Finding Comfort in God’s Message: Dealing with Sickness and Pain | God Message Today

God has a message for you

today as you deal with sickness know

that I’m here with you I see your pain

and I understand it I know what it’s

like to feel human pain because I

experienced it through

Jesus dealing with physical pain is hard

it feels like a long and tough Journey

every movement can feel like it

battle and even resting can be

painful but remember I’m here too

comfort you trust that I can heal you

even when doctors

can’t things might seem really tough

right now but my light never goes how I

offer a hope that goes beyond what

doctors say when you trust me I can do

things that seem

impossible when you’re suffering you

might ask why I understand your doubts

even if I don’t always give you the

answers you

want sometimes pain isn’t punishment

it’s a way for me to help you grow and

learn use this time to grow closer to me

pain doesn’t mean I’m not here it’s a

chance for you to feel my presence more

deeply when human help isn’t enough my

grace is there for

you even when you feel weak my strength

is there for you I’ll walk with you

through hard times trust me and don’t be

afraid comment Jesus if you believe in


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