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son take a moment set aside all the

distractions the world insists on

offering you silence the persistent

voices in your mind the doubts Weighing

on your heart now it’s time to open up

to surrender to my voice coming to you

in this moment it is I your heavenly

father allow yourself to listen for the

words I bring to you are to bestow my

greatest blessings come do not be

stubborn hear my voice

and stop ignoring my words stop

distressing yourself over what’s beyond

your control I’m not here to judge you

or revisit your past my sole desire is

to restore you heal your wounds and show

that your strength is visible and you

have yet to identify it all of this so

that your life aligns with my purposes

with me you can walk in blessings and

Achieve success I want your dreams to

come true so you can enjoy a full and

meaningful life you seek a purpose a

direction a meaning that transcends the

circumstances of this world I understand

I created you with a purpose with a

perfect plan with an unwavering love and

now in this moment I invite you to dive

deeper into my presence to lose yourself

in my arms of love to trust in my

sovereignty over your life clear your

mind of negative thoughts set aside

doubts and avoid

transgressions remove everything that

limits the abilities I’ve placed in you

for such things only lead to ruin

anxiety and fear do not allow the voices

of your adversary to control your life

bring all your problems to me dedicate

your life to prayer surrender your

concerns to me and I will lead you down

A New Path a path for which you were

destined in addition to trusting in me

son it is essential that you take care

of yourself in all aspects of your life

just as a gardener tends to his plan so

they may flourish you must care for

yourself to flourish on your journey

firstly dedicate time every day to

connect with me set aside moments for

prayer for reading my word and for

silent reflection it is in this Sacred

Space that you will find strength wisdom

and peace to face the challenges that

arise on your path my beloved Son take

care of your physical and mental health

your body is the Temple of the Holy

Spirit and it’s important that you keep

it healthy healthy and strong also make

sure to carve out some time for rest and

relaxation likewise take care of your

mind by steering clear of negative

thoughts and cultivating an attitude of

gratitude and optimism don’t forget the

importance of relationships in your life

surround yourself with people who

support you encourage you and truly love

you these are the people I’ve sent to be

by your side to strengthen you and to

help you grow value these relationship

ships and invest in them with love and

dedication when all these areas of your

life are aligned your connection with me

your physical and mental health and your

relationships you’ll begin to notice

something spectacular happening in your

life things will start to flow

harmoniously challenges will become

opportunities for growth and you’ll

truly understand what was necessary to

achieve the Fulfillment you desire

dedicate yourself to taking care of

yourself to strengthening your

relationship with me and to cultivating


relationships for it’s in this process

of care and growth that you’ll find the

strength confidence and fulfillment you

seek and always remember I’m by your

side every step of this journey ready to

guide and strengthen you trust in me and

move forward with faith and

determination don’t feel confused and

don’t think I’m distant even if you

don’t see or feel me I’m always by your

side ready to help and comfort you I’ll

never break my promises to you I’ll

always seek your well-being so you can

achieve everything you desire and

remember you are stronger than you think

because the source of your strength

doesn’t lie in your own abilities or

favorable circumstances but in me your

God who will always be by your side son

changes don’t happen instantly but it’s

crucial to maintain a positive attitude

and keep believing even in the toughest

moments don’t let obstacles get you down

even if others criticize or don’t

understand your path keep your

confidence for my desire is to envelop

you in peace and transform your most

challenging situations into something

beautiful and Splendid I will turn your

sorrow into Joy your scarcity into

abundance and I will heal your wounds I

ask you not to stray on this journey of

Faith don’t let anything weaken your

determination come to me in prayer

whenever you need and give thanks as you

share your requests trust me to fulfill

the desires of your heart I will be the

light on your path the guide to your

happiness and the truth that sets you

free from any chains trust in me and I

will lead you to victory to peace to Joy

and to

well-being remember even in the

difficult and dark moments I am always

by your side hold firmly to your hope in

me and don’t be shaken by criticism or

negative voices my power and love are

greater than any judgment or negativity

you may face so my beloved trust in what

I say and keep your faith in my promises

I will give you true Joy where no fear

or worry can touch you I your father

will be working for your good pouring

out my grace and blessings upon your

life keep persisting with faith and

patience never stop believing in my

promises and follow my will witness my

mighty hand upon you performing wonders

in your life I bless you with every

spiritual blessing declaring you free

renewed in strength healed and

prosperous in Christ Jesus don’t give up

keep persevering for all you have sown

with tears for for you will reap with

joy I acknowledge your faith through

your prayer through your pursuit of my

presence in your life I only ask you

never let go of my word it’s very

important that you follow the guidance

I’ve left for you in my word in Proverbs

it’s written trust in the Lord with

all your heart and lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways submit to

him and he will make your paths straight

trust in me completely don’t rely solely

on your own wisdom or strength but trust

in my sovereign plan for your life entr

trust to me your dreams your plans and

your concerns and trust that I will

guide your steps in the right direction

moreover it’s important that you

recognize my presence in all aspects of

your life don’t just reserve a moment of

the day to think of me but seek me in

every decision in every challenge in

every joy and in every sorrow when you

acknowledge me in all your ways I

intervene and direct your steps

according to my perfect will it’s

essential that you seek to live

according to the principles and values I

teach in my word love your neighbor as

yourself forgive as I have forgiven you

be compassionate just and merciful when

you seek to live in accordance with my

will blessings flow into your life and

difficulties become opportunities for

growth and strengthening of your faith

follow my Guidance with faith and

determination trusting in me at all

times and acknowledging my presence in

your life some choose to trust only in

themselves ignoring the guidance and

wisdom of my word this leads them away

from my intentions and guides them by

passing feelings focused only on worldly

gains trying to achieve their goals but

end up with nothing meaningful open your

heart to me allow me to guide your steps

shape your character fulfill my purpose

in your life

don’t look at your

limitations but at my infinite grace

that enables you to overcome any

challenge to conquer any obstacle to

reach the best for when you completely

surrender to me I transform your

weaknesses into Power your tears into

Joy your fears into unwavering faith I

am the one who supplies all your needs

with my

abundance today I extend my hand with

tenderness and kindness to remind you

that I am here whenever you need I will

always be your strength when you are

weak amen if you believe in these words

leave your Amen in the comments please I

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more people I wish many blessings for

your life thank you


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