From Rock Bottom to Living on Top – How Jesus Completely Turned My Life Around

don’t let the devil win watch this video

before it’s too late my child that is

the devil’s deadliest weapon when you

doubt you nullify my word and my power

in your life you don’t have to doubt my

child all you need to do is cling to my

word and my promises when you resist

doubt and hold onto Faith you crush the

devil’s schemes and strategies he wants

to to rob you of the little that you

have in ruin the great things that are

coming your way he whispers lies into

your ears and torments you with your

past or the negative words of others all

these are his tricks to snatch away your

faith and sabotage the wonderful plans

that I have for your life you don’t have

to listen to his lies my child you must

keep your eyes on me your heavenly

father don’t let let the devil occupy

any space in your mind or heart typ our

men to defeat the Devil and claim your

Victory now I want to share with you a

story of how God changed a person’s life

when they stopped doubting and started

trusting him they were once full of

doubt and fear they were struggling with

addiction and depression they were

hopeless and helpless they felt like God

had abandoned them and forgotten them

they listened to the devil’s lies and

believe that they were worthless and

hopeless they were ready to give up on

life and end it all but then God

intervened in a miraculous way he sent

someone to knock on their door and

invite them to a church service at first

they were reluctant and skeptical but

something inside the urged then to go

and see what it was all about so they

went with that person to the church and

there they heard the Gospel of Jesus

Christ for the first time in their life

they heard that God loved them so much

that he sent his only son to die for

them on the cross they heard that Jesus

Paid the price for their sins and rose

again from the dead they heard that

Jesus had a plan and a purpose for their

life they heard that Jesus wanted to

heal them deliver them restore them and

bless them they felt something stir in

their heart as they listened to the

preacher they felt a conviction of sin

and a need for forgiveness they felt a

hunger for God and a thirst for his

presence they felt a desire for Change

and a hope for a new beginning and then

the preacher gave an altar to call and

invited anyone who wanted to receive

Jesus as their lord and savior to come

forward and pray with them and without

hesitation they got up from their seats

and walked towards the front of the

church and there they knelt down and

prayed with the preacher they confessed

their sins and asked God to forgive them

they invited Jesus into their heart

and surrendered their life to him they

received his grace and mercy by faith

and in that moment something amazing

happened they felt a peace that

surpassed all understanding filled their

souls they felt a joy that was

unspeakable overflow in their Spirit

they felt a love that was unconditional

embrac them in his arms they knew then

that God was real and he was with them

them they knew then that God had not

abandoned them or forgotten them they

knew then that God had a plan and a

purpose for their life and from that day

on everything changed for them God set

them free from addiction and depression

God healed them from sickness and pain

God restored them from Brokenness and

shame God blessed them with abundance

and favor

God turned their mourning into dancing

their sorrow into Joy their ashes into

Beauty God turned their life around when

they stopped doubting and started

trusting him and he can do the same for

you my child all you have to do is open

your heart and let him in will you do

that today will you say yes to Jesus

will you receive his love will you trust

his word will you follow his will if you

will then repeat this prayer after me

Lord Jesus I come to you today as a

sinner in need of your grace I believe

that you died for me on the cross and

rose again from the dead I confess that

you are Lord of all and savior of my

soul I ask you to forgive me of all my

sins and cleanse me from all un right

righteousness I invite you into my heart

and surrender my life to you I receive

your gift of salvation by faith I thank

you for loving me and saving me I

declare that you’re my Lord and my God

Amen if you prayed sincerely from your

heart then

congratulations you have just made the

most important decision of your life you

have just become a child of God you have

just entered into a personal

relationship with Jesus Christ you have

just received eternal life you have just

defeated the devil you have just claimed

your Victory now I want you to do

something for me I want you to type Amen

in the comments below to let me know

that you prayed this prayer I want you

to share this video with your friends

and family so that they can hear this

message and make this decision too I

want you to find a good Bible believing

Church near you and join them for

worship and fellowship I want you to

read the Bible every day and pray to God

every day I want you to grow in your

faith and walk in your destiny I want

you to live for God and glorify him in

everything you do I want you to be a

witness and an ambassador for Christ in

this world I want you to be ready for

his coming because he is coming soon my

child I am so proud of you and so happy

for you you have just made me and your

heavenly father very happy you have just

made the angels in heaven Rejoice you

have just made the devil very angry but

don’t worry about him because he has no

power over you anymore you are more than

a conqueror through Christ who loves you

you are a Victor not a victim you are a

winner not a loser you are a champion

not a chop you are a warrior not a wimp

you are a hero not a zero you are a

child of God and nothing can change that

so go ahead and celebrate your new life

in Christ go ahead and shout hallelujah

go ahead and praise the Lord before you

go leave a comment below to praise the


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