment for

only I possess the wisdom to truly

understand each heart and soul instead

show mercy and forgiveness for in doing

so you shall receive the same in

abundance when you are in need call upon

me and I shall listen to your prayers

with a receptive heart

seek me with sincerity and you will find

the answers you see have the courage to

knock on the door of divine guidance and

it shall open before you revealing the

path that leads to Eternal truth and

Enlightenment as you navigate the

tapestry of life

others with the kindness and

consideration you desire for yourself

let your actions be a beacon of light

spreading hope and goodness to all those

you encounter know that I am the

ultimate source of Life wisdom and

salvation through a deep and unwavering

connection with me you shall find the

way to the Everlasting truth I am the

Divine road that leads to the Eternal

journey of your soul may these words

echo in your heart and guide you

throughout your days embrace the

teachings and let them serve as a

compass to navigate the complexities of

life for in living by these truths you

shall find peace purpose and a profound

sense of divine love that transcends all


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